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LAPD Now Confirms Britney Investigation

2/27/2008 7:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe LAPD is finally commenting on the investigation first reported by TMZ earlier this month.

As we said, Sam Lutfi is under investigation by the Robbery Homicide division of LAPD for allegedly drugging Brit. LAPD officials first said there was no such investigation. Now, Captain Kyle Jackson of Robbery Homicide has issued the following statement:

"The issues regarding Britney Spears are being considered by the department to determine if laws have been violated. Particular suspects have not yet been fully identified nor has a formal investigation into open charges officially commenced. At this time we don't know whether or not a formal investigation will be initiated."

Translation -- They're lookin' at Sam.


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#243, oh so now Sam is aligned with middle-eastern terrorists? LOL What next are you Britards going to come up with? You're hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Admit it: You hate him because he's an Arab. That's his crime, according to you. There is no PROOF that he did anything wrong to Bratney. Ma Spears doesn't have any PROOF of criminal activity against Bratney, the attention-seeking whore.

2327 days ago


Is the demon that possesses Bratney coming out and revealing itself? It looks like it in the picture of her. eewww! Scary.

2327 days ago


Wasn't she supposed to be taking meds for her mental disorder and refused to. Maybe he was just trying to get her better???? They desewrve each other.

2327 days ago


Hollywood Scoop...don't believe a word you've said.......If Sam is so innocent and didn't give Brit drugs ...why is he in hiding? If I were innocent of these accustations...I would be defending myself...hiring an attorney....but I would NOT go into hiding.......I say he has a lot to hide and he knows his days are numbered.

2327 days ago


Its so horrific living with a bipolar, it's similar to 'frenia' but the biggest problem with it is the addiction to the mainia. When you have the mania, you can do absolutely anything, confidence is so natural regardless of the situation, and it is usually associated with high achievers. With the mania comes the low, and it is then you feel totally alienated from the rest of the world, you hate everyone and everyone hates you and you long and yearn for the high to return except it doesn't if you take the accurate medication, so you stop the medication so you can feel for yourself and feel better about those you love. You gain the ability to empathise and feel wretched and guilty about what you have done to those you love. You don't want to hurt them. With the mania it doesn't matter how much money you have the buzz of spending is intoxicating, it's like an orgasm in every pore, and it lasts as long as you shop. With the mania all you look for is attention because you feel so great, you want to be seen. Wearing no underware for her certainly gets you that. Then there is the violence associated with the low because you forget, quite literally to sleep. Why sleep when there is so much you can do especially feeling so fantastic and all the time the world is spinning. It's just like heroin except it is entirely natural and there is no cure, only drugs to balance you out, but with that comes the fear and horror at being 'ordinary' never having that 'fix' again. Never feeling on top of the world. People don't take drugs to stop an addiction, with bipolar, the only way out is drugs and they are not nice drugs, they make your mouth dry, they make you dribble, they make you sleep, they make you sick, but worse of all they don't give you a fix. Britney spears is living this now, and for it she is called a loon, mental case, moron, made fun of, and totally villified by many of you who cannot even begin to consider this mentally ill woman's nightmares. When well she will know as a bipolar, she simply can never truly be trusted with those children, her children she adores and loves as we love ours or our mothers love us. In a manic state, you cannot be trusted to say the right thing, do the right thing, indeed think the right thing. Yet......she is the butt of all your jokes. It would seem so much less horrific to me if we still had a circus of freaks to laugh at because at least they were, in a twisted sort of way accorded some dignity. Britney on the other hand.................

2326 days ago

Good Grief    

Britney has never taken responsibility for anything wrong she has ever done. Along with having a mental illness no wonder why she can't be a good parent. I don't think Sam did anything Lynne just wants to blame all of Britney's faults on somebody else or it will look like she is a bad parent!!!

2326 days ago


This is good. I am rockin this shirt I just ran across. My last comment may not have included the link to show Britney You Still Believe.

2326 days ago


Oh crap its here, no html doh!, is where the Britney I still believe shirts are.

2326 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney is not drugged she is just plain crazy. When is the big comeback try, part2?? Should draw a huge crowd of 5 or 6 fans!!!!

2326 days ago


So tired of everyone going on about the mental illness. You're a doctor? You've diagnosed this? We are so ready to prescribe and medicate...maybe she's just a bitch and a whore who loves attention and is trying to resuscitate a fledging career in any desperate way she can...ever consider the simplicity of that?

2326 days ago

Big Bear    

Shadow is a physician!! She would look like a fool otherwise. Leave the doctor alone and pick on Britney.

2326 days ago

karen dixon    

i wish people would not call anyone with bipolar disorder CRAZY that's far from the truth , it's a proven fact that people with mental problems are very intelligent people, it makes sense too people with emotional or mental problems are known to be worriers, they think alot and then the anxiety sets in if you have bipolar disorder panic attacks and anxiety go together, i don't care if someone calls me crazy and i have been bipolar for at least 18 yrs, or longer , when someone calls me crazy which never happens i just figure their stupid and don't know much about that person my son is also bipolar , autistic , ocd, adhd but he is not crazy/ think about it, karen

2324 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Shadow and Ok who posted on Feb. 28: Thank you for your intelligent knowledge and view on mental illness. It has got to be the most horrible of illnesses. Those who think cancer is bad, ought to wish for cancer instead! Little do those morons know of the hell a person suffering from mental illness goes through, as well as the ill person's loved ones. Thank you.

2323 days ago
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