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Brit's Bodyguard Will Run You Over

3/1/2008 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being around Britney Spears can cause quite the wild scene -- even resulting in a foot injury or two -- but Brit's new bodyguard is crazazy! Brit reunited with Mom early in the day, but later madness ensued.

TMZ cameras caught Brit's new bodyguard -- who also used to work for Lindsay -- almost hitting paps with an SUV! Doesn't he know Britney dates likes the paps? She's a singer -- not the freakin' President!

Watch the insanity unfold.


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just me    

Those paps are getting way too aggressive and what they did there is an arrestable offense. Willful obstruction and malicious obstruction are chargeable offences that are generally used to prevent panhandlers from hindering or obstructing the free movement of vehicles and pedestrians, but I see no reason why such laws cannot be applied to what these paps are doing. It was just a little more than a week ago when a number of photogs were ticketed and two was arrested for violations of obstructing a public walkway when Britney was at the B2V Hair Salon. I think that would send a clear message to normally law-abiding citizens that obstructing the free movement of either vehicles or pedestrians is a crime. And I think citizens who are not normally law-abiding would ignore that message. Such seems to be the situation here with this pack of paparazzi.

2434 days ago


I like it!! Sorry TMZ, but it would be good for some epople to see a papget run over, now that would be a good story - certainly a great viral video will make the rounds of YouTube. There should be a law to allow body guards to run over paps if they have been given 1 warning - this is only fair. Arnie, please run with this proposition- I'm sure it will pass the legislature in California, no problemo - call the new law the Papinator!!!

2434 days ago


I can not imagine living like this on a daily basis!!!! Brit.................take what money you have and get the hell out of there! Move to a beach in the Caribbean and enjoy LIFE!

2434 days ago


4. Britney / family
ღGOD BLESS..... ღ
ღGOD GIVES PEACE TO YOU............ ღ
ღAND MUCH WISDOM............................... ღ
ღGOD BE WITH YOU.......................................... ღ
ღMUCH PEACE! MUCH PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ღ

♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪
ღPeace, Prosperity and Passion for you and your boys!!! ღ

Posted at 12:34PM on Mar 1st 2008 by ♥♥PEACE & LOVE FOR BRIT & KIDS & FAMILY♥♥

Wow......just, wow. You really need to get a hobby. I'd pay a lot of money to see bodyguard guy run Brit-Billy over with the same vehicle.

2434 days ago

frogs and gravel    

This is the first time in a while
I have see Britney laugh and
not have that stupid blank stare
on her face.

2434 days ago


KARMA. Besides, I expect they can afford the insurance for thing like that from the amount of money they make!

2434 days ago


Gee whiz how much is this one going to cost here?Glad she's laughing now and hope she's still laughing when she ends up in state care facility and broke.

2434 days ago


I think this bodyguard is THE BOMB! The paps are so disrespectful of personal space. Too bad if they get run over. Many times they are asked to get out the way and they won't. Life is all about if they choose to stand in front of a moving car then too bad if they get run over. Its about time celebs started taking their lives awful to have these idiots yelling stupid things at you they sound like such dorks! Be respectful people and maybe you can get the shots without being run over!

2434 days ago


The paps are a**holes. I know if I were in that situation I'd run them over too. The paps starts whining when their space is being invaded but that's exactly what they are doing when they won't move out of the way. I'd be p*ssed if someone was up in my face the way the paps get. If they don't want to get out of the way, then it's their own fault if they get run over.

2434 days ago


And I agree, this is the first time in a long time Brit had a genuine smile on her face. She looked good when she laughed.

2434 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Such madness. Stop the obsession. Find other celebs to concentrate on and minimize the coverage of Britney. Be the first pap to discover a new newsworthy and sensational celeb to compete with Britney. Back off.

2434 days ago

Brit Fan    

This guy is HOT! D@mn! Beautiful face, sexy voice, dresses well, has manners, AND DOES NOT TAKE SH1T FROM THE PAP SMEARS!! WHEW!! I hope you get more film of this guy..I'll stay tuned!!

2434 days ago

Rage against the crazy machine    

I have not read all the comments and this is my first time ever commenting - golf claps- but this bodyguard is the one Ms. Crazy thew out of the car the day she got out of UCLA Psych ward. He came back. Dude's a Go-to-Guy if there ever was one for Jamie Spears. Have Charles Manson's secret love child throw you on the side of the road and you come back and almost run over people for her - damn he Loves his Job.

2434 days ago

Rage against the crazy machine    

Actually it would have been great to see a few more socks with tire prints on Ebay. Saw an interview with Courtney Cox and granted she doesn't have the same # foreign camera holders or gang bangers with digital camericas and shanks following her but she said she gets pissed when she is with Coco - her little girl - and she tells them no pictures of Cocc and they say of yeah Court we got your back yo and then they shot her kid luckily just a photo. But, she is amazed that she has not run over anyone. I am actually really full of pride in my southern heart even if it is south Florida that Brit Brit only ran over feet. I would have gone full steam ahead after a couple of dropped calls on my cell phone - kidding.

2434 days ago


what is she doing with that old looking dude who looks like a drug dealer?

These young woman Lohan, Paris and Britney have really bad taste in men

2434 days ago
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