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Linda to Hulk: Stop Using Nick to Hurt Me!

3/4/2008 6:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan's trying to put Hulk Hogan in a legal chokehold to prevent him from tarnishing their underage son Nick with what she says are the messy matters of divorce. Yeah -- Nick's got enough problems, we think.
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In the documents obtained by TMZ, Linda claims the Hulkster has used Nick to deliver messages about the divorce and told him secrets that he didn't want her to know about. (Hmmm.) She also says the marital melee has caused Nick to become "withdrawn and conflicted."

Linda adds that she has no interest in selling their home, but alleges that Hulk has told Nick that if they don't sell, there could be a negative outcome in Nick's pending criminal case.

Nick's mom wants the court to order Hulk to stop talking to their son about the divorce. Period.


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These acts aren't unusual to the dissolution of a marriage, that wasn't worked out between the two adults beforehand. Its like the five stages of grief: anger, denial, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. The Bollea's aren't perfect, so what. Not everyone deals with loss well or in the same exact way. Never fails, there's always plenty of folks to pass judgement and point fingers. Amen....

2369 days ago

Take her to court    

Oh gimme an F'n break Linda..

The kid will be 18 in FOUR MONTHS.

I am sure he has seen and experienced much more than this tripe during his parents marriage.

!!....STFU LINDA....!!

Nicholas acts wierd around you Linda, because you have embarssed the heck out of him by claiming he is some type of mental innocent weakling when it comes to hearing words about his mommie-poo and the divorce.

Linda's worst emeny is her own mouth.
Every time she opens it, stinky toe jam aroma sucks out all the oxygen from the surrounding air.
....and she still can't figure out why she and Brooke are walking space cadets.

Kick all their lazy asses out of the house, make them get jobs and support themselves for once in a lifetime.
Linda will sell the house for the money after it's all over anyway.

Pssst....Hey Terry.......Got a match?
I burn it down before I'd watch Linda sell the home where the kids grew up.(jus kidding)

It's your house Hulk. Hire a contractor to tear it down.

2369 days ago


My Daddy told me long ago that GOLD DIGGERS may be shiny and pretty when you 1st get them, but after a few years they just look crusty, and beat up. He was talking picks and shovels, but it applies to women too.
HUlk should have expected this , but then again, he's really not the brightest is he?

2369 days ago


Hulk we love you man, you're wife never heard of "stand by your man" sorry for your troubles

Malachi 2:16 "I hate divorce," says the LORD God of Israel, "and I hate a man's covering himself with violence as well as with his garment," says the LORD Almighty. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith.

- Nick is old enough to decide for himself what he hears from his parents and what messeges he passes on, and if he has questions they should be answered to help him understand so maybe he won't go through the same thign when he gets married...

2369 days ago


I feel bad for all four of them they i feel are good people who are only human Im sure they all feel bad about the way life has changed but the core of them are good well meaning people hulk loves Linda very much and I know she loves him too just not the way she did when they got married if she was a gold digger she wowuld have devorced him while the kids hwre young she would got more money I think he waa still very sexualy attracted to her and she was not with him I respect her rather than stay and play games and cheat she waited tell the kids where growen very un selfish.WE have all drievn and then latter thought maybe we should have not drievn so dangerously he made a big mistake and im sure he feels horrible if nothing else they raised good kids and as for brook she is tallented and very much a laddy my god people why so cruel.Hulk is proebly crazy how would you feel if the person who melted you left and went away

2369 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

she did nothing but spend the money her Steroid head husband made wrestling gay guys . Dlckhead. She should go back to being the loud fart in the crowd at her sons' drag races . dlckhead.

2369 days ago


To #170 have a heart...give me a break. Leave this so called sactity of marriage out of it. I know all about that. My parents stayed married and put all 5 of us kids through hell. But no they had to live up to the "sanctity of marriage" and stay together for the sake of the kids". The worst possible thing they could do. I do agree that too many people divorce too soon...but people do divorce after 25, 30 plus years of marriage. Sometimes it is for the best of everyone concerned. I used to pray at the age of 5 for my parents to get a divorce. I wasn't sure what a divorce was but I knew it would make the fighting stop and make all of us happy. I am sure there is much more involved in the Bollea divorce than we are all aware of. Yes, Terry made a hell of alot of money, but he also was away from home all those years with the responsibility of home and children put solely on Linda. Admit it, he used steroids all those years, and what kind of a man did that make the reality show so many of you saw a loving and wonderfully close family. All of it scripted....what I saw was an old wreck of a wrestler/actor who seemed overly involved in his daughter's every moment, a semi-brain damaged and under educated son and a wife who seemed to just be sick and tired of the whole thing. The Bolleas made a fatal choice to put themselves on the tube for all to see....maybe Terry and Linda saw it as a chance to save an already floundering marriage. Who knows? who really cares? They are just another family, maybe not like you and me but just another family who has fallen apart. Get over this sanctity of marriage...face it, there are good marriages and therre are bad marriages. So are you saying that even if you have a bad marriage, you should stay together because of the sanctity? I say NOT! That is just plain stupid. I find it to be a bigger sin to stay in a marriage where you, your spouse and most of all your children are hurt mentally, emotionally and physically by staying married due "to the sanctity of marriage". Ridiculous!

2369 days ago

liked hulk from way back    

i think hulk has took care of his family along time and poured alot of money into their hobbies, on one episode he had to meet with maman of the wrestling federation and i forgot but he had to sign on for 20-30 more years and he told linda she needed to get a job and she said she needed to be kept in the life style that she was used to.. he' getting older and he can't keep doing this. that show really ticked me off because you are supposed to step in and help your mate when needed,even if you are a housewife which i am but when my husband got sick i stepped up and i still do because hes aging right before my eyes. I gladly cut back, shop at cheaper stores, and she should move to a cheaper home and not expect him to just give give give. we have followed his career and we enjoyed watching thekids grow up and the show the family done.brooke has talent, his son is goofy fun but should not expect to just not get off free. you have to take responsibility for your actions my daugter did.

2369 days ago


You know i do believe he said he cheated on her with his daughters best friend. So retards tell me whos the hoe, bitch, or dumbass in this relationship.

2368 days ago


Applying the wisdom of Solomon, I think they ought to cut Nick in half and give each parent their portion. If either parent offers to give Nick up to the other parent to spare him, they ought to be ignored. (that's the wisdom of Solomon with a twist ending)

2368 days ago


Hulk is better of without any of them in his life.
Linda = Over the hill bitter skank.
Brooke= Sperm Burping Gutter Slut
Nick= functionally retarded uneducated imbecile

2367 days ago


Continue to boycott all spam sites,everyone please post every now and then,just copy and paste,refuse to click anysite advertising their crap on any post.Say Noooooooo to spam!! Milionaire site= Virus DO NOT CLICK THEM!!!!!!just one of many examples,pass it on

2367 days ago


Can anyone... I mean anyone.. Spell check anymore? I have just about seen it all.
If this is the future of our America, boy, we sure are in trouble.
No, I am NOT perