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Van Halen Tour Unhinged

3/2/2008 7:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the Van Halen tour has just been canceled!

We're told arrangements are being made right now to cancel hotel stays for the tour -- which was scheduled to continue through April 19th. Sources tell us the reason for the cancellation is Eddie -- that he is having "issues."

The last three shows had already been canceled. There have been reports that Eddie was out of it during concerts -- and video of recent performances in which his guitar playing was atrocious.

Reps could not be reached for comment.


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I was front and center for FEB 20 show in Sunrise, FL. THEY LOOKED AND SOUNDED WONDERFUL !
I did notice and have photos of Eddie wearing a wedding ring. Did he marry his girlfriend Janie secretly ?
Are they still together ? If it's his old wedding ring.... that's so sad .

2383 days ago

VH Fan    

That's a pre-rehab photo. We caught two shows (including the last one they did on 2/20 in Florida) and he looked good!
Something happened at that show w/his equipment - guitar wire got stuck under a mic; and he threw his guitar and the end of the encore (pissed about something!)
Too bad - they still can rock the house. Get well, Eddie!

2380 days ago


Well, I don't want to assume right off that Eddie is boozing again or doing drugs, although that is what it sounds like.
Also, I cannot deny that Van Halens best music came from the days with David Lee Roth.
But truth be known, if I had to go to work everyday with Dave, I would probably be looking for drugs that don't even exhist yet just to keep from choking someone!
I saw David Lee Roth once without Van Halen and he sounded really good.....that is, when he would shut the #@*% up and sing. If I wanted to listen to 2 hours of babling nonsense I would just go to Camp Casey and listen to Cindy Sheehan.
His band was great, but when you only play about 10 songs and the rest is dave rambling, I guess you get pretty good at those 10 songs!
The last time I saw David performing though, was on television and he had obviously gone downhill and was not just having a bad night. He has obviously lost it. He sucked!
I have not had a chance to see Van Halen since Gary Sharone was singing for them and they were awsome! Even with Eddie's leg and hip in a brace and Alex in a neckbrace, they never missed a lick.
But, back to the main subject, before we say that the cancellations are because of Eddie, let's look at the possibility that, if Eddie is boozing or fixing, it may be because he cannot deal with day after day on the road with Dave! I rarely drink and never do any drugs, but if I had to deal with someone like Dave, no matter how great his talents, I would probably have to find the hardest substances known to man or put a gun to my own head to keep from attacking him!
If I was ever offered a gig with Van Halen and they told me that Dave would be fronting, I would stay at home.
And even though my favorite Van Halen tunes are the ones that were done with Diamond Dave, I don't think I could sit through another concert with Dave as the frontman, even if the tickets were free. Yes, he got on my nerves that much!!!
I do wish the best for them all, including Dave.


2371 days ago


I was at the Ft. Lauderdale show on Feb 12th. The sound was not the best but mostly because they were too loud for the venue.
Eddie- I've always been a fan of this virtuoso since way back. Like countless other budding guitar players in 1978, his sound blew me away with amazement. So I admire and respect him. However, there was something amiss with his behavior at this concert. It appears that he was under the influence of something other than just a performance high. During his extended guitar solo his playing was not as coherent as he's capable of. He was engaged in a tug-of-war with his guitar amp cord the whole evening long! In light of his ordeal with throat cancer, I was shocked to see him light up a cigarette half way through the concert and smoke it! At one point he dropped it and then proceeded to pick it up off the stage floor and... back to his lips for another draw! I mean booze is one thing but 'cmon! In spite of this Eddie's heart was 200% into the performance and he still managed to put on a hell of a show. When you're as great as Eddie, consciousness is relative.

Dave- for me he'll always be the iconic Van Halen front man. His voice is not quite as powerful as it once was but Diamond Dave is still an entertainer at heart and that's the ritz that he brings to the band that made them stand out. Although not as energeyic as Eddie, he still put on a great show with all his wardrobe changes and theatrics.

Wolfgang- for the most part he seemed bored during the entire show. An entertainer he is not. On the opposite end of the spectrum from his dad. I think he would have been much happier at home playing Guitar Hero on his X-Box.

Alex- the consumate proffesional of the band. The earth-shaking rock core. His playing was amazing, without him, this band is toast.

2366 days ago

Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2365 days ago


Such a shame!!

2395 days ago


He is so talented..just shows what drugs can do to a person

2395 days ago


Valerie's book must of hit him hard he's taken to coke again.

2395 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Damn Eddie you need to chill man.

2395 days ago


hope he's sharing his drugs with his kid like a good dad

2395 days ago


Just goes to show how much Eddie the Douchebag cares about his fans. This tour was about one thing: money. I'll bet Michael Anthony is laughing his ass off right about now!

2395 days ago


He only found out the other day that Valerie had cheated on him....that must have hurt! But who really cares. I can't stand their music (if that's what you want to call it) anyway.

2395 days ago


Too bad. He looked hot in this picture which is from Sept 07.

Don't stop BELIEVIN!

2395 days ago


I attended the Feb 10 show in Atlanta. The only problems we observed were the horrible sound tech. Problems with Dave's mic going on and off -- his earpiece not working -- getting feedback. During Eddie's big guitar solo, the sound went off totally. We could only hear his monitors. I think their performance was fine. I followed all the reviews from the Florida leg of the tour and every show reported same sound tech problems. Perhaps the band coming down with the flu. The most scathing fan reviews came from the last show in Sunrise FL. After that, they postponed the next two shows. As of right now, Ticketmaster is still selling tour tickets an there is still a schedule on VH official tour page at I hope this isn't true.

2395 days ago


Valerie doesn't realize that Eddie is the one she THREW under the Bus!!!! She is the most conceited sick and absorbed person on the planet!!!! She admitted what a terrible wife she was to the guy and now she is treating him worse now that they are no longer together!!!! What a shameful, terrible rotten person and so cruel. Even her own son doesn't want to read the Book. Poor Wolfie, he has to live with the shame even though he doesn't read it. All his friends now and in the future will get to have that choice and they will!!! She doesn't even know what her boyfriend does for a living???? How self absorbed and conceited and pittiful do you have to be? Especialy when he is your Partner and that is what he does for his livlihood and to help support you!!! I feel sorry for that guy! He must not need much in life for a mate! or he is star struck! Poor wolfie! His Mother couldn't have the decency to keep her secrets between her and God alone! She says she didn't write about a lot of stuff?? My God, how sick are you!!! She has got to be the most insecure person in the Wordl, Jenny craig and this Book is her last shot of any kind of attention, no one cares about her Book! It will go down the tubes and just like her non career. What a pittiful B*((CH. I'm sorry Eddie and Wolfie, that you got stuck with such a sad person in life. She can't even stand up for Jesus! She doesn't
even know what the H^&LL is goin in life. Pittifull!!

2395 days ago
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