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Marion Cotillard -- Why We Hate the French

3/3/2008 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar bitch Marion Cotillard must think Americans don't know French so she can pretend she didn't say what she said. Well, she said it.

Her Paris-based lawyer, Vincent Toledano, tried spinning his client's comment about 9/11, claiming she was taken out of context.

But we've looked at the original transcript and she did indeed say that Americans destroyed the Twin Towers themselves because they wanted it rebuilt and blowing it up was cheaper than renovation.

Marion -- foie gras you.

UPDATE: Cotillard's rep has released the following statement to TMZ: "On February 16, 2007, I appeared on a late night French television program,'Paris Dernière.' In the last 48 hours, my statements on that program have been taken completely out of context and been crafted into a story that hasn o merit. The conversation on the talk show included a dialogue about
conspiracy theories. At no point did I intend to contest the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, one of the most tragic days in all of history. Nonetheless, I sincerely regret if my comments offended or hurt anyone."


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I m french ... shame on me
One year ago , we have seen on internet a lot of theories about 9/11: GOVERNEMENT conspiracy etc... so do you think having questions means you re an idiot ?
I think Marion cottillard didn't forget the innocents of 9/11 she has just an opinion about this terrible
page of history, we can't say she is stupide or crasy . I thought United States was an open mind country ... freedom ... BUT I WAS WRONG , I think that the problemis just because she's french...
Even i m FRENCH ,this day was a tragedie and i was Shoked for the rest of my life. Because Innocents lose their lives.
Marion cottilard is a good actress that's why she had an oscar , it's not a political oscar .
Despate anti french ideas,narrow-minded... i met a lot of nice people when i was in us , i keep this feeling.
Travels open your mind

2421 days ago


Leesa -- Marion Cotillard is 32 NOW; she would have been 29 or 30 when the shooting was started for LA VIE EN ROSE, which took almost a year to make. The film came out in summer 2007. In addition, while Piaf died at 47, she looked 80, due to several auto accidents, severe arthritis, and very hard living (drinking since childhood, when she was living on the streets of Paris, plus use of morphine due to the continued pain from her auto accidents). So it would seem that you are not known for "making very smart public comments" either. And if I were you, I woldn't worry about Mlle. Cotillard getting another job: she has three major pictures lined up already, and her charm, intelligence, and graciousness made her many new friends in Hollywood during the Oscars. Moreover, she is amazingly gifted, and everyone in the film business here and in Europe wants to work with the best, the most talented people. She'll survive the smear campaign conducted against her, and go on to more terrific work, and a fine life.

2418 days ago

Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2405 days ago


Very stupid and ignorant appears the Academy did a fine job picking a best actress. I guess the invasion of
France by the Nazis during WWII was a staged event?

2434 days ago


And Santa Claus married the Easter Bunny. Moonbat.

2434 days ago

For the sake of kids    

Can we revoke her Oscar winning for that anti-American statement? She is not just bluntly stupid and uninformed. She is just simply non tres bien and uneducated. Oscar should go to someone more deserving, her acting by the way wasn't that good either.

2434 days ago


Oh yeah that does sound realistic, "Ah screw it there already to damaged anyways, lets just go ahead and bring them down with all the people & firefighters still inside rather then rebuild them." Yeah I can see the government doing that.

2434 days ago


This is damage control . This fool beleves in the 911 conspiracy , and now thinks she can lie her way out of it ! . Just another no nothing do nothing hollywood idiot . Spouting from ignorance , go hope frenchy we saved your country in WW 2 otherwise you be goose steppin right now , It never ceases to amaze me how many famous people have no grip in reality and live in a make-beleve world , like so many children who have never grow up . A sad commentary on the gene pool in the entertainment world for shure

2434 days ago


Should we even be surprised? The French have always been spineless a@@holes. Nice choice, Academy.

2434 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

there iz much evidence of conspiracy this poor actress iz being bullied by american conservitives!

2434 days ago


Come guys wake up. 9/11 was a government coverup. They did it so they could take away our rights and put more money in their pockets. It was not a bunch of terroist that flew the planes, it was Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis, a big foot monster, and the aliens from area 51. Great plan, they got rid of many problems at once.
This cover up is second only to the Diet coke cover up.

2434 days ago


I hope someone knocks this bitch off!

2434 days ago


To all of you who say she is nuts, please listen to Alex Jones on The government is full of shady people who want nothing more than power! We currently are going through a recession, next is a depression. You all may think that I am crazy, but when the time comes, I would hate to have to say, "I told you so!" Please if you believe in the constitution and all that it entails listen to Alex Jones. He is one of the only people in the world (besides Ron Paul) who will actually tell the people in the US the truth. Example: JFK was a inside job. If you don't believe me, listen to what reliable sources say about it. I thought my husband was crazy when he said 9-11 was a inside job, but if you do enough research, you will see that it was! I know that I may sound absolutley crazy, but it's a crazy world we live in. Soon enough the government will be taxing the air that you breathe! There is already discussion about it in congress,

If you value your right to freedom of speech, or to bear arms, etc, you might want to do some more research

2434 days ago


Wine'll do that to ya.

2434 days ago


When did she do this interview about 911? If it was before the Oscars then shame on them for giving her an award. It is beyond the scope of common reasoning to really think that anyone would intentionally bring down the Twin Towers with thousands of people inside. I'm with the comment about WWII...............and that's what really irks me about the French, the Americans were alright when they needed help and they were under invasion.......those old Cowboys sure came in handy short their memory......I guess they aren't very loal......and that's a shame on them.

2434 days ago
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