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Brit's Bodyguard Will Run You Over

3/1/2008 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being around Britney Spears can cause quite the wild scene -- even resulting in a foot injury or two -- but Brit's new bodyguard is crazazy! Brit reunited with Mom early in the day, but later madness ensued.

TMZ cameras caught Brit's new bodyguard -- who also used to work for Lindsay -- almost hitting paps with an SUV! Doesn't he know Britney dates likes the paps? She's a singer -- not the freakin' President!

Watch the insanity unfold.


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Joss W    

Is it just me or does her bodyguard look like Mandy Patinkin? So that's why he quit Criminal Minds... to guard Brit-brit... ahhhhhh! ;)

2405 days ago


The man CLEARLY asked nicely for the paps to move!! They were blocking the street! That's illegal. Remember when the cops showed up at the salon when Brit was getting her hair done?? The cops wouldn't let the paps block the sidewalk or the driveway!!!

You were OUT OF LINE PAPS!!!! Call the cops! I'm SURE some of you would have been at the very least given a ticket!!!

2405 days ago



2405 days ago


This kind of reminds me of the reality cop shows.These paps want to get run over.Not for the money but to end their miserable looser lives.Suicide by cop/suicide by body guard.The saga continues.....

2405 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

'Hi Linds. I told you that all Britney needed was her mother's love.' (moron pap)
'Back to business. Britney, are you pregnant?' (moron pap)
'Do you think Kevin ony cares about the money?' (moron pap)
'Are you in love with Adnan?' (another pap)
'Kevin only cares about the money.' (moron pap)

This moron pap should be circling a flushing bowl somewhere. You're supposed to report news, not attempt to bait and create it; it's apparent that the moron pap yelling this way out of line crap has no journalistic post-secondary education, and ever more obvious, no integrity whatsoever. Why isn't he ashamed? He should be. This was just AWFUL.
He had NO business stating that 'Kevin only cares about the money.' Firstly, you DO NOT say that to a person battling mental illness who is fighting sadness, and for her self-esteem and recovery, because secondly, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Kevin has shown himself to be of pretty sound character throughout the whole divorce, and has done the right thing all the way through each new issue. This pap needs his nose bloodied and acceptable social boundaries laid out for his mega-dysfunctional a*s. At the least, he needs to look at what he's become.

2405 days ago


She is a singer?

2405 days ago


Here's a thought: if you don't want to get hit by a car stay the f*** out of the way!

2405 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney is going to try to sing and jiggle at the gala opening of the local Wal Mart. Hope the crazy bodyguard runs over all the paps. No jury in the world would find him guilty if he did run over the paps!!!

2405 days ago


Hey (why are you so dumb dude).The girl is sick!She doesn't know what she wants or needs right now.You are the idiot for not seeing that.She needs a rest.Let this little show continue after she gets some rest.I'm sure things would change.

2405 days ago


RUN THEM OVER BRITNEY'S BODYGUARD!!! LOL!!! The paps deserve to get hit if they are stupid enought to stand in front of a car!! Although since these guys were also tresspassing the LAPD could have been called. Did anyone notice how many of the paps were foreigners?? Maybe ICE could be called! LOL!!

2405 days ago


Awesome statement Mag!!!

2405 days ago


I think it's hilarious. I'd run you people over too.

2405 days ago


You guys deserve to be run over, and if you die, nobody will miss you.

Don't you get it

You are slightly better than pedophiles, but not by much....don't push your luck

2405 days ago


what is an idiot!

2405 days ago


This girl needs to show some respect to people that put thier life on the line to protect her skanky self! Telling her body guard to "shut the F*** up" is not respectful. Perhaps if she walked close to him instead of lagging behind so that the paps had plenty of time to take the picture she so desparetly wants them to take he wouldn't have to scream & yank her. She is rude and disrespectful!!! And because of her stupidity some body guard may loose his life for her ego.

2405 days ago
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