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Steve Irwin's Dad: Croc You, Terri

3/1/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bob Irwin, father of Crocodile Hunter Steve, has quit working at the Australian Zoo after dedicating 36 years of his life to its cause -- and it looks like Steve's widow, Terri, is to blame! Crikey!
Bob Irwin
In a letter sent to the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday regarding his abrupt departure, Bob thanks zoo staff, Animal Hospital workers, Wildlife Warriors and "all of Steve's friends out there" -- but no mention of Terri, who has growing control of Steve's empire, and is the mother of his grandchildren Bindi and Bob.

Previous to Bob's departure, there have been rumors circulating of a rift in the Irwin family -- including disagreements on treatment of staff and the commercial direction of the Australian Zoo.


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Medical Girl    

Somehow this doesn't surprise me. For some reason this woman presented a "brave face" (for lack of a better description) after the untimely, but not quite so surprising, death of Steve. She immediately pimped out that poor child to do the same... Screw greiving. Steve was annoying enough, but Bindi with that totally phony smile and "thumbs up" trademark gesture is sooooo annoying, and pimping her out so soon after her father's death, or just plain pimping her is so wrong on so many levels. Watching what this woman is doing to the remains of her family makes me think the barb may have hit the wrong heart.

I'm with team Dad on this one.

2394 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Terri sure has been pimping out her kids. Money does change everything. I'm very disappointed in her and the way she's raising her family. Typical stage mother, but just wait until Bindi grows up and rebels.

She was just Steve's wife. Nothing more. Steve's dad should have control, not her. Stop riding his coattails and cut out her own path in life.

Disgusting shame. She'll be sorry one day, just watch.

2394 days ago


When will Bob be on Larry King??

2394 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Britney = Bindi
Wait and see. Looks like another lynn spears, putting her kids out there, no matter what. Over exposed kids. Accomplish all you ever will in life before you turn adult. How sad.

2394 days ago


I find it sad that there appears to be a riff in the Irwin family but not surprised. Once again it must be the almighty dollar that is so important. But what is worst to me are the kids...Bindi is just a kid and needs to be a kid. Putting her out there like her dad is a huge mistake. Let her be a kid. And the boy, his dad dangles him infront of a crocodile when he is weeks old..I will never get over that act of ignorance and stupidity. Now he has been bitten by a snake, not poisonous mind you but what is next? I think it is a shame to put those kids out there as kids who are supposed to carry on their father's legacy. Frankly I did not like Steve Irwin at all. He was an idiot who hastened a premature death by his wreckless show boating with animals. He deprived 2 kids of a their mother is placing them right up there with a lack of childhood and a career when they need to be just kids. I don't know what Steve's father is pissed about but he needs to get over whatever is eating him for Bindi and Bob's sake. The kids will end up disasters no doubt if their family doesn't grow up and just let them be kids...not like their egomaniac father.

2394 days ago



2394 days ago


Terri is nothing but a phony & now Bendi acts the same way.....they are sickening to watch. I can't believe she would let her children handle snakes & now one has bit the little boy & she thinks it's cool.

Too bad her dad has to leave something he built. I hope everybody stops going to the zoo & nobody buys that ugly doll.

2394 days ago


She needs to stop expoliting those kids.

2394 days ago


She is a nice lady. Greedy old man wants top take over...too bad. bye bye

2394 days ago


Well, bow to the Queen!! Well, Steve, thats the way it goes! Now, little hyper one and me, are Boss!! Get rid of the old Man, make more $$$$$$$$ Thank you Steve, we love and miss you$$$$$$$$$$ Sorry you can't be here$$$$$$$$$ See you in heaven(hell)$$$$$$$$$$$

2394 days ago


Hate to hear about the departure of the Dad. But maybe he is as scared of Bindy, as I am. Terri, really needs to let Bindy be a kid. It's all about MONEY, it's always about MONEY.

2394 days ago


I'm not going to believe this.

He's probably just ready to retire.

2394 days ago


What a shame! You would think that Steve's dad and widow would have something worked out to continue professional harmony of their wild-life empire. If Grampa Bob completely walks out of this venture he'll only screw himself out of business and family.

And no #4, #9, and #15, Terri is NOTa bitch, NOR is her daughter Bindi. When it come to running a family owned business there's going to always be some disagreements, but they need to work it all out. God Bless all of them. I hope they can.

2394 days ago


This is sad, but it does seem to me like Terri has been irresponsibly exploiting those children. I don't care what she says, an 8 year old is simply not capable of making life decisions, and little Bindi seems to always be "on". Of course, any child would want to live in a zoo, but I have to wonder if either of the children have actually had a chance to grieve the loss of their father. I hope Mr. Irwin doesn't distance himself too far from his grandchildren; I suspect they will really need him in the future.

2394 days ago

ut oh    

Steve seemed to love and respect his dad so much. It is sad that Terri couldn't just hang on a while longer and let the old man live out his life where he loved it. There must be tears in heaven.

2394 days ago
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