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Did "The West Wing" Predict the 2008 Election?

3/3/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The writers of "The West Wing" were using a helluva magic eight ball! The last two seasons of the show have some strange coincidences with the 2008 Presidential race. created a video comparing the similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Smits' character, Matt Santos. A writer for the show, Eli Attie, admits Smits character was directly shaped by Obama. The writer even met with one of Obama's political consultants, who was working on his campaign for Senate at the time.

In the show, a Congressman of color runs for the Democratic nomination and the primary race is so close it leads to a brokered convention. Smits opponent is better-known, funded and experienced. Freaky!

P.S. -- Santos won the nomination and went on to win the presidential election.

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Party 'till you die!    

Well' "Guy....", maybe the tip over in real life is that South America is about to get plunged into war! ( wasn't trying to be argumentative) If that happens, the entire political landscape may change as S.A. is not some far away place that most people can't relate to. It's just a couple of blocks away, comparatively. We will become involved in that war for sure if it happens- and it looks like it will!

2403 days ago


Obama will not be losing to McCain, will not happen!!

2403 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I live about 2 miles from John McCain's house and while I don't hate the guy, he is not so pure either. My mother had been a victim of the 'Keating 5' ( google it- too long to explain) and McCain was up to his neck in this banking scandal. And not that this matters one bit, but if he is elected, we will probably see the first in office divorce happen. The McCain marriage has been held together by threads for years now. It's actually surprising they've held together this long! I really could care less if it happens, but if he does get elected, be prepared for this to happen because there is a very, very good chance it will.

2403 days ago


AZ res. I don't know about McCain's wife . But it sickens me to think that Michelle Obama,who's been ashamed of our country all of her adult lifetime, could be the next first lady.

2403 days ago


With all of the speech similarities, maybe Obama's speech writers are West Wing fans?????? Maybe that's where they got his lines from????? Maybe???? (His main writer is only 26 years old.)

2403 days ago


Kim go shove your head in a toliet. bitch your a woman what do know.

2403 days ago


I think it's funny that a lot of people think that Obama would loose to McCain. I wonder if those same people thought that Hillary would win on Super Tuesday?

2403 days ago

Ms. Behavin    

#2 I also hope you are right! McCain is the only one who will be able to handle the job!

2403 days ago

Once a rethuglican , ALWAYS a rethuglican    

Oh how your credibility sinks to the depths below when you resort to insults and fanatical political beliefs .
Get over it .
A Democrat will be the next president for the next eight years .
Bush senior's term for four years was a joke and a lie just like his son't tenure as president, war war war , oil oil oil .
Clinton comes in for eight years and we enjoy a great economy,low inflation rates, lower gas prices, domestic security,record budget surplus, decreased crime, and world renowned peace movements. Remember Arafat. This man kept the entire Eastern World in fear.
He left the White House with an approval rating of 80%. Unheard of, in any era...The Bill Clinton times were like nothing the U.S. had enjoyed before.
And what is the weak bush supporter's argument ? Oh Bill got a few blow jobs ,oh yes let's crucify him for that shall we? Is that the best you can do ?
Even funnier is with the bs that bush senior created the way and the good times during his little four year tenure,for Bill .
If that were the truth , then after four years of bush junior in office , we should have seen marked improvement , right ? It is anything but.
Bush junior , is THE worst president , he took America on a path to hell and now he is desperate to play a phoney hero giving back a paltry 600.00 , what a crock .
Am I cashing that check ?? HELL NO .
Instead I am framing it and hanging it on my wall alongside a photo of Bozo the Clown to illustrate the humor of the lunacy that is this current president.
We need a Democrat to get back into office and clean up this damn mess the republicans created and bring our country back above and beyond what it was during the 90's.
So stick that in your pipe and smoke it .

2403 days ago

Hillary all the way    

Hillary is anything thing but as predictable as Obama. He makes me sick. If he wins I may move to Canada for his duration !!

2403 days ago


so did NBC report thier writing, editing, political consultant fee and production costs as an in-kind advertisment for obama on an FEC report??????? i haven't raised political money since before mccain-feingold passed, but sounds like someone thought through a loophole very carefully and strategically............

2403 days ago


#30 - Start packing your bags.......................................

2403 days ago


i went through the votes of mccain and hillary and couldnt find a single difference. Anyone know of any?

2403 days ago


I think it is time for change and a minority just might make it happen, if you keep doing the same thing the same way you will get the same results. This country has gone to hell it is a MESS a big mess I might add. If another Rep gets in office we are in big trouble and the number of millionaires will decrease for sure. I am no fan of Hillary she's not ready, she thinks because her "husband" was a president makes her prepared I don't think so. If it has to be Obama I'll take it just get that jackass out of the office, heck my dog could do a better job than he has. He has managed to ruin this country in just 8 short years, it's amazing what greed can do. and he has proved it. I feel for whom ever gets in because they have their hands full trying to fix the mess we are in now. All I can say is "good luck"

2403 days ago


obamas the only hope to get rid of the establishment war loving, amnesty loving neos hillary and mccain, whose votes are all but identical on immigration, war, no child left behind, judges, spying, torture, etc....

2403 days ago
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