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Heidi Montag's Stepbrother Dies in Accident

3/3/2008 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi MontagThe stepbrother of "Hills" star Heidi Montag has died in a freak accident at a hotel where he worked in Colorado.

Eric O'Hara, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, died a month after his discharge from the Army after falling off of an icy roof.

O'Hara was working at the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel Thursday, helping to remove snow from the resort's roof. According to the Rocky Mountain News, he had just released a safety clip he was attached to so he could move along the roof when a piece of ice broke loose and he slid down the sloped roof and fell over the edge.

Heidi's father Bill married O'Hara's mother Terri.

In statement to TMZ, Heidi says, "Losing my brother, at an early age is such a tragedy. I just loved him more than anything. He was just so patriotic. He really wanted to go to and help and do all that he could for his country. He felt like it was his duty. I'll really miss him."


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It's really rude how people can be these days. Heidi, I know you will get through this tough time. Everyone has heartache but you just have to be strong. My husband is the foreman in roofing, and I worry about that everyday, Because he came close twice of falling off and told me that one of his best friends lost his balance and fell in freshly laid tar and almost died. It makes you worry about things like this. Well I am truly sorry and hope you get through this rough time.

2426 days ago


No doubt Heidi & Spencer will try to sell staged photos of them grieving at the funeral. So help me TMZ if you let them and post them on your site i'm never coming back here again. Celeb gossip is funny and all, a guilty pleasure sort of thing but this nonsense with those 2 went beyond insulting the day you posted their show on that boat when she had the shoes as a gift.

2426 days ago

Chris Dombey    

For all you people that left heartless comments remember that this is somebody's son brother new son in law and was a fiance to one of my best friends... Eric was an incredible person and a modern day hero after serving two tours in iraq and doing over 80 raids.. He went under fire to pull his fallen soldiers from battle.. This is about him, he was Heidi's brother so show some respect for the loss of her family including his immediate family and his close friends from Steamboat.. He will be sorely missed by all of us who grew up with him. R.I.P. Sgt. O'Hara we'll miss you.

2426 days ago


i bet he didnt even die and she's just creating more nonsense for her to be in the public. SHES NOT A REAL CELEBRITY.

2426 days ago


You talk about her whoring around. Do any of you know this for sure? No, your not in her shoes. People that put others down are usually unhappy with themselves. I think you must be jealous of her to say so many awful things about her. This isn't about her. It's about her brother dying, and we should all remember that. He served our country for you all have the right to write what you want on this board.

I'm so sorry for her loss and for her families loss. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.

God be with you!

2426 days ago


I dont know her, or her brother.. but as a veteran, we will miss our brother in arms. Rest in peace.

2426 days ago


I agree with Kelli
No matter how you feel about her show some respect - he served our country in a brave way

2426 days ago


Well see what happens when your family lives the life that Heidi has...her pollutant, skanky ways, by passes her and falls on her family..and yes people, this camera-hog witch, will milk it for everything she can...

2426 days ago


My condelences to the family, and may God comfort you during your time of sorrow. To TMZ, you might want to learn familial relationships...when siblings share a common parent, they are NOT stepbrothers or stepsisters. Since Eric and Heidi have the same father but different mothers, he was her half-brother, not stepbrother

2426 days ago

808chubs one questions the brother loyalty or his sacrifices...his only fall down..was guilty buy association by being related to a skanky, camera hog withc like Heidi Montag...please, you and evryone on this blog knows, she WILL milk this tragedy, probably lining up interviews right now with every tv and radio station in the country...give me a break...

2426 days ago


who said they had the same father?

2426 days ago

Post by me    

Who IS this person? I've never even heard of her.

2426 days ago


yall are mean

2426 days ago


anybody that defends our country is a hero. i am so sorry for his death. being up on the roof is a very dangerous job.

2426 days ago


what a bunch of uncaring, pathetic losers some of you are. If you don't like her don';t send your fake condolenses, Joan Short.
Good Monday Morning, learn the difference between right and write and use it in the right sentence.
Amanda, likewise, try to figure out what morning and mourning really mean.
Such uncaring people in this world.

2426 days ago
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