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Party of Five, er, One

3/4/2008 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'90s has-been Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoys some quality time sorting through her favorite magazines, just waiting for photographers to stroll by. Seriously.

JLH needs to take publicity lessons from Paris. Next time, try posing with your own pseudo guru and visualize people actually caring about your career. Namaste.


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I like JLH. She has a sucessful show on television - i would hardly call her done just because she doesn't have a perfect ass...And yeah, right, TMZ, I'm sure she's just WAITING for your photographers to pass by. Please, get a life...

2388 days ago


That is just laughable. She is a total joke and has been for a long time. I think the Garfield movies were the nail in her career's coffin.

2388 days ago


I like the sparkle in her eyes. heheh!!! Hey, I dont see any of US on TMZ....although that could be a good thing considering how much they pick on tons of people. But it sure is fun to read!!!

2388 days ago

patsy ramsey    

ashton kutker once punk'd her on his tv show. she was so stupid she thought brad pitt would do a movie with her. no serious actor or actress would ever lower themselves to star with this tv-only reject. i bet her next gig will be a guest appearance on hollywood squares or if she is lucky a role in a soap opera.

2388 days ago


she's waiting for a parade you dumb azz TMZ'er

You can easily see the sign that satets tow away zone which they do for parades.

2388 days ago


Yeah, this one is just rude. I know someone who's worked with her and he only has nice things to say about her.

And sorry, but someone mentioned that she is obese. Don't think so. I'll bet all of the people that post here and think that they're thin and in shape might think differently when the telephoto lenses capture their backsides, blow up the pics and post them online. They'll be surprised to find they look a good two or three sizes bigger than what they are and a bunch of weasels will post about how they look like a size 14 instead of a size 6.You'd be surprised how much smaller these people actually are as opposed to what they look like on TV or in photos. I see the local news people all the time around the city I live in, and I'm always amazed at how much bigger/taller they look on TV.

2388 days ago


She was defending women who are constantly attacked because they are not skinny enough. Including those that are a size 2, which is where the "A size 2 is not fat". People just missed the point of what she was saying. I read the People article as well.

2388 days ago


Julie, you are so right. missed it on this one! And Barbara, that's one very hot vampire!

2388 days ago

patsy ramsey    

i am so sick of fattys like Love who brainwash themselves into thinking they are big & beautiful. i would bet a million dollars that Love knows she is fat ass ugly now and that she will never get a good movie role because she let her body get fat from eating twinkies hahhaa.

2388 days ago


Love me some JLOVE!!!! Let's see who is around longer....JLH or TMZ? me puts my money on da hottie and not the desperate for a story that we have to make one up or stalk people or do "look at how a child star has aged" stories. Pathetic!

2388 days ago


C'mon now.......give the las a break. I like her and I think she is a good role model for the young set. As opposed to the Parids and Britney trash that's out there now. But we know you guys LOVE them because it sells. Besides, I suppose being considered a "has been' by TMZ, maybe she'll actually be able to have a 'real life' without having to have 20, 40 or 60 photographers up her a** all the time! :-)

2388 days ago

its sad    

I cant stand her and btw...she does have a BIG FLABBY BUTT...yuck

2388 days ago


Its amazing to me. Finally a young actress who is not caught out club hopping, flashing herself to photographers, being in rehab, and you can still find reasons to make fun.

By the way last time I checked her show on CBS is a success. She may actually one of teh few role models left!

2388 days ago


TMZ is just chock full of misinformed reporters..

2388 days ago
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