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"American Idol" Punk-Boy's Shocking X-mas Rant!

3/4/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has unearthed this unbelievable video of former hardcore punk-rocker turned future "American Idol" wannabeen Danny Noriega going off on a crazazy rant on the baby Jesus' birthday.
Danny Noriega -- click to watch
Noriega posted the salacious nonsense on MySpace in which the sass-master himself sends some pretty disturbing and vile Christmas tidings to the world. Screw you dude!

"Idol" Wannabe Goes Topless -- And Strips, Too?

Every "American Idol" seems to have a skin scandal, and this year's involves pretty guy David Hernandez, a gay strip club, and a big trove of half-nude pics of David tending bar.
David Hernandez
Hernandez worked a bartender at a gay club and the saucy snaps of that gig have landed on And today, the manager of a strip club called Dick's Cabaret in Glendale, Ariz. tells the AP that Hernandez performed fully nude and did lap dances for the mostly male clientele at Dick's -- and "made good money" to boot.

No word if he'll face the fate of Season Three's Frenchie Davis -- or last year's Antonella Barba. FOX tells TMZ, "We don't comment on the personal lives of the show participants."

Paris' Guru EXPOSED!

Paris GuruSo you didn't think Paris Hilton was phony enough? Her "Guru" that has supposedly changed her life is actually a Hollywood actor.

His name is Maxie Santillan. He's starred in tons of films and TV shows including "My Name is Earl" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." According to IMDB, Maxie's latest projects are all in "post production" so clearly he has enough free time to whore it up for Paris.

BTW, Maxie's MySpace profile quote makes it clear -- he's the perfect spiritual guide for Paris. It reads, "Burbank can kiss my a**." Paris & the Guru: Click to launch

The Hulk's Sexy Body Slam?

Check out Hulk Hogan's reported mistress, Christiane Plante, doing her best MySpace/Facebook pose. Plante is a former close friend of Brooke Hogan ... but then she went all, 'ooh, I'm totally gonna hook up with your hot old dad.' And, as you may have guessed, the friendship went downhill from there.

Brooke lashed out against Plante in a rant on her MySpace blog (which has since been removed) stating, "When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth, betrays you together, you could MAYBE find it in yourself to forgive one day...but you will NEVER forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you."

And then she probably removed Plante from her top friends.

Ashlee Simpson, Drunk or Dingbat?

Ashlee Simpson was on DC's Hot 99.5 this morning and came off sounding a bit dazed and confused.

The Other Simpson Girl giggled about getting a new tattoo and how her favorite lyric to one of her songs goes something like this, "grbbll bllahhh drrrr uhhhhh."

McCready: Let Me Watch My Screwed Up Life!

Countrywreck Mindy McCready's sob story of drug abuse and DUI was on the tee-vee last night and guess where she decided to watch it ... with a bunch of complete strangers ... at a BAR.
Click to launch photos!
TMZ spies caught Mindy Mac at Ted's Montana Grill in Nashville, TN, sipping on a glass of wine and then demanding that the bar manager change the station to her segment on "Access Hollywood." Sources inside the bar tell us Mindy was very amused with herself ... but then got choked up about her own plight.

Celeb MugshotsMindy has had a string of issues lately including arrests for illegally-obtained prescription painkillers, DUI, and, most recently, battery.

Cops: Cocaine Is Gummi's Drug of Choice

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the controlled substance Jason Davis -- aka Gummi Bear -- was busted with over the weekend was in fact cocaine.

But we should have seen this one coming -- Check out the story from TMZ TV and check your local listings for show times.


No Avatar


So much for "THE BEST 24 WE'VE EVER HAD! Best at what, being idiots! Also, I have listened to these kids sing, they are by no means THE BEST!

2389 days ago


is that a tranny?

2389 days ago


You all need to get a life....Does everyone think that all these people lived on some secluded island some where, no they all have a life and are expressing in one way or an other.

2389 days ago

Harry Assman    

Danny needs her ass beat !

2389 days ago


I dont know what it is about this kid, but I cant stand him! I was really hoping he was out last week... maybe this week.

2389 days ago


Ooooh, Danny Noriega the angry mentally inbalance teenager. Where's teh scandal in that? Thats just life. *lol*

2389 days ago


God help Danny Noriega when is her, or his time to testify for herself, or himself concerning "The book of life".

2389 days ago


Why is garbage like this considered Entertainment? Very sad.

2389 days ago


Anyone else think Noriega has watched a few too many Amanda Bynes films??? He's a male clone of her right down to the facial expressions!

2389 days ago


Yep I'm afraid your right THIS IS AMERICA. Like you said this is America and unfortunatley Americans get off at others misfortunes. Besides this won't hurt him one bit..Maybe with Grandma but not with the rest of us. There's a new breed of people in this country and Danny Boy is one of them. NIGHTWALKERS UNITE...DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT..SEPARATION FROM CHURCH AND STATE!!! THERE IS NO GOD..LIFE DEATH AND DIRT!!!

2389 days ago


Gummis are good!! the cola bottles are the best.,,

2389 days ago


This guy makes me sick every time I see him prance around. Now I just go take a leak when he's on (hopefully not for long). I'm sure once he gets the boot, he'll wind up on Broadway, gay porn or at the drive-through at some burger joint. Or, maybe all three. Bye Daniella.

2389 days ago


I actually think Danny Noriega looks like a male version of Jessica Alba. Could they be twins? I thought Danny was cute at first. But then he talked back to Simon in a bitch boy kind of way. That turned me off.

2389 days ago


Where is this girl/guys parents dont they see what crap he is putting up? Geez no wonder todays youth is so messed up if they can do stuff like this and parents either dont care or dont know, hence dont care! This kid screams somebody help me I am a mess and no one sees it, HELP ME HELP ME, hellooooo mom and dad help your gay son he needs it.

2389 days ago


ok well thaks to 'THIS IS AMERICA" because he or she imnot qute sure is sooooo right ok have yu ever herd of a teenager! come on people it was jst a bad stage. and maby someting just happend were he was upset. k just really if you dont i like im then dont wach te video!!!!! i mean wow your stupeddd! and dont wach A.IDOL, really get i life! the nly reson i wached it was cuase i lov danny! he has amaizing voice and some major tallent! so relly get a life

2389 days ago
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