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Other Driver in Hogan Crash Sentenced

2/28/2008 9:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The driver who several witnesses say was racing Nick Hogan the night of the crash that left a man severely injured was sentenced in a Florida court today.

22-year-old Daniel Jacobs was driving a silver Dodge Viper owned by Nick's father Hulk Hogan on August 26 in Clearwater, Fla.

Hogan, whose real name is Nick Bollea, was driving his yellow Toyota Supra when he lost control on slick roads and hit a palm tree. Passenger John Graziano, a good friend of Hogan's, was seriously injured in the crash and is still in a coma, suffering from permanent brain damage.

Jacobs admitted he was driving the Viper, but did not cop to racing. A judge sentenced Jacobs to 90 days probation and ordered him to serve 25 hours of community service. He also lost his license for 90 days and must pay a $500 fine.

Hogan is scheduled to be in court on April 14.


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I don't want that imbecile Nick Bollea driving the same streets as me.

2399 days ago

Shaking Head in Tampa Bay area    

The one thing I can't believe the media hasn't covered is how the area of were this crash happened is in a business district the speed limit is any where from 25 to 45 mph. The street is a narrow 2 lanes with a meridian in the middle planted with plants or shrubs and street lights. There are many pedestrians crossing this area along with many people who ride bikes. Sure it was raining during this time so pedestrian traffic wouldn't be so heavy but usually traffic on this area of road is very heavy no matter what time or climate conditions.

The other thing that I find complex is you don't hear about who supplied or bought the liquor on the boat or why the the place they had dinner along with Hulk Hogan, served minors? Wouldn't these all be contributing to minors? Therefore held responsible?

I agree in a perfect world, it would be appropriate for Nick and the other driver to spend time caring for those that are totally or partially disabled. Let them empty bed pans, or a cath bag and have to rotate someone every two hours as mandated my law so John doesn't get bed or pressure sores. Let them clean around the feeding tube or make sure the respirator is cleaned. Make sure that he is bathed and cleaned and his teeth and mouth care given.

Maybe the community service the Judge gave in this case will have some merit if these things are done. There are many health care facilities in this area that are non profit and could use the help.....just a thought.......gets out of dream land and back to can only hope.

2399 days ago



2399 days ago


I'm not a hater or vengeful, but until you see someone in a coma and have to deal with all their physical needs just to keep them alive, (feeding tubes, ventilators, reposition them every two hours so they don't get blood clots, bed sores and their muscles don't atrophy. " which they do anyway" not to mention the endless diaper changes.) and this can go on for years. I feel so badly for John and his family, this was so preventable, and some one other than the tax payers should be held accountable.

2399 days ago



2399 days ago


BOYCOTT THE NEW AMERICAN GLADIATORS!!! Anyone who watches that show is simply paying for Nicks LEGAL DEFENSE!!! Contact the sponsors and BOYCOTT NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2399 days ago

hello, it    

Could someone please explain why Nick is still walking the streets? He "murdered" his "friend" John.

2398 days ago


This whole case is disgusting. WHY is NICK not already in jail? He is out walking around looking like an ass..he still has the freedom to eat, drink, DRIVE..have a life. His passenger, John, never again. How dare the Hogan family continue on as if nothing happened? Hulk and Linda are just as responsible for their son's disgusting behavior that fatal night as Nick is.
There is no excuse for any of the Hogan family, Shame on all of them!

2398 days ago


NICK should be locked up for as long as his friend is in a coma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2398 days ago


Just remember-that the young man who was sentenced already was not directly responsible for the injury to Graziano-Nick Bollea( Hogan) WAS. Bolleas' fate can only be determined ultimately by Grazianos recovery or deterioration in health. Hopefully all those involved have learned something and Graziano will have a full recovery.

2398 days ago


That's it, huh? I'll tell you what.... it is a sad day that we have come to in the U.S.. Fame and money can buy you out of anything. Very obviously this was a preconceived plan to take Hulk's Viper out and drag race it down a city police against Nick's Toyota. It does not get any more moronic than that. The blatant disregard for other people on the streets is absolutely unforgivable. i think we need to find out the name of this Judge and let the people of Florida know what their tax dollars are paying for. Is there not any person in the judicial system involved in this that will stand up for what is right and moral. If you can't stand up and be counted then there will come a day that you will have to answer for your weakness.

2398 days ago


For godsakes!!! Isn't there any person in the Judicial system here in Florida that is going to take on this cause of absurdity in this case?????? At what point do we, as the other people on the Florida streets, have the right to be protected?? This boy got a slap on the wrist and told " no, no bad boy" the first three times of excessive speeding when he got 'caught'. And then to add insult to injury he made a mockery out of it by joking to a reporter in a magazine. I beg of you, a lawyer here in Florida with some sort of moral compass, take on this cause for the other people who share the road with this half wit.

2398 days ago


To #19 & 20, I agree with the 2 of you 100%. I am sure that when Meathead Bollea goes for sentencing he will get the slap on the wrist if that much. I too am sick to death of these brats getting away with murder. And in the case of John Graziano, condemned to the living death is right up there with murder. His life as he knew it and his family knew it is over. meanwhile the Bollea/Hogans just go on their merry way! Disgusting! Oh wait, should we all be grateful for the fact that they brought John's mother some garbage from McDonald's while she was waiting to see what her son's condition was? Yeah, right. Once again some jackass parent has more than likely greased the palms of the legal system. I am just glad that one jugde stood up for what's right in the case of the tramp paris Hilton. you can all ooh and ahh over her buddy Nicole's baby but she too got away with her crime. And the thing is not one of these jackasses are well known for a damn thing other than being the idiot off spring of bigger idiots. Hope you can live with yourself Sonny. Your buddy's dad got you off easy and more than likely your buddy Meathead Jr. will get off easy too. At least he should be sentenced to listening to his sister Brooke sing for life with no parole! Justice my ass!

2398 days ago


To #43 Laughing at you are beyond my understanding. I have worked in nursing facilities for over 16 years and have care for people like John Graziano. How dare you say that we all drive like Nick Bollea? How dare you? You are either a stupid, immature kid yourself or just a damn idiot who has no idea how fragile and short life can be. I like many people understand that having a drivers license is a priveledge, not a right and that every time I get behind the wheel i am responsible for not only myself, but others on the road. Grow up idiot!

2398 days ago


I believe Nick is pleading not guilty. If he goes to a bench trial (judge only, no jury) he will probably get a similar sentence to the other guy, maybe a bit harsher, but probably not. Perhaps a year of probation, no license until he's 21, etc.

If he elects for a Jury trial (usually a big mistake unless you are really innocent) and he gets convicted of each charge, he could probably do up to a year in the county jail (almost certainly won't go to prison) and could possibly face being a convicted felon.

For those reasons, he almost certainly will opt to plead not guilty in a bench trial, get probation, and just apologize to the family.

The real event will be the civil trial. The Hogans allegedly split up to protect their assets in the event that they are sued by the vegetable's family to limit liability -- i.e., if Hulk or if Linda but not both Hulk and Linda are identified as Nick's "Parent" the plaintiff will only be able to go after one of the two's assets, but not both.

I am calling it right now: Hulk and Linda will get back together once the civil suit is settled or the trial comes to an end (it'll settle, though).

2398 days ago
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