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Parker Posey Pucks Over Paps

2/26/2008 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An aloof Parker Posey was "embarrassed" by the paparazzi at LAX -- blaming the paps for causing a scene!

She didn't try any slick diversionary tactics ... even though the simplest one seemed to work last time.


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Jeremy P    

Jeremy lesser men have done far too much~~~

2397 days ago


Who is she???

2397 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

No why would any one think that was intrusive.

2397 days ago


Parker Posey: such a good actgress!
Last week there was a story about her here on and there was not one derogatory reader comment about her! I must not be the only one who thinks she's great.

2397 days ago

Jeremy P    

Jeremy lesser times have i tried to be last

2397 days ago

Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

I love her... I would love to party with her! Or just hang and have a glass of wine and maybe talk about books she likes to read... Parker RULES! I loved her in Blade!

2397 days ago


BEST IN SHOW! She's in it and is so funny! A hilarious movie about a dog show a la Westminster or Eukanuba, although the focus is less on the dogs than their owners and handlers. In a movie full of side-splitting moments, two of the best scenes are actually pretty poignant and emotionally touching. Both are near the end. The first is when dog owner Jennifer "Stiffler's Mom" Coolidge and dog handler Jane Lynch realize they've fallen in love, and embrace. The second is a reaction shot of dog owner Michael McKean, when the winner is announced and it's not McKean's pooch. For a fraction of a second, he shows disappointment, then gives a little shrug, smiles and heartily applauds the winner. McKean's character also happens to be gay, by the way, and there is a strong gay sensibility throughout this lark of a movie, so it will not be for everyone. But if you want funny, wait until you see Cathleen "Home Alone" O'Hara limping around moments before she's about to walk her dog down the runway. Hubby Eugene "American Pie" Levy takes over, with incredibly comical results. Also, every word out of show commentator Fred Willard's mouth is to die for. He plays a "blue" Joe Gargiola type, and apparently improvised most of his lines. There's also some hysterical business featuring a highly strung Parker Posey trying to track down her poochie's lost toy. Posey has never been better. Guest assigns himself the role of a good-hearted backwoodsman taking his hound dog to its first national meet. Wait until you see their scenes together! Stupid hotel manager!

2397 days ago


What was great was seeing how clueless the TSA crow was, when someone said "do you know who she is"..... the crow didnt have a clue......

2397 days ago


Gotta love her role from Dazed & Confused... "What are you looking at? Wipe that face off your head, b*tch!"

2397 days ago

Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

"Air raid b!tch!" lol gotta love dazed and confused!!!

2397 days ago


Very cool--too cool for TMZ and west coast morons. Welcome back to NY, bee-yotch!

2397 days ago

j m    

Parker Posey Pucks Over Paps.

Does anyone know what this means.

2397 days ago

Keepn Itreal    

She has a very pretty smile.

2397 days ago

j m    

Parker Posey Pucks Over Paps

Could TMZ itself explain WTF this means???!!!

2397 days ago


one of the ugliest women EVER!

2396 days ago

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