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Van Halen Tour Unhinged

3/2/2008 7:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the Van Halen tour has just been canceled!

We're told arrangements are being made right now to cancel hotel stays for the tour -- which was scheduled to continue through April 19th. Sources tell us the reason for the cancellation is Eddie -- that he is having "issues."

The last three shows had already been canceled. There have been reports that Eddie was out of it during concerts -- and video of recent performances in which his guitar playing was atrocious.

Reps could not be reached for comment.


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I reported it first in should hire me!!!

2394 days ago


According to and the tour is NOT CANCELLED. All shows will be rescheduled. They have been touring pretty much non-stop for quite a long time so perhaps they just need to recharge the batteries so they can give it their all.

2394 days ago


I am not convinced of this tour beng cancelled. Though I have seen it twice (Greensboro, NC and Phildelphia), I am scheduled to see it again this Friday, Mrach 7, in Raleigh, NC. Haven't found any other sites, thus far, other than this one, that indicate rest of tour has been cancelled, and as of 15 minutes ago, Ticketmaeter is still selling tickets for upcming shows, including the Raleigh show. I will be upset if it really is cancelled, but glad I aleady sa it twice. Keeping my fingers crossed!

2394 days ago


I'm pissed at Eddie for not allowing Michael Anthony to tour with the band, and insisting that his kid play bass instead. Does he think that the fans want to see some child up there rather than the bassist that they've known for 30 years? Talk about self-serving and disloyal!

2394 days ago


For the guys seeing it in Dallas, it's been rescheduled for April 24th...I'm just glad it's not cancelled! So, we only have to wait another month.

2394 days ago


My friend and I were set to go to the VH concert in Charlottesville, VA on Feb 22nd (Friday.) We were sent an email at 2pm EST the day of the concert that the concert was postponed because of the "weather" (it had snowed/freezing rain the night BEFORE but the roads were fine on Friday, the day of the concert.) The Georgia concert two days later was also postponed at that time because of "weather." I saw Valerie Bertanelli on the TODAY show promoting her new book last week and she said that the VH tour was "on a break" for the last few weeks in February, but that they were resuming in March. (That sure is different from the "weather" excuse we got from Ticketmaster the day of the concert.)

We went on the VH web site late last week to find that the Charlottesville, VA date was rescheduled for next Tuesday (3/11) but Ticketmaster still hasn't contacted us to let us know the concert had been rescheduled to next week.

Sounds to me like this was going on for a while and they tried to cover it up for as long as they could before they had to finally cave in and cancel the tour. We haven't heard from Ticketmaster either way (rescheduling the Feb 22 date or the final canceling of the rest of the tour.)

My friend and I were looking forward to this concert, but I guess we'll have to settle for watching clips of it on YouTube. Bummer that Eddie is sick again, but I wish they were a little more honest with us ticket holders from the beginning.

2394 days ago

The Atomic Punk    

I don’t buy it.

Maybe I’m just a chronic denier but am I the only person who heard the singing? David Lee has never been Freddie Mercury but that’s just atrocious. I went to this concert when they toured Seattle and Dave sounded far better then. Listen to the clip again (this time ignoring my advice to skip to the midway point), his voice is clearly shot. That’s not singing, that’s caterwauling.

Sorry folks but Eddie Isn't The Problem

2394 days ago

Rerds is reporting that the next 4 shows (March 3-9) are being rescheduled "...while Eddie Van Halen undergoes medical tests." Apparently the tour will resume on March 11 at the Charlottesville, VA show (rescheduled once before from the postponed Feb 22nd date.) They aren't saying what's wrong with Eddie. Maybe his cancer is back?

Either way, best wishes and hopefully this tour/group will get back on track. Eddie is truly a genius on the guitar.

2394 days ago


Not to keep harping on this, but Ticketmaster is STILL selling tickets to all of the currently postponed March dates for VH. Somehow I don't think that's right. Especially since I have tickets for an already once postponed concert from February and Ticketmaster didn't contact me about the rescheduled date (like they said they would in their original email postponing the concert.) I'm also kinda pissed that I wasted gas money on a 5 hour trip to Virginia to see the concert with a friend in February. She didn't get the "postponement due to weather notification" from Ticketmaster until the afternoon of the concert right before she left work to meet me. (She wasn't going to check her email, but she did at the last minute. Good thing too or we would have driven down to Charlottesville and would have learned about it then.)

Luckily, we were staying at her house, so we didn't lose the cost of a hotel room or plane ticket like some of the other postponed concert date folks did (who posted earlier.)

Seems things are really shaky with this tour right now. So far, I've heard 4 different reason why the last two weeks worth of tour dates have been postponed--the weather, "scheduled rest period"--even though tour dates were scheduled for that very same period," Eddie's rehab slip, and medical testing. It will be interesting to see if the PR spin doctors give us another set of reasons over the next week if the tour doesn't resume when it is currently scheduled to in Charlottesville on the 11th.

I hope things work out and nothing is seriously wrong with Eddie. He has a gift and it's a shame he's had some problems over the years.

2394 days ago


Who knows? Maybe he needs a break? Maybe its too many dates in a row? Maybe he's sick? (physically that is, we know he's got mental problems already) Maybe? Maybe? Maybe? Aww f*** it, I'm not gonna make excuses for him, he's a PUTZ!!!

I figured sooner or later something's gotta give and here it comes.
The eventual IMPLOSION of the band was bound to happen. (did you really think it would last?) I don't think that even if Michael was touring that even HE would be able to keep all those ego's in check and Michael's got to be THE MOST grounded guy in the band. This has ALWAYS been Eddie & Alex's band, its "My way or the Highway" w/those two.

Hey guys LA just called, they want their 2 IDIOTS back.

2394 days ago


My 12 year old son and I ( i'm 42) Have tics for Cincy show now rescheduled for aprl 22. We were so excited for this show, had 3rd row at side of stage. I last seen Roth with VH in 82 in Cincy. I am extremely concerned that this leg of tour is going to totally get cancelled. Do I hold out hope or get a refund what a freakin bummer.

2394 days ago


I just got a recorded message from Ticketmaster that this weekend's concert in Raleigh is postponed...damn it!

2394 days ago


Eddie is clearly pissed for two reasons. First, Valerie's book. And if that wasn't enough, take a look at her tour dates: She is in Dallas today signing (VH plays was to play); Cincinnati Wednesday (same as VH); She is in MD 2 days after VH, two days after the VA shows, and in NJ same time as VH. Coincidence? Likely not. More like profiting off the band. I'd be hot too. Cancel those dates and let the fans get pissed, maybe not show up to her book signing...or worse.

2394 days ago


Valerie Bertanelli has been backstage at the VH tour since the beginning. She's there because her son is playing, so it's no surprise that her book tour city dates coincide with the VH tour dates. Eddie knew Valerie would be at most, if not all the VH tour dates because of her son, Wolfie, to support him and look after him. After all, he is still a minor and she is a concerned mother. There is no surprise that Valerie is there, everyone connect with the tour knows she's there, so that's not the reason.

2394 days ago


Also, from what I understand, Valerie let Eddie & Wolfie know way before her book ever went to press what was in the book. Most of the information is old news and Eddie knew about it, so it wasn't a surprise. I don't think that's the cause of all these current tour problems. They were both to blame for the problems in the marriage. They've managed to maintain a friendship for the sake of their son.

2394 days ago
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