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Docs Cleared By Feds in Ledger Investigation

2/29/2008 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After an investigation, federal agents have reportedly cleared two doctors in Los Angeles and Houston as those that prescribed the OxyContin and Vicodin found in Heath Ledger's system at the time of his death.

The NY Post reports DEA agents interrogated the docs and determined that although they had prescribed medication for the actor, they had not written the scripts for these two specific drugs.

The 28-year-old Ledger was found dead in his NYC apartment on January 22.


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Was there no labels on the bottles? How about the Walgreens or pharmacy that they came from? I guess the Olsen girl smuggled them to him? Makes no sense. I think Elvis sent them to him.

2398 days ago

She looks great    

It is ridiculous to investigate the doctors just because the guy abused the drugs.

It is so hypocritical and irrational.

When people drink and drive, do the Feds investigate Budweiser or Absolut vodka??


It ends up hurting people who genuinely need painkillers because doctors worrk they will lose their license. Doctors practice defensive medicine which violates the Hippocratic oath which is to put patients interests before their own.

2398 days ago


Gee, what a shock, a messed up wealthy drug addict stole prescription pads, or got drugs some other illegal way. apologists can try to make up any story they want to ignore the plin truth but here it is. Heath Ledger was just your run of the mill drugged out waste case. The fact that you have seen his face up on the big screen doesn't change that. He was no different than your average drug addict who will do anything, and ignore everybody in their lives to get their next high.

2398 days ago


#4 cambel -

I doubt he stole prescirption pads. I thought as soon as the story leaked, they said the prescriptions were filled in England? I am guessing he did have a few extra scripts written by American doctors; thereofre, the feds just wanted to make sure they weren't doing anything hinky.

I agree with you #3 (Doctors need to be able to prescribe) - it sure ruins things for people who need these medications and do NOT abuse. Prescription drug abusers really muck things up for many people --- people in real pain and doctors. I think it's pretty obvious Heath went to different doctors getting meds. Two U.S doctors and how many doctors in England did he go to - to get that many scripts?

2398 days ago


The reason they are concentrating on these two drugs only, is that they are controlled substances.
So...if these two docs didn't prescribe them, who did? I agree with what was said, what's on the label? what pharmacy? what MD's name?
If they didn't prescribe them but their name is on the bottle then that's a whole new case huh? Someone out there writing Rx's under these docs names? or are they lying?

And as for holding the liquor companies liable for someone drinking and driving, no they don't but they DO hold the bartender liable for providing it. You don't hold they drug company liable for selling the drug, but you DO hold the doctor who prescribed it liable for giving it. That's why it's called a "controlled substance."

2398 days ago


it's just so sad...he was suffering from depression and insomnia. If anyone knows what it's like over a long period of time to not be able to sleep - it's a terrible thing. I truly think heath was just trying to sleep and didn;t realize he over medicated. As far as the pills, it's possible he got them from the internet - or thru "friends"...just a thought.

2398 days ago


Doctors need to be able to prescribe--

You got a good point about Alcohol makers getting in trouble when a person abuses alcohol and then gets in a car and drives. Someone else on here pointed out yesteryday- Would you blame a gun dealing store for someone who killed themself or someone else? Better yet, would you blame people who make rope --- for someone who kills themselves?

Would you Targer or Wal Mart if someone bought butcher knives and stabbed someone to death?

It was his own actions that led to his death. Yesterday, people were calling the doctors--- murderers. Just like guns don't kill people, people kill people... and people who abuse drugs die. Nobody can be blame Heaths death on anyone besides himself..

2398 days ago


Why are forgetting that it was reported that a lot of scripts were prescribed in ENGLAND? The United States has no juristication over what doctors do in England. He was obviously doctor shopping,-- if he had scripts from docs in two states in the US and scripts from doctors in England.

How the hell are these doctors to know what medications Heath already had? You are supposed to disclose that to your doctor(s) (PCP, dentist, specialist, psychiatrist, etc) but I doubt Heath did.

Just like guns don't kill people..People kill people... and people ABUSING drugs only have themselves to blame

I love Heath Ledger and I am still sad he is gone but blaming other people is just wrong. He obviously went around acquiring meds from different docs.

2398 days ago

cat b    

No doctor with half a brain would give a healthy male oxycontin...that is reserved for cancer patients and anyone who has severe pain....seems to me Heath was working very hard and no outward appearences of debilatating pain showed...and no reported accidents in which he was injured severely...yes he had issues for sleep but sometimes vicodin can cause a person at first to feel hyper then sleepy...seems he was trying to play doctor to himself.The fact seems to be Heath abused prescription meds and most doctors will warn about combing meds...yes his death a tragedity but seems his baby ma ma saw it coming and moved out for those reasons...anyone can go on the streets of new york and buy oxcontin or script needed...anyone who goes to a doctor generally gets the talk that comes from meds and that being they can be habit forming have harmful side effects and should not be combined with certain over the counter meds or other meds....or alcohol

2398 days ago


#5 Jami

I am not positive about England but I do know that Scotland and Ireland do not have vicodin, so he didn't get it there.

