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Did "The West Wing" Predict the 2008 Election?

3/3/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The writers of "The West Wing" were using a helluva magic eight ball! The last two seasons of the show have some strange coincidences with the 2008 Presidential race. created a video comparing the similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Smits' character, Matt Santos. A writer for the show, Eli Attie, admits Smits character was directly shaped by Obama. The writer even met with one of Obama's political consultants, who was working on his campaign for Senate at the time.

In the show, a Congressman of color runs for the Democratic nomination and the primary race is so close it leads to a brokered convention. Smits opponent is better-known, funded and experienced. Freaky!

P.S. -- Santos won the nomination and went on to win the presidential election.

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Being a prisoner of war does not qualify you to be a commander in chief. Sorry, but it has to be said, even if McCain is respected. At best, it gives McCain the experience on how NOT to run Gitmo.

2394 days ago

chillout music girl    

Have you heard of the Bill Clinton, Belinda Stronach alleged affair???

It seems Bill Clinton has replaced Jennifer Flowers with another pretty blond lady.

See the story link below:

2394 days ago


They left out Obama hiring a woman get in the front row and faint at every rally so he can give her a drink of water as the crowd applauses his humanity. We are at a stage where everyone is going to be fooled some of the time. None of the candidates are any good. Including McCain who claims to hate lobbyest yet has 50 of them traveling with him on the cammpaign trail.

2394 days ago


Obama will be President.
Edwards did not support him (sore looser)
Bill Richardson VP or Colin Powell or a top notch General in his 40's

2394 days ago

40 is the new 20 and 60 is also the new 20    

We Americans can be shallow and we would like to remain young FOREVER!!! President Bush was not the worst president ever, and I am a democrat. President Bush was voted into office in 2004 by Americans who had another choice. Sen. Obama will become President Obama because Americans are shallow and nobody wants to be or grow OLD!!!

2394 days ago

I Want To See The New Video    

Obama will be the next President of the United States. Hilary is done, even Republicans like him. McCain is almost 80 go sit down.

2394 days ago


It is about time we have a president with some intelligence and be an advocate for the everyday people. His health care plan is perfect. People are not uninsured because they want to be uninsured, it is because the cost is too high. i work for a small company and they offer insurance at a cost of $400 a month for single coverage, too high to pay. Hiliary would have health care like auto insurance you would be required to purchase regardless of cost or face fines. she is corrupt and in with power players. I know I have an uncle in the senate. thats like requiring homeless people to have a home ( just stupid)

2394 days ago

Totally fed up    

Last time I looked he hadn't even won the nomination yet, much less the election. Its all Blah Blah Blah and no subtance from Obama's mouth to me.

2394 days ago


HMMMMMMMMMm I wonder why non of you hillbillys are not talking about Mccains pastor that endorsed him? He is a bigot hates women and talks about salvery. Also theres more white politicians that are corrupt than there is Black. And to the fool who said Bush will have a higher a.r than those Presidents you spoke of... You are one sick S.O.B I dont know any Republicans who even like him so you must be one hell of a fan! Did he come to you elementary school and shake your hand?

2394 days ago


I always hoped for the day I could vote for a woman for Presiden. Hillary will not do that for me. Obama scares the hell outta least Hillary has more cajones and experience for the job. Obama scares me because just the thought of a possible terrorist gaining the people's trust then turning around and killing us all is enough to pray to God that he doesn't get into office. At least I trust Hillary to protect this country.
I will however, be voting for John McCain.

2393 days ago
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