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Amputees Follow Sandra Bullock

2/29/2008 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock catered to a couple of limbless souls today in NYC -- her two dogs!

Sandy and hubby Jesse James were seen leaving their home with bi-pedal dog Ruby and three-legged pooch Poppy. Both dogs were rescued from shelters a few years back.

If they're looking for more companionship, we hear Heather Mills may be on the market.


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How funny ,My husband has always wanted a 3 legged dog and if he ever gets one want's to name it "Tri-pod" =) !

2427 days ago


Tasteless, sophomoric, and crude. Everyday I get a little closer to not coming back here!

2427 days ago


I love Sandra Bullock, I have for years..The fact that she adopted animals is wonderful! Every pet I have had all of my life has been an adopted stray. It's the way to go to get a darling, truly loveable pet who without you, wouldn't have a chance.. Please always adopt and for information on becoming a member or donating, please go to
On the Heather Mills comment -- I have also been disabled for ten years and I didn't think it was possible with things I have seen here especially about Britney, I didn't think TMZ could sing any lower. Perhaps it's time a large - make that VERY large of us not so stray disabled men and women who read this column should "pop some wheelies" all over Harvey's behind!! Heather may have an artificial limb and not in a wheelchair like I am and so many others who read here, but she is STILL considered Handicapped none the less. Too bad we who are also handicapped couldn't sue ol' mouthpiece who wrote this trash and / or Harvey who probably approved it. Hit ol' Harv where it hurts and have him physically lighter wherever he keeps his wallet if you catch my drift. We disabled folks need to band together somehow to show ol' Harv our displeasure over this supposedo to be a joke piece of insulting trash. Anyone else on wheels have any ideas?????

2427 days ago


WOW! This is even a new low for TMZ!

2427 days ago


You people really don't have anything else to do but write hateful things about good people. I really like Sandra Bullock and those of you who wrote this should be ashamed of yourselves. Leave the good people alone.

2427 days ago


Hey TMZ... what a totally classless and terriible insinution, with regard to Heather Mills. Truthfully, sometimes I wonder how far you guys have your heads stuck up your asses. Are you a bunch of crackheads or what???? How rude, childish and insensitive can you get??? You know what they say about paybacks don't cha.... well you've got some serious paybacks coming. What, do you think that rude is today's hip????

2427 days ago

ho hater    

That was an insensitive thing to say. I've been to this TMZ website twice and you do nothing but belittle people and their situations. Is that the only way this site can make it's money? Can you not say anything good? I'm glad there's someone that has a heart to adopt handicapped pets. And to say that about Heather Mills was class-less, cruel and downright ignorant. You can believe you have one less 'fan'. I won't be back to read your smut. Maybe you should take a good look at yourself inside and out before you bash others. Good riddance.

2426 days ago


Normally I would be offended by the Heather Mills reference..BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS..and well deserved.

2426 days ago


Do you remember the scene from GOODFELLAS, where Joe Pesci gives his clear understanding of "Do you think I'm funny?" I wish the editor who wrote this garbage would be opposed by a mean Joe Pesci and gets the treatment he or she deserves. How stupid and dumb your "fishing for immediate laughter" comments are. I actually frequently checked on the tmz. website, but this is certainly the last time. This is so cheap humour, I refuse to support that kind of "scheisse".
Farewell Tmz.

2426 days ago


TASTELESS and a clear indication that TMZ is losing ground in the online entertainment news race. When writers aren't clever enough to be witty or funny, they resort to the sort of cheap, tasteless comments that are becoming common at TMZ. Mark my words, your ship is sinking...

2426 days ago


Woooooo! Sandra! she's awesome!

2426 days ago


omg! pathetic... I personally went to school with Jesse, and he is a wonderful person. every day innocent animals are put to sleep because of irresponsible people. sandra and jesse only took in loveable animals with some special flaws, and care for them. you guys need to stick to news and not ignorance.

2426 days ago

Can you get off the Paris flight?    

TMZ it seems the depths of how low you will sink has no limits. How disgusting you are to make fun of a person's handicap and especially in such a sweet article about sweet Sandra Bullock and her adopted dogs! Mr. Levin has no heart and no respect for anyone or anything. How sad an individual you are when nothing is sacred, nothing off limits, and everything has a price. You are not getting any younger Sir, is this really the legacy you want to leave? Speaking of leaving that is exactly what I am doing and what I hope more and more people who come to this site do. There are far better celebrities web sites, no big loss to me, but if you don't clean up your act the loss of revenue I'm sure will make an impact on you.

2426 days ago


How many haters did you win with this blog?
I guess a great number!
I hope you will be punished for that. And will be removed from our planet as toxic garbage.

2425 days ago


They are kind and wonderful people to take in dogs with special needs. Bless them!

2424 days ago
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