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Hyde Valets Scam Alfonso ... or Vice Versa?

3/1/2008 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Hyde regular Alfonso Ribeiro outside of Hyde, where he got into a major dispute with the valet over whether he paid.

Watch the video from TMZ TV and decide if Alfonso was honest or just an good liar.


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Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2359 days ago


OK, hopefully everyone will laugh at this, It has been an angry night! Alfonso, I didn't see you pay. How much did that cab cost ya?

2391 days ago


"...just an good liar"?!? Seriously, hire a proofreader.

2391 days ago

Johnny Lawson    

cheap ass Carlton tried to okey doke him......I worked as a valet and I had this happen to me a few times!

2391 days ago


Jonathan, they will more than likely change it since you pointed it out. Unless they went home, they always do.

2391 days ago

Old Balls are Nasty!    

who cares? the law and order thing, the narration? dang tmz, slow night?

2391 days ago


Haha! The Carlton dance gets me everytime. Lmao!

2391 days ago


It may very well be that he THOUGHT he paid. I think he honestly though he did. Why else would he be stupid enough to come back and argue further?

The question is... why is he so worried about a measley $20?

2390 days ago


Some Celebs think that just because they're well known they should be entitled to getting their way. If he had paid earlier, he should have asked for a receipt that showed he had already paid the valet. Just another Hollywood has been!

2390 days ago


New morning, I think he tried to scam them. Then he realized when he left the camera was on him. He was screwed, so he foolishly came back to win the arguement to protect his name. Didn't work, and his girlfriend had to hide her head in shame. Carlton, your busted, and cheap.

2390 days ago

He's Boring now    

Nicker you gots to be kidding me. No one in their right mind, black or white comes back in a cab after an incident like this unless they have some really deep rooted identity and self confidence issues. If this jerk wasnt employed he'd be the type you read about everyday who come back later after an incident has occurred, but with a gun, and than shoot people because their street cred, or pride got tinged.

This goof better grow up and wake up real fast. And whats with the white lady friend? That some kind of status symbol, running around town in your own car and than a cab acting all impotent with a white girl at your side. Nicker please.

You're dangerous

2390 days ago


is he still dating that porno actress? lucky bastard, my ex tried becoming one, but had a hard time with the DPs. We are still trying to break her in.

2390 days ago

from Canada    

I hate cheap guys! Shameful. He should be giving the valet the $50 tip - he's a rich celebrity. Next time, tell him the bar is full and make him wait in line outside like everyone else. That will teach him a lesson.

2390 days ago


I think he thought he paid and furthermore who cares?

2390 days ago


is he still with that porn star? hows she doing? is she making more money now since her tmz debut? haha just wondering

2390 days ago
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