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Food Network

Cans 'Impossible' Chef

2/29/2008 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Irvine"Dinner: Impossible" chef Robert Irvine has been fired from the Food Network's kitchen!

After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials -- including having designed Princess Diana's wedding cake -- Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they "have not renewed Robert's contract for future seasons" and "will be looking for a replacement host."

Robert apologized for his actions adding, "I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences regarding the Royal Family."


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sounds like a coverup for something else.... this guy was great!!!!!

2406 days ago

TV foodie    

His program was fun to watch, so why didn't they check him out before giving him a show? And, I AGREE with a lot of other people, wretched, annoying, nerve-grating Rachel Ray keeps getting more and more time -- ENOUGH ALREADY!

2406 days ago


Just a lesson how lies (embellishments?) can come back to haunt you. Just another case exemplifying what lying/deceit gets ya. Great show, too bad...and Mike, what the heck? Political correctness? HUH???????????????

2406 days ago


i agree with one of the following! Even though he shouldn't have exaggerated, i think that's only a small part of it. They're covering up something much bigger. None the less i will watching him!

2406 days ago

William Lee    

I am sorry to hear this. While what Robert did was wrong, he should've been made to do a couple mea culpas and move on with the show. It's one of the only good shows on that getting-worse-by-the-hour channel. I echo the horror of a previous commentator on having a show like that getting replaced by more Rachel Ray/Sandra Lee type garbage. Obviously they learned nothing from their biggest mistake: letting Anthony Bourdain go only to see his next show (pretty much the same idea) become a hit. Maybe the Travel Channel can pick up Irvine for something as good as Impossible, No Reservations, or Bizarre Foods. Shame on you Food Network...yet again.

2406 days ago


Yeah... I like Robert Irvine too... but OH WELL!!!

Rachael Ray is COOL.


Well anyway They gotta fired him... because this will taach him and other people not to

I don't know why he can't pay the people he hired... Food Network probably didn't
even pay him enough money, I guess.

2406 days ago


Irvine made a mistake that cost him a lot, but he made the show good. If Dog the Bounty Hunter gets a second chance for being a racist, why cannot Irvine be given a second chance.

2406 days ago


I love Robert Irvine!!!
He was able to do every challenge........NO MATTER what the thing was!!!!
The 2 people that would be awesome would be either Guy Fieir or Emeril LaGasse!!!!
I would prefer Guy!!!!

2406 days ago


Big deal..he told a white lie..He's great! Let's keep him and get rid of that sugary sweet, icky sticky, Martha Stewart wannabee..Sandra Lee..I don't know anyone who would cook her "stuff"'s horrible. I thought the Food Network was about REAL cooking! why is she always "posing" and talking like everyone is in kindergarten..rather than sweet, she says saweet, etc...gag me. I'm sure someone will advise me not to watch her..that's exactly what I do..I hear that icky sweet va-oice and change the channel!!!.. And as someone else mentioned..waaaay too much of Ms Rachel Ray..another saccharin sweet, EVOO, constantly grinning like a cheshire cat...jeeze..where do you find these people..One show a day is quite enough of her! HOWEVER..99% of the MEN are great! Keep up the good work GUYS..and let's keep Mr. Irvine!!!! Yes, as someone else mentioned, he's a bit arrogant, but he seems to have gotten over that...and he's good..who else could keep up with that pace..make food for 400 people in a few hours?? Emeril- with his waay too many bams? Doubt it! ! ! A lot !!!!

2406 days ago


aahahhahahahahahahh look at #4 he thought he was 1st. ahahhahahahahahahahah well he was not. i was

2406 days ago


Check him for steroids

2406 days ago


Ummm... everybody doesn't lie on their resume. I've been updating and sending out my resume regularly for a quarter of a century (since I'm a freelancer and need to get it into many databases). It never occurred to me to ever lie about anything on it. Why would I?

Honesty is pretty important to potential clients or employers. The problem is that if they find one lie on an application or resume, they have to question everything else that person has written or said about themselves. At least I certainly would (and have, when anybody above the age of ten has lied to me about anything, no matter how small). Honesty isn't something that you can turn off and on like a faucet, and once trust has been broken - it's hard to repair.

