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Amputees Follow Sandra Bullock

2/29/2008 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock catered to a couple of limbless souls today in NYC -- her two dogs!

Sandy and hubby Jesse James were seen leaving their home with bi-pedal dog Ruby and three-legged pooch Poppy. Both dogs were rescued from shelters a few years back.

If they're looking for more companionship, we hear Heather Mills may be on the market.


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As the "mom" of a special need dog, i really commend jessie and sandy for adopting such cute little dogs. As for Heather Mills she has proved that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

2427 days ago


tmz, you would have to climb up just get into the gutter... i wish someone would walk into your newsroom who was affected by your cruel comments and kick some ass on the person who made such cruel, tasteless, uncaring, friendless, hateful, scathing, uncalled for remarks... to call you a bunch of low lifes would be a compliment... trash heaps are more tasteful than the terrible things you say in almost every "story" you put out ... i've said it before, but you actually give papparazzi a bad name, if that's even possible... if i've learned one thing in this world, it's that what you sow you will reap... hope you like the taste of shoe leather, harvey and company... TMZ- tasteless, mediocre,zero...

2427 days ago


It is so nice to see Sandra Bullock has a heart and ADOPTS PETS instead of buying them.

Too bad Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are such dunces and have no compassion, anbd support cruel puppy mills by buying at pet stores.

Sandra Bullock has class!

2427 days ago


Don't ya worry Hussein Obama will take care of this when he's elected President!

2427 days ago


Don't ya worry Hussein Obama will take cae of this when he's elected President!

2427 days ago


Wow, I've never commented on your site before, and I'm not a huge fan of Heather Mills, but.... THAT'S HARSH, YOU OWE HEATHER (and all other amputee's) AN APOLOGY!

2427 days ago

tmz fan    

"Arf woof bark bite woof woof bark arf." "Bark bark sniff woof bark sniff grunt arf woof." "Furthermore, drool bite bark grunt snort sniff woof bite."

2427 days ago

tmz fan    

this just in: "meow."

2427 days ago


Wow! This is beyond bad. Do you think Amputees ask for something to be removed? It's for them to stay alive. Karma is Bitch and She bites hard.

2427 days ago


tmzfan. hahahaha...

2427 days ago


That was a totally tasteless comment. While I understand this site is prone to rude/crude statements, this one is waaaayyyy below the belt. Shame on you!!

2427 days ago


Wah wah wah whiners. This is a gossip site -- do you expect little fluffy heart warmy stories with positives messages on a site that is set up around following celebrities and making fun of them? Oh go visit Nick Jr. or something. To those of you who say you've had it -- OH PLEASE stop reading so I can stop reading your annoying cry baby comments.

2427 days ago


just how low are you allowed to go when it comes to nasty comments like this one?

2427 days ago


Bravo to Sandra and Jessie. You can tell the love for animals is genuine. These are not fashion accessories like the airheads purchase.

This is the kind of news I want to read about in connection to celebrities. You know, TMZ, stories that show the decent things they do. I don't want to read about the ones who are on drugs and making like miserable for people around them.

Keep these kinds of stories flowing.

Oh yes, and for all you insensitive, uncompassionate beings......words can't begin to relate what I think of you. Oxymorons, all of you.

2427 days ago


Too bad more people can't follow her example. For some reason I don't see Paris or any of her little cronies trading in their stupid handbag dogs for a challenged animal like this. Way to go, Sandra. You're awesome.

2427 days ago
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