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Rosie to Larry - Hang It Up, Already!

3/3/2008 9:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She just can't help herself – Rosie O'Donnell is telling talk-show legend Larry King that he should suspend himself ... for good.

As the New York Post observes, Rosie said that Larry was "getting tough 2 watch" and asked her readers in a poll whether King should "retire soon" – 88 percent said yes, as of this morning. And last year, Ro started the spat with King when she blogged, "Stick a fork in him – Larry is done."

Why all the King-hating? The Post says it has something to do with King "making fun" of Ro-pal Fran Drescher on Friday's show. Or maybe it's because he's gone all hip-hop on us.

Idol Reject Carrico – I'm Not Wiggin' Out!

TMZ told you last week that "AI" contestant – and, as of Thursday, also-ran – Robbie Carrico had a full head ... of fake hair. Even Simon Cowell, perhaps knowingly, told Robbie that his performance "just never ever felt real."

But Carrico's singing a different tune, telling a Friday conference call (via People), "I've been growing this hair for a very long time. It's ridiculous that [the media] have to come up with something like that." But several sources told TMZ last week that "Idol" officials were freaking out about Carrico's faux-coiff, and we also showed you what he looked like, before his hairline succumbed to gravity.

Party Favors: Jamie Lynn Having a Boy? ... Ferrell's Semi-Pro a Semi-Flop? ... Rocker Jeff Healey, Dead at 41

Could Jayden and Sean be getting a little boy cousin? MSNBC reports that Jamie Lynn Spears has been shopping at Petit Tresor in L.A., and that the items were "light blue" in color ... and were definitely not for Brit's babies. ... Will Ferrell's "Semi-Pro" definitely did junior-varsity business over the weekend, and already people are asking whether Will Ferrell's b.o. magic has passed. ... Blind slide-guitar master Jeff Healey has died at 41 after a long battle with cancer.


No Avatar

Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2405 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh no! More Spears spawn are about to be released on this already suffering Earth!

2434 days ago


You have a sentence mentioning Jeff Healey's death but gave no coverage whatsoever to Roy Scheider's passing? Did Roy sleep with Harvey's wife or something?

2434 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Go fudge yo momma 'worry'!

2434 days ago


I guess because Rosie is finished and people start web sites to protest against her and write to the sponsers of what ever show she is on because she can't keep her big mouth shut she can't see anyone else make it like larry king! If he didn't say anything about her friend you wouldn't hear a word out of this big loud mouth gay Bitch!

2434 days ago

Lenn K.    

Rosie hasn't read anything about herself in long time and well it's time to stir the pot. Here come her big mouth!

2434 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Larry King has definitely lost his mojo since finding marital stability. When he was a wreck he had a certain edge. Two more tykes later and he's lost his teeth. Blame it on his Mormon wife, but the show hasn't been stellar for years now.

And back in the day, his radio show was even better than what came on cable. I remember listening to him in Mexico City on the radio, circa 1987. He was triumphant then. He's older now and has slown down a bit, but I fondly recall when Larry was King.

Rosie should lay off him. Find another target. Suggestion: Piers Morgan vs. Omarosa.

2434 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

will farrell is a jackass LOSER who only thinks he is a legend in his own mind. maybe he could hook up with loser tara reid and drunkenly crash little kingston rossdales NEXT bday party. only this time, heidi montag won't be around to save poor, unsuspecting party goers like she did when she clocked tara reid during her attack on lilo's mother.

will farrell - please go away and then try to resurrect your career on dancing with the stars, where you will be voted off immediately b/c no one on earth cares about you.

2434 days ago


Rosie go away. You are annoying, remember!

2434 days ago


Please, please, TMZ, I beg you guys - stop mentioning that baby clothing store! That store has its staff plant rumors all the time about this or that celebrity shopping there, and it's bogus half the time. It's just meant to drum up publicity for the store!

2434 days ago


...and Barbara Walters, too! When she was interviewing Ellen Page for her Oscar show, she spoke to her like she was eight years old and couldn't understand the questions...she's 21, granny, and a lot sharper than you! Go take a nap!!

2434 days ago


AI is fake!!!!!!!!! If you think there's "millions" of viewers watching.....then you believe "Hillary or Obman" will win.........HA HA!!!

2434 days ago

Lady Zombie    

Rosie is fat, loud, and obnoxious. You notice that in almost every photograph of her, her fat mouth is open.

Also, she gives being a lesbian a bad name. If I were a lesbian, I'd be ashamed to let anyone know just because of the association with this loud fat sow.


2434 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Rosie, you QUEER BITCH, you need to just go a way and die.

2434 days ago

baby girl    

Jeff Healey deserves more than just a little line like that TMZ. He certainly deserved more recognition than Rosie o! She's so fat she can't even wash her hole.

2434 days ago
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