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Did "The West Wing" Predict the 2008 Election?

3/3/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The writers of "The West Wing" were using a helluva magic eight ball! The last two seasons of the show have some strange coincidences with the 2008 Presidential race. created a video comparing the similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Smits' character, Matt Santos. A writer for the show, Eli Attie, admits Smits character was directly shaped by Obama. The writer even met with one of Obama's political consultants, who was working on his campaign for Senate at the time.

In the show, a Congressman of color runs for the Democratic nomination and the primary race is so close it leads to a brokered convention. Smits opponent is better-known, funded and experienced. Freaky!

P.S. -- Santos won the nomination and went on to win the presidential election.

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The Tall Guy Wins    

Obama is taller than McCain - history sez the taller candidate always wins - and that isn't McCain - isn't Hillary taller than him too?

No way a Republican can win this time and it's gonna be really hard to stop the Obama machine - he's got young voters excited and VOTING - he's gonna ride the under 30 voters right into the Whitehouse. Lets just hope he has the good sense to create a strong cabinet and bring in experienced advisors to make up for his lack of experience in national politics, foreign affairs, diplomacy and ecomomics. HE's smart and a quick study but he's got a LONG WAY to go to be truly Presidential.

And the only voters who see Obama as black/Muslim weren't gonna vote for Hillary fact, they don't really want to vote for McCain either. Too bad there isn't an IQ test for voters - ignorance, bigotry and stupidity should get you voter registration card revoked.

2390 days ago


Re: comment #29: WTF? Where do you get your stats on Bill Clinton?? I think EVERY "fact" you state is wrong, but the one that that is the MOST wrong is about his approval rating (upon leaving the WH.) You state that it was 80% ("unheard of" you say) when in reality he left with an approval rating of 65%. Sometimes as low as 36% ('93.) Also, I found it interesting that his two lowest approval ratings happened at the approval of NAFTA and when his (Hillary's) health care initiatives failed. Ironically, his highest a.r. (73%) happened following his impeachment. As far as Bush's, his end of term a.r. will be better than both Carter, Nixon and Truman (his was in the low 20's.) I am sick of "history" being distorted and spun. Don't get your history from the media, get the FACTS.

2390 days ago


Which vote is more important: "young voters" or baby boomers? The latter have the greater numbers and historically vote conservative. Also, Hispanics, who have supported McCain and Hillary more than Obama. Both have done more for Hispanic causes than Obama. He mentioned this week that he "prays to Jesus." Personally, I think he'd pray to whatever gets him elected, but take a look at his church that he has gone to for the past 20 yrs. Is a rasict church so much better than a Mormon? No one is attacking O on that!

2390 days ago


santos wasn't supposed to win in the original writing. they plot was only change to where Santos wins after a nuclear accident happened in Vinick's senatorial state. and when he did, he appointed his right-win opposite as his vice president...hmm.

2390 days ago

I Would Mount Hannah Montana    

No, the United States is definitely not ready for a president named Barack Hussein Obama. He's more of a used car salesman/televangelist (is there even a difference between those two?), and is ill-equipped to LEAD this country. It's embarrassing that this is the best candidates we can get for President.

Billary and B.Hussein Obama (shortened to "BO") are more like two Saturday Night Live characters than actual political leaders. They've done nothing to convince me of their ability to lead this country back to the top spot of civilized countries.

2390 days ago


America needs Obama. As a 70 yr. old democrat I have been around awhile and I sincerely believe that my children and grandchildren need Obama to make some changes in Washington that will make their lives better.

With Hillary and John we can only expect the same 'ole, same 'ole.

2390 days ago


"And the only voters who see Obama as black/Muslim weren't gonna vote for Hillary fact, they don't really want to vote for McCain either. Too bad there isn't an IQ test for voters - ignorance, bigotry and stupidity should get you voter registration card revoked.

Posted at 8:23PM on Mar 3rd 2008 by The Tall Guy Wins"

IQ tests for voters...good idea....wonder how many of the voters that are voting for Obama just because he is black would fail that test???

2390 days ago


35. Obama is taller than McCain - history sez the taller candidate always wins - and that isn't McCain - isn't Hillary taller than him too?

Nice try...John Kerry and Al Gore are both taller than GWB...guess that isnt always a true statement

2390 days ago

I Would Mount Hannah Montana    

#39 -- you are so right. Unfortunately, black people do not have a great track record in politics. Certainly the current mayor of Detroit isn't a 'leader'. And who can forget Marion Barry, the District of Crack...err, Columbia mayor.

Read Freakonomics if you want to understand the shortcomings of 'African-Americans' -- actually, I'm going to dispense with the ridiculous AA prefix and simply refer to them as black people.

2390 days ago


Whitecloud- you are 70 and blog on TMZ? that is awesome, i wish my grandparents were that cool!

2390 days ago

I am just remember    

I would not even think of voting for someone who would use crack no matter who they are or what age they are. That tells me a lot about their character. You are who you really are when no one is watching. Talk about bigotry what about Michele and the church they attend. He said he had gone to the same church for 20 years then why did it take him so long to denounce some of the things that preacher says? Also didn't his sponser Oprah say on one of her shows many years ago that she had tried crack too. Scary. Not my vote. Give me someone anyone besides this. Hey Ralp are you still running?

2390 days ago


For those saying Obama couldn't beat McCain, check this link.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it would be nice if people at least had informed opinions.

2390 days ago


It is a shame that voters still look at skin color and gender as a consideration to choosing a candidate. White vvoters ask Black voters "Is the only reason you are voting for Obama is because he is black?" That has never been a question before in Presidential elections. The closest perfect candidate (for me) was a Liberatarian 4 years ago. For there to be a change in Washington there has to be a change in attitude. McCain is a good man and candidate. I think he is too entrenched in the D.C. scence. Hillary is also a good condidate with good ideas but she will suffer for Bill's sins. I thought she would divorce him after his presidency so that she could run independent of his scandal. Bill can be casted as the ultimate male chauvinist for his womanizing. Also, there are too many people still in Congress that would like to see a "failed Clinton presidency" even if that means fighting against Hillary. Obama is smart enough to place people with experience in key positions and even possibly choose repulicans to work in his cabinet, making the White House bipartisan. The USA need to get on a different track in the world. I'm surprise that a black man is the way but I think it is Obama's time. If Hillary fail she can't run again. If Obama fails he is a young man and there is tommorow.

2390 days ago


The parallels are uncanny, however, this clip leaves out one important difference, Hillary Clinton is no Bingo Bob. Based on our history of women holding high office she is also a minority candidate, and now the scrappy underdog being told to pull out for the good of the party. I do appreciate all I learned about our crazy nominating process from WW.

2390 days ago

Area 51    

We don't need Hillary or Obama or John McCain. What this country needs is a man like Lucas McCain.

2389 days ago
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