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John Mayer's Identity Crisis

2/27/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One autographazzi wanted John Mayer's signature last night and John signed ... but not his own name!

The seeker was persistent in getting him to sign correctly, but Mayer wasn't having it. His name of choice: Julia's bro, Eric Roberts.


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oh my gosh, that was hilarious--
can you imagine having to deal with people like that every day of your life? i think i'd definitely have some fun with them too. you know he was just gonna try to make money off some cheap guitar with john's name, so i don't blame him at all. sorry if you don't get his sense of humor, but he's not a douchebag
love you john-

2391 days ago



2427 days ago


John Mayer is a douche

2427 days ago


Is John Mayer really funny? Review the evidence...

2427 days ago


If I were John Mayers, I wouldn't want to be myself either!

2427 days ago


If I were the owner of that guitar, I would have taken my chances with the cops and bashed "gay-boy" Mayer in head with it. But, I'm suffering from I'd have a decent excuse. What was John's? Oh, I know, he's a 'tard.

2427 days ago

agent smith    

Good grief, will this guy just bugger off already. Does he not realize his antics are hurting his career b/c people are realizing how big of a goof he is?

2427 days ago


Mayer had the right idea. This autographazzi was less likely a fan and more likely someone wanting to make money off Mayer's name by slapping that pickguard on some cheap Mexicali Strat.

2427 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

The guy is really a putz . Sure this guy wants to make money off your sig just like you , Mr. Mayer , want to make money off your lame music . It's not the only guy Mayer has pretended to be ... he also pretends to be a sufffering black man singing in New Orleans .....Next time sign it " Willie Dixon "

2427 days ago


Geez, nobody on this site, or atleast in these comments, have a sense of humor.

2427 days ago

thats right    

i think john mayer is funny, probably could do standup. you people are all dumb. and whats up with the spammers in here?

2427 days ago


John Mayer doesn't need to do standup, he's already a walking punchline. Comedians also have to have a sense of humor about himself, and John Mayer thinks he's the most important douchebag in the world.

2427 days ago

agent smith    

Standup...haha, this is the guy has a quirky sense of humour that not everyone shares. He was that kid in school who nobody liked b/c he was weird, probably picked his schnoze and ate it, lol. Being weird is fine but please keep it to yourself. That is directed at you tmz!

2427 days ago


No one should give this idiot the time of day. Simply put ... He isn't talented enough to deserve the attention he is given.

His publicist must have to work night and day to create the illusion that he owns some intelligence. Pity all that work. John just opens his mouth he removes all doubt... he is just a stupid ass.

The clock is ticking before he just fades away into the obscure as**ole cloud. Here today.. Gone tomorrow.

2427 days ago

the loser    

I LOVE HIM.... he is so

2427 days ago
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