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New O.J. Book Borders on Sick

2/28/2008 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ and RiccioOJ Simpson's legal troubles have turned into a cash register for a member of his former posse.

We've learned Thomas Riccio, the sports memorabilia dealer who may have double-dealt and orchestrated the confrontation that led to robbery charges, has made a book deal. The book, titled "Busted," is Riccio's sleaze-a-zoid account of what went down in the Vegas hotel room and all the stuff before and after.

Riccio's making a nice living off O.J.'s latest heist. We know he was paid $70,000 during his "media tour" following the arrest, in return for mentioning a website called during his shameless appearances.

And, of course, Riccio peddled the audiotape of the hotel confrontation to ... oh yeah, us.

His book is due out in April. We're thinkin' he'll probably ask for donations before page 40.


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Poor Poor O.J. Who cares! Why do you continue to write stories implying that anyone who does him wrong is sleazy. He murdered 2 people in cold blood. Does anyone remember that? However he winds up in jail is fine with me. If Riccio's tapes get him there,mullet or not, the guy is a hero. If he makes money, good for him.

2390 days ago


Who would have ever thought this sleaze ball would sell out OJ?

2408 days ago


O.J. is innocent...TWICE!

2408 days ago


More than happy to see someone, anyone, throwing OJ under the bus and making money doing it!

2408 days ago


TMZ 9HARVEY LEVIN) CALLING SOMEONE( sleaze-a-zoid account of what went down in the Vegas hotel)...YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!! POT CALLING KETTLE

2408 days ago

pattie in cali    

PLEASE , STOP REPORTING ON oj hes a has been, hes a bad joke. hes just nasty. i feel bad for his childern. thats why i am not going to say what i really want to say. because of his childern. GOD BLESS HIS KIDS. stop telling us about oj

2408 days ago


Wow, someone making money by being a sleazeball. Pot calling the kettle black, I think.

2408 days ago


What comes around goes around, always...

2408 days ago


What a low life. Making money off the lowest of the low lifes.
OJ killed Nicole and Ron. Our justice system failed us.

2408 days ago


If he's a member of O.J.'s posse, what did you expect? A stellar citizen? There's no honor among criminals so I don't find this that shocking.

2408 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

You know what this means don't you? I was set up man! I'm innocent, Riccio and the others used me to make some money off my good name and reputation! FINALLY, the truth comes out about me! Well, this will set me free...again.

2408 days ago


Well what the hell do you expect from a guy who is still sporting a mullet!?

2407 days ago

just me    

I said the first day this all went down it was a set-up to get O.J. in trouble! Leave him alone! If he is convicted on this garbage charge it is only because people think he is guilty of the killings in '94.He was found NOT GUILTY!!! Leave the man alone. I think Fred Goldman had a hand in this also.

2407 days ago


Whoever uses OJ to make a profit is an imbecile. The man deserves no kind of publicity from anyone or anything. This sleaze bag should be ashamed of himself. Its disgusting.

2407 days ago


Any guesses how many really talented writers are overlooked by publishers every day for garbage like this?

2407 days ago
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