2398 days ago

He's Boring now    

#4 best summation of the reality and cold hard feelingless facts of drug abuse.

The guy was no different than the chump next door only he had money, fame, played roles people liked and had it all to live for---so does the chump next door, only at different levels---but both of them ultimately want the same thing, an escape. sometimes when you escape you die. Sorry, but it happens to Movie Stars and Chumps alike.

2398 days ago


Something is not right. Oxycodin can not be called in and if he had a prescription bottle with the Dr. Name on it, then the Dr.'s were lieing when they talked to the DEA. The ariticle said they were filled in Los Angelos and Houston, I don't recall Heath being in either of those places any time in the past because he was going back and forth from NYC to England and back making that movie. I think these Doctors are lieing or possibly Mary Kate got them for him in his name.

I also agree with the poster who said why is the DEA looking into this in the first place. If I had accidently OD'ed on you honestly think they would investigate my death?....who wrote the scripts?...who filled them?...NO!!...they wouldn't even take the phone call from my relatives...because I'm a nobody to them. They are just doing this to get their name in the paper and to blame internet sites somehow.

2398 days ago


Drug addicts are so sneaky and creative.

Good riddance too bad he left his genes behind

2398 days ago


You people are pathetic. How can you sit there and judge someone who you do not know or have no clue what type of pain he was in. He was obviously suffering. And for someone to comment about the child he left behind. How dare you? Do you have children? What would people say about your bad habits that you have passed on to your offspring?

Just because he was a celebrity did not make him less human nor does it give anyone of you the right to make the comments that you just have. None of you must live in a glass house because if you do, you would not cast stones. I hope you never have to face any demons or be in the public eye like Heath was. I wonder how you would end up.

2398 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

cat, you like many other people who have posted here are making a mistake when you think that oxycontin is prescribed only for cancer patients, i.e. for control of severe chronic pain, and would never be prescribed for someone you describe as a healthy adult male. I am a healthy adult and was given oxycodone for post-operative pain and after having my wisdom teeth extracted. Heath was a private person. Does anyone know how many pills were supposed to be in the bottles? Was it a full 30-day supply or not? Do we absolutely, positively know he never suffered an injury that caused lasting pain? Maybe he was injured before he became an actor? We don't know. Do we even know the state of his wisdom teeth? That's not the sort of thing that gets posted on the net. I've never heard TMZ report that one celebrity was getting their wisdom teeth removed. You can prove that someone was injured but you can never prove that they weren't.

We do know that he had other health problems. He suffered from insomnia and he had pneumonia. Probably the reason he had prescriptions from several different doctors is that the first prescriptions didn't work, he had moved to a different part of the world because of his work and so he went to a different doctor who prescribed a different medication. He may even, in the extremity of insomnia and pain, thought that if one pill wasn't working he should try another. We weren't there and we don't know.

He did not die from an overdose of a single opiate or even two. He died from a bad interaction between 5 different drugs, all central nervous system depressants, which he had in his system in amounts too small to have caused his death if it weren't for the interactions. He was a fool who made the fatal mistake of mixing his prescription drugs, probably because he didn't get relief from the first set so he tried more, but that does not make him a drug addict. It does not make him a doctor-shopper. It makes him a dead fool. It happens. Stop beating a dead horse. You're only making yourselves look petty and maybe even a bit foolish.

Why is it so important to so many of you that Heath Ledger was an addict and died because he was using oxycontin as his drug of choice? Why do you all insist that most celebrities abuse drugs? Drug abuse is a major problem but to insist that everyone must be a drug addict is very foolish. We know that he had had a substance abuse problem. We also know that he had fought it. The video everyone keeps referring to has been proven to be a fake. We don't know why he and Michelle separated. There are many reasons why couples separate and many of them get back together again. Maybe she left him because she wanted him to spend more time with her and Matilda and he kept going on location? We don't know the dynamics of their personal lives.

I prefer to give the man the benefit of the doubt because nothing can be proven against him. All you have is idle speculation and faulty logic based on insufficient facts. If you want to attack people in the entertainment industry for their drug abuse, you have an easy target in Brad Renfro but Heath Ledger was a bigger star so pulling him down is more of a coup. I'm not going to attack Brad Renfro either. The man had demons and he's certainly not the only one to self-medicate to try to make them go away. Self-medication whether with drugs or alcohol just makes things worse but it's hard to make people in pain see that. Maybe Heath Ledger had demons as well but he did not die of an overdose from trying to get high because, as experts have testified, that's not the way it's done. He died from being foolish and mixing prescriptions that his doctors had told him were safe.

2398 days ago
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