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MLB Player Wanted for Puking

2/27/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scott SpiezioTwo-time World Series champion Scott Spiezio has been charged with DUI, hit and run with property damage, aggravated assault, battery and assault -- and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Spiezio is accused of leaving a bar on December 30, 2007 in Newport Beach, Calif. after a night of heavy drinking. He allegedly drove drunk, crossed several lanes of traffic, drove over a curb and crashed into a fence. Then, we're told, he fled on foot.

But wait, there's more! Spiezio then allegedly went to a friend's house, puked on his floor, and then fought the guy after he dared to complain about the vomit. The nerve!

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That picture does not look like Spiezio, it looks like someone else on the Cardinals, I cannot figure out who it is though.

2373 days ago


Leave the guy alone! Poor fellow was just looking for a little blow to cap his night.......

2373 days ago


What's it gonna take to make this craziness stop? He'll probably just get a slap on the hand like most of the others!

2373 days ago


what a douche!

2373 days ago


spiezio and the angels suck donkey b....s.

2373 days ago


"Pro athletes SUX. Steroids, drugs & booze. They are way overpaid. Everybody needs to boycott these fools and let them get real jobs at McDonalds & Burger King or garbage collectors."

Celebrities SUX. Eating disorders, drugs & booze. They are way overpaid. Everybody needs to boycott these fools and let them get real jobs at McDonalds & Burger King or prostitutes.

2373 days ago


Was he on HGH or just Steriods?

What a complete MESS!!!!! Grow up you idot loser. and shave the goaee youcan't hide that double chin.

2373 days ago


I am petrified of the thought of drunk drivers as I have children in my car with me every day. However, if he was a no name instead of a baseball player this wouldn't even be on this sight. It probably wouldn't even make our local news as I am from STL. As with many stars and anyone in the spotlight, everyone needs to lay off and let them get the help they need. All scrutinizing does is make it harder on them. He has family that I am sure will read him the right act as I know I would do if it was one of my family members. As for the comments on La Russa last I checked basically every MLB manager has turned their head to steriod use,etc... since there has been accusations on a number of players. So it is not only him.

2373 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I love baseball but there's no way I can defend this jackass or any other athlete who drinks, drugs or shoots up steroids or HGH. The game, baseball, when played right, like many other sports, is beautiful to watch but players like Spiezio spoil it for all the fans.

Go Sox

2373 days ago


What nerve did those cop have. Did they even know that Spezio was a MLB player? I think they need to drop the charges. He was simply driving home drunk and got in a car accident. Whats the big deal? If he was sober, would it be news? And Whose to say his freind didn't repeatedly hit Spezio's fist with his head. They need to charge THAT guy for assault and battery.

2373 days ago


I guess last years rehab stint did not work. From high school to pro baseball, players are total morons spoon fed arrogance by their moron coaches. Loser La russa had a DUI in Miami last year. He was passed out at the wheel. Stupid morons. Further another baseball player died after hitting a wrecker parked on the road side and yes he was a cardinal too. Looks like leadership in STL sucks.

2373 days ago


That is NOT Scott Spiezio in that picture...

2373 days ago


Why people continue to idolize these people and spend their hard earned cash to watch a bunch of (grown?) men run around chasing al ittle ball, while the poanet is in crisis and society falls apart is totally incomrehensible to me. You're right. It really IS gay (and hey. I AM gay, so I can say that!)! Why don't we spend money to help people, fix things and make our lives better instead. I guess society has always been a bit whacked.. and yeah, they look kinda cute and all, but....

2373 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

hansetta, if you honestly believe that the money that's being spent on sports world-wide is a large enough sum to cause significant change, I pity you your very slight grasp on reality. I agree that sports are not the most important thing in the world but fixing the world's problems cannot be accomplished by throwing money at them. That's been tried and it failed.

Go Sox

2373 days ago

J money    

'That is NOT Scott Spiezio in that picture" Then who is it Leslie? Sure looks like him to me. Same guy that's pictured on the St. louis cardinals web site.

2373 days ago
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