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Wacko Jacko Pushes for Hillary

3/2/2008 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a bizarre clip montage, Jack Nicholson uses various characters he played in the past to sway voters towards Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The creepy factor: that all the characters in the video are some of the most evil people he's ever played -- most of which were insane!

Someone might want to tell Jack that this video might actually benefit Obama's campaign.


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Are the American people actually influenced by campaign commercials? I've never known anyone who did anything other than hit "mute" on the TV when they came on. They just seem like severe childishness to me.
I did like this video, it was rather clever, and I like Jack (who doesn't?). But I'm still getting my candidate information from a different source, and I'm still not voting for Hillary. I would like to...I'd like to trust that she knows what's best. I do believe women could do just as well as men in the presidency, and I do believe that she's experienced enough. But she just seems like such a wolf in sheeps clothing... wasn't she involved in the Whitewater scandal? And I remember a little while back when she wanted to ban video games (especially GTA) because they promote violence. And now, she seems to be grasping at straws, trying anything to ruin Obama's name. It all seems a little fishy.

2371 days ago


I saw the video on fox news this morning and I must say it is great. Who ever did this is brilliant. The best ad I have seen since the campaign started. Jack is a great actor. I dont think it will help barack HUSSEIN obamas campaign.

2371 days ago


Oh...I see...a POSITIVE article about Hillary Clinton down to the last minute. Wow, this is really balance, unbiased, objective reporting fro the 4th Estate.

It actually is surprising. I thought it would turn out to be yet ANOTHER negative article telling Hillary Clinton and the public that supports her (nationally she has 40% of the vote, Barack has 50% - so much for his "unifying the party") that they're wrong and should vote for political neophyte, Barack Obama.

I think what is galling is the audacity of the media and the Democratic Political Establishment made up of the elite & wealthy (ie: the Kennedys, that awdful show-biz family, Senator Kerry, married to the ketchup heiress, and Oprah Winfrey, a daytime talk show hostess who's blunders this past year made headlines)telling the average Joe who to vote for and why.

The biggest mistake made here by Obama, the media, the Establishment and Obama's campaign, is the constant disrespectful, biased and unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton.

Worse is the dismissiveness towards what Hillary and her voters hold dear. 20% of Democrats have said that they will vote for McCain, who like John Edwards and Hillary Clinton is grossly overqualified in comparison to Obama.

Barack Obama has not unified this party, he has divided it. I might have voted for him if he wasn't do arrogant towards Hillary Clinton, and let's face it, her ego's almost as big as his.

But this whole campaign has been unfair and unjust towards Hillary and many of us are all set with Obama.

2371 days ago


Well thanks for helping me with an important life changing decision. OBAMA IT IS!! Self-indulgent freak show.

2371 days ago


#46, you do realize the collective noun for sheep is sill she don't you? I think you need to be hit with a "Dhubama' stick by Oprah. I think you may have even misspelled "Dhubama". Poor thing.

2371 days ago


And Jack loves you too TMZ...................

2371 days ago


#71, you're right Duhbama. you are as stupid as this guy is. I am wondering how it is all going to be once Hillary will be out of this race. pretty boring right? well, I for once I learnt something from this race: I have never seen so much sexism in my entire life. and this campaign proved me so well, how much men hate women in this country. not only smart women have to prove themselves at work, but when it comes down to getting the job, this campaign proved to all of us women, how we are perceived in the eyes of the men who still holed the power positions: no matter how smart we are and how qualified to do the job we are, we are still not worthy of getting the job. Let's face it, us women we might as well forget about getting an education, learning and struggling to get ahead, it just won't happen. because men hate us enough to make our lives miserable and never vote for us, or hire us for the jobs we are perfectly qualified to do. Because in the end, a younger guy, with more charisma and a hell of a lot less experience and intelligence, will take the job. this country is still an all men club. and the only women allowed are the ones who lower their heads and do as they told.
As for the women who vote for Obama, aka Dhubama, aka Duhbama, aka idiot, I have only one message for you: I cannot wait for you to get s**w over by a man in your job and then realize that men are evil and hate women and they don’t want them to be in power and how far they will go to ruin a woman’s life. For all such innocent women out there: wake up and smell the evil in all the men who made you feel unworthy in your jobs and in your life.

2371 days ago


You must unite. You must come to the place of Understanding and Knowing that the separation from one another, and the animosity you feel toward one another, is PURELY BY PLAN OF THE ADVERSARY TO KEEP YOU DIVIDED. It is the only defense that the Adversary has against you. And, I must say, you have fallen for it—hook, line, and sinker.

2371 days ago



2371 days ago


This is so cute. I love it. Nothing is sexier than a woman you have to salute in the morning!!!!

2371 days ago

Oh Angelina    

At least he tried - I've been wondering where Hilary's supporters were. I know there are plenty, I just don't know why they're so freaking quiet. They'd better start making some noise before it's too late!

2371 days ago


In typical Jack Nicholson fashion ... it was a back handed slap at the Clinton campaign. I dont agree with him some times, but the man iIS a genius in sarcasm!

2370 days ago

Henry Tisdale    

It's okay to endorse her, Jack, but don't loan her money.

If she lucks out on both the primary and the general election, before she can take the oath, she must begin the California trial as defendant against Peter Paul. THEN she must respond to a felony charge of obstruction of justice.

Jack, you just don't fit into that little enclave of "screw you people, we're the Clintons"

2370 days ago


Just curious but who owns the copyrights to these clips? Is it Jack or the movie companies? I know the response video is in violation of copyright law

2370 days ago


So Jack is voting for Hillary. Great! I love Jack. He is one of the best there is - IN THE MOVIES. Actually, this is a refreshing campaign ad to see, ie. not overly negative. By the way I am not exactly polling Hollywood as to whom I should be spending my vote. I am quite excited to support Mr. Obama. And I can think of quite a few things I find sexier than the thought of saluting Hillary Clinton.

2370 days ago
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