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Party of Five, er, One

3/4/2008 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'90s has-been Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoys some quality time sorting through her favorite magazines, just waiting for photographers to stroll by. Seriously.

JLH needs to take publicity lessons from Paris. Next time, try posing with your own pseudo guru and visualize people actually caring about your career. Namaste.


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Nor Cal Reader    

I don't care what anyone thinks... Jennifer is way cute. You can have your perfect computer-enhanced models and over-sexed automatons. J-Love is just adorably cute.

2388 days ago


She's not my favorite, and yea, she's not Reese Witherspoon or anything, but she's not exactly a has been either. And, maybe she's just enjoying sitting outside looking at magazines. After the flap with the paps photographing her rear end, I doubt she's looking for a bunch of attention.

2388 days ago


oh! I like her. I think she's a good actress and she's really pretty. WTF? I guess if you're over the age of 25 you have nothing else to add to the world? Please - she's not a has been. She's NICE. Why don'tyou try it?

2388 days ago


wow TMZ, you guys are startin to hate just as much as those cheezy bloggers, but whatever! JLove is working...what more do you want?! a bottle of pills and vodka by her side...Note to Harvey: hire some classy writers!!!!

2388 days ago

Sue Wong    

Jennifer 's a beautiful young woman and a good actress, tv or not. I'm sure she's a terrific person. Not a skank! Not a bitch! Not a trouble maker! Not a druggie or alcoholic!! I'd love to look like her anyday so just leave her alone you ugly haters!!!

2388 days ago


Questor: what obesity disease are you talking about specifically? Some sneaky little twerp snapped a shot of her in her bikini which showed that, gasp, she is a perfectly normal human female who has the dreaded condition known as cellulite settled into her thighs just like the rest of us. Big effing deal. She is a nice girl, likeable, very beautiful and honest. I would say judging from her tiny waist that she was still very much a size 2 and so what who cares? She has done nothing wrong, a lot of people like her so lay off.

2388 days ago


When the pictures of her in her bikini hit the internet, I could care less. But when she said that she is a size 2, WTF?
With her dimply butt being a size 14, there is no way that she's a size 2. Be what ever size you want Jennifer, but at least tell the truth.

2388 days ago


TMZ, don't you have any respect? You insult these celebrities whether they have class or not. It's ridiculous.

2388 days ago


LOL at #4's comment. But really, she should know better than to do that. Isn't Ghost Whisperer supposed to be popular?

2388 days ago


Why is she a has been TMZ she has her own successful tv show on friday nights???

2388 days ago


This story is ridiculous. She was clearly sitting there either waiting for a parade or something and had a stack of magazines on her lap. Clearly some idiot photographer asked her what she was reading and/or to hold it up. Then you use this story to imply she randomly set up a chair somewhere with magazines at the ready desperately waiting for the paparazzi. Ridiculous.

PS - she is not fat!

2388 days ago


She has a JOB on a TV show, she is just not an 'it girl' anymore.
These days, female celebs don't have to work to be famous, :P:P:P

2388 days ago


I love, love, love her. She' beautiful, smart and talented- unlike the writer of this post. Namaste

2388 days ago


TMZ, you are bunch of low life creeps. JLH is a lovely person and hardly a has been.

2388 days ago


The funniest thing is TMZ bashes her for waiting for photog's but what is it exactly that TMZ does??? A celeb takes a piss and their all over it. Now.. remind me again of who it is that needs a life? A little bit of the pot calling the kettle..... no?

2388 days ago
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