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Prince Harry:

Back Because of Blabbers

3/1/2008 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030108_fred_ap-1Long live the Prince! Prince Harry arrived back in Britain today after a 10 week stint in Afghanistan -- withdrawn after the details of his secret deployment became public.

The Prince did not speak to reporters as he left the troop carrier. Surprise, surprise! According to the AP, Harry was greeted by his father and brother at the Brize Norton air base in Oxfordshire, southern England.

Prince Charles spoke about Harry and the media leak saying, "I feel particular frustration that he was removed unexpectedly early because, apart from anything else, he had been looking forward to coming back with the rest of his regiment."

Officials say the Prince could be deployed later this year, but won't pinpoint exactly where. Shocker!


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Drudge is a low-class, despicable reporter....he'll do anything to destroy the lives of others! One can only imagine what he'll do during the upcoming election period.

Harry wanted to honorably serve Britian and none of us needed to know about his service until he returned to Britain!

2427 days ago


Good for Harry! It's too bad the media blew his cover putting him, his fellow soldiers, and innocent civilians in harm's way by revealing his secret. He would have had the most enormous target on his back, but that would have also put everyone else near him in grave danger. What a shame he had to come back, but good for him for trying to be a "regular" guy and following his goals.

2427 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

What a shocker...a person with celebrity status (a royal, no less), rejecting media attention to serve with his team mates in a war zone. This shows incredible maturity, and courage. It's too bad the weasels in the US Media outed his service, and forced the British Government to cut his service short. He may be 3rd in line to rule England, but he's obviously chosen to contribute as others who are not royal born do. Good for him. This kind of unselfish contribution by someone of such lofty privilege & status puts the arrogant, entitled, dimwitted US morons like SLUTney, WHOREhan, karTRASHIAN, pearASS, all the male media whores & all their sycophantic hangers-on to shame...

2427 days ago

My two cents    

It was Drudge that spilled the beans on Harry being deployed, not TMZ. Get your facts straight before making your comments.

I am very happy they brought Harry home after the news was leaked, however I am so disappointed in the journalists that leaked it. His life and those in his unit were completely exposed to terrorists hunting them down. Completely irresponsible!

There is great admiration for Harry going to serve in this war. His mother must be so proud of him, as the rest of his family. I salute you Harry. Good job young man and welcome home. Thanks for your service!

2427 days ago


Annie2...The Bush daughters need to go to Iraq and break a few acrylic nails...the reason I didn't mention Chelsea is I am living in the one was ever talking about Clinton...think before you post

2427 days ago

Cry For Me    

A most reliable source tells me Harry's job in Afghanistan was tending bar at the officer mess. The so-called press leak was all pre-arranged so James Hewitt's son could go back to his beloved night clubs. So much for bravery and making the monarchy appear noble. At least the Bush family is not pretending, they will not send a member of that family to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

2427 days ago


although i admire that he went...young people who don't have to go to war go over there every day,this is not a draft,harry is not a hero,what about the poor kids who are only 21 years old and on there 2nd and 3rd tour,some made it out alive with their sanity intact,but hey,bush will just keep sending them till they are too injured,nut's or dead to go on another tour,they are the hero's,not some prince who goes for 10 weeks and puts everyone at risk,it would only have been a matter of time before the enemy found out he was there,it was just luck they did not find out first,i think it was a big chance to take just for harry to "play"soldier and be "normal" for a few weeks.

2427 days ago

Chris Curry    

Definitely the coolest of the royals.

2427 days ago


Blabbers like TMZ, that is...

2427 days ago


#13, seriously? LOL. You're kidding right?

Yes, GWB did all that then he became the worst President in US history. Thanks for outlining his downward spiral.

2427 days ago


When the average Brit finds out how much it cost them to pay for Harry's private secuirty detail, they will curtsey to Matt Drudge...(actually, all this is old news, because Harry's deployment was reported in January in an Aussie magazine)

2427 days ago


Now, its Bush's turn to go lead from the front. Julius Caesar lead the Roman legions from the front and other leaders throughout history - why not the US President? Good for Prince Harry! Jolly sporting of him !

2427 days ago


Why do they not require the Prince to shave his head??????

2427 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The NATO-led military operations in Afghanistan are NOT considered one and the same as Bush's fake war in Iraq. The U.N. Security Council authorized the use of force, provided for under Article 51 of the UN Charter, or an act of aggression in its mission of securing the country. That's why Canada is also in Afghanistan, but not Iraq. Drudge should not have uncovered Harry's involvement. I agree that it is treasonous.

2427 days ago


His boots look awfully clean for having just been in can't just polish those suede boots up to a nice shine. I'm just sayin...

2427 days ago
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