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Van Halen Tour Unhinged

3/2/2008 7:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the Van Halen tour has just been canceled!

We're told arrangements are being made right now to cancel hotel stays for the tour -- which was scheduled to continue through April 19th. Sources tell us the reason for the cancellation is Eddie -- that he is having "issues."

The last three shows had already been canceled. There have been reports that Eddie was out of it during concerts -- and video of recent performances in which his guitar playing was atrocious.

Reps could not be reached for comment.


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Black Teef    

Hearing problems? Ed can't hear a thing! The guy is stone deaf.

2363 days ago


TO 171 ~ I am not sure, it's only speculation right now. I'm in Austin and all I'm hearing is all shows cancelled. I would think The Bone would say the show is cancelled if in deed it is. Buddy, I'm not sure, I hope it's on tonight for all the fans who bought tix, though from the looks of the last few shows (via you tube) it looks like it wouldn't be that good anyway. Totally sucks

2363 days ago


I saw them in Dec '07 and they SUCKED at that show too!!! What a waste of my time and money.

2363 days ago


Well I am in Dallas and everything is still on for tonights show as of the moment....

2363 days ago


He'd BETTER have a good reason (like he really is ill) and not just because he's throwing a temper tantrum over that book.... because we had tickets and they "postponed the concert". This caused me to 1) change flights to where we were going that week for something else and that cost me 75.00 2) that also caused me to lose a night's hotel because they were booked and now I gotta stay with relatives I can't stand 3) it caused us to miss out on a Cubs Spring Training free tickets because we are now going a day earlier and leaving a day earlier than planned 4) it caused me to miss a Film Festival which now I can barely squeak in a couple hours before the flight leaves ....

I AM NOT HAPPY. So if it's just a temper tantrum, I'll be having a tamtrum. If it's drug rehab, he BETTER GO AND MAKE IT WORK.

2363 days ago


I'm in Dallas and have tickets tonight as well...I keep hearing mixed reports, are they for sure playing? I will be so mad if they cancelled this show, been waiting years to see them!

2363 days ago


Stop trashing Valerie! She has absolutely nothing to do with Eddie and his problems! She stuck by him for over 20 years trying to save him, even though he continued doing drugs, drinking, and having sex with groupies and sluts. She cheated once in their entire marriage because she was so lonely, even though he even brought a woman to their bedroom. Eddie is an incredibly talented musician, but he has been very troubled for a long time. He can't hold it together even though his son was on tour the band. It's very sad, but it's not Valerie's fault that Eddie is addicted to drugs and alcohol. I hope for his sake, and his son's sake, that he gets the help he needs, and I hope Valerie is able to have a good life, too. Why is there always a double standard for women? I just don't get it.

2363 days ago


Ed's pathetic now. My 12-year old had drawn the band logo on cloth and it was pretty cool...she tried to sell it on ebay and Ed himself wrote and threatedned her with 'copyright violations'....even when I wrote and told him we'd take the thing down, he still reported her to sorry is that...sweaty piece of #$@@@....and Valerie's still a pig after seeing that Larry King interview......'puke'

2363 days ago


Ed just needs to check into rehab again for a little while, & then continue the tour in the Summer. Its that Simple.

2363 days ago


I think this is a case of bad sound. Eddie probably suffered through the entire night with a bad mix and became frustrated during the finale. He is working with proto-type guitars and perhaps he got a bad one. I think people are reading way to much into one bad performance. I saw them in November and they were fantastic. I truly think that Edward loves his son Wolfgang way too much and would never do anything to jeopardize his son's welfare. Valerie is touring with them as well. Between his ex-wife, his son, his brother Alex and his girlfriend Janie there are enough people around him to make sure he doesn't have a re-lapse. Lastly, there hasn't been any official announcement about the tour being cancelled.
Let's lighten up on EVH.

2363 days ago

Jerry Y    

The best thing I've heard yet. Now lets get some real talent out there.

2363 days ago


If they cancell their Tour over a women I will never see a show again with EDDIE VAN HALEN IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAVE should go back to his solo career and let Van Halen die on their own!!

2363 days ago


That was actually pretty decent. I saw VH in Las Vegas last month and eddie must have been TRASHED, I could not believe how bad it was! I wanted (and still do) my money back!!!!!!

2363 days ago


I just got an email from my account rep. at the American Airlines Center in Dallas CONFIRMING the show tonight is cancelled.

2363 days ago


Apparently the "source" got it wrong...tonight's show in Dallas is still on:

2363 days ago
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