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Brit's Bodyguard Will Run You Over

3/1/2008 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being around Britney Spears can cause quite the wild scene -- even resulting in a foot injury or two -- but Brit's new bodyguard is crazazy! Brit reunited with Mom early in the day, but later madness ensued.

TMZ cameras caught Brit's new bodyguard -- who also used to work for Lindsay -- almost hitting paps with an SUV! Doesn't he know Britney dates likes the paps? She's a singer -- not the freakin' President!

Watch the insanity unfold.


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Well, IF the STINKIN' paps would leave her alone, maybe they wouldn't get their feet in the way! IMHO, they deserve to get hit, crawlin' all over her car and practically crushing her so she can't even walk. You, TMZ, and all the rest of them should be ashamed of yourselves for not stepping back 2 little feet to give her some room.

2390 days ago


I find it funny you say that her bodyguard is crazy when you stupid camera face shoving idiots run people off the road. Get out of teh way and you won't get ran over dumb-asses

2390 days ago


If the pap would quit yelling obscenities at her and just take her picture, then it wouldn't be so bad. I see them taking pics of lots of other celebs and not saying a word. Seems a little staged to me.........................

2390 days ago


I think that when she is in a restuarant or something and all the paps are out front ICE should swoop in and detain everyone of them. The ones with out proper docu mentation or papers should be arrested and deported. Then who they work for should also be charged. In the mean time just proceed and run them over, who would care? Are paps out sourced too? What has happened to hiring Americans?

2390 days ago


YES , Super, Haleluja! Finally a real good bodyguard. He is great. The paps behave sick not the bodyguard.

2390 days ago

luv my TMZ    

Yet another superior move by Jamie Spears. Good bodyguard with the sole mission of putting up brick walls between Britney and the paps. I sure hope she can start to appreciate what her dad is doing for her.

2390 days ago


GREAT job bodyguard. The RUDE paps deserve to be hit. LAPD should stop them from charging at her with their RUDE questions. they are not interviewers. They are BUMS!!!!

2390 days ago


These paps are retarded...s.erious...I wish someone would run their foot over...maybe then they will give people some more space...besides...they always run people of the road trying to follow the celebs they care about them????

2390 days ago


I think the bodyguards are doing the right thing. Get the paps uncomfortable and maybe they'll leave the poor girl alone.

Can you help too?

2390 days ago


I meant -

2390 days ago


I like that guy! I agree with him. It the paps won't move out of the way, they should be run over. He warned them. Now they know. He's a smart man!

2390 days ago

tony thomas    

I think they should make a law.People who take photos must stay 75 feet aaway from the star.But most stars want them to be close ,If anything happen they can blame them and not them selfs at all

2390 days ago


Love that bodyguard!! The paps were acting in a hostile and threatening manner, refusing repeated requests to move out of the way, thus trapping Brit's car. The bodyguard was polite and did what he had to to protect his client.

Paps are worms. They should get real jobs.

2390 days ago


It is about time someone put the paps in their place.
They act like a bunch of teenagers---the kind of teenager that has nothing going for themselves so they hang around on street corners trying to puff themselves up to feel like a man.

2390 days ago


wow, he "almost hit" a photographer. Whatever

2390 days ago
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