I don't know a good solution here, but I can see the dilemma of the network. Do they double-check everything else on his resume? Do they hire a shrink to figure out why the heck anybody at his age and with his skills would lie about something like that? What else is going on in his head? It just might have been easier to drop him.

This definitely is not just "exaggerating about the size of a fish" case. The guy lied about a professional credential (and apparently, not even very well...). It's not "exaggeration" to make up a specific story like that.

2406 days ago


In reply to the FEW nay sayers about Mr. appears that the MAJORITYof us are forgiving and do not think exaggerating on a Food resume is a SIN or a CRIME. Big deal, it's only food guys!!!!!! Jeeze!

2406 days ago


I've read a measure of the comments here, and I'm disgusted by them.

Someone mentioned JAG, which shows you the Food Network learns. I think that is admirable.

But that isn't going to be the point of my post.

This is about lying and liars. Telling someone you served the queen and helped in construction of Dianna's wedding cake when you didn't isn't a white lie. It's not a little excusable untruth that can be wiped clean by saying you only said it to make someone feel better. White lies are lies that subvert the truth for the feelings of the one lied to. No, honey, you look great in those jeans (or genes, for that matter). You're still as beautiful as the day I met you, he says to a woman that gained 200 pounds and generally stays indoors. A bald head makes you look distinguished, says a woman that found running her hand through his hair an erotic experience.

These are white lies that shield folks from reality. They buffer reality for folks that may not want the truth. They are thought of as a kindness that keeps reality social, keeps folks insulated.

They are still lies. What if you believed what I said that you don't look fat in those jeans? You would have no impetus to change or become less fat, because I, your loved one, told you you looked fine. You get fatter, you get diabeties and die. I suffer loss, you lose your life, and a lie propogated it. If the truth was told, then we might have worked together to change lifestyle, become leaner, learned to be better people because of it and lived a long life together.

But it was just a little white lie. Oh no, honey, you look as fine as the day I met you. White lie that took a possible 10 years of our time together. Is that lie innocent, now?

Lying and liars don't really give solace in the case of white ones, they just propogate something that isn't reality. When folks lie about a greater thing, they do even more disservice to humanity. I'll tell you why.

As people that live in the world, we need to have trust and honor. I need to trust that my neighbor isn't going to rob my house when I'm gone. I need to know that someone that has met me won't go tell folks the exact opposite of what I am. I'm not ignorant. I've dealt with liars. I have one in my family. I know how things hinge on perception. I know that an honest word can be thought a lie just as easily as a falsehood can. I know that there are people that live lies and have the need for them to be perpetuated for their existence to have meaning.

You might think this chef is worthy of another chance, and he is in society as a whole. You have to understand that lying isn't a thing that should be tolerated in any form. Especially not in the public. We shouldn't have sympathy for liars on TV, and we shouldn't advocate for them to return. We have enough of that with politicians. Still, some of us keep voting them back in office.

My cousin, a man I hold dear, lied to the rest of my family about a trivial thing. He told them I was losing my hair and wore a cap because I was ashamed of it. He's near bald. Reality would be that when I took off my hat and let my locks flow, his lie would be exposed. You can probably figure out why he lied. Personal inadequacy. On top of that, we were in the same career at that point, and he was senior in time served. He lied to my family about my hair. Why would he stop at lying to the folks we both hold dear? After knowing he lied to my family, what would make me think he wouldn't when we were in the same company at the same level? Trust the bond of family, when he lied to them about me already? When does a lie revert from harmless to malignant? Who decides when that happens, the liar? Or the lied to? Who is to be believed when it comes to a head? What if the liar weaves a better lie than reality?

I won't brook that crack in my world. I won't suffer the consequence. I won't allow a known liar to tell me anything beyond what I can validate as the truth. I haven't spoke to my lying cousin in years. I don't plan to. I also wouldn't allow myself to watch a program of a known liar because some network chose that I should be subject to him.

I make the decisions in my life, and I choose what I want to honor with my attention. A liar isn't one of tham.

2406 days ago


in terms of racheal ray... they keep her on because people watch. so thats a dumb statement at best... you better believe that the main reason this has come out now, is not because of an oversite but because his ratings arent good.... any idiot could see that.... this is a way for them to break his contract and dump him.

2406 days ago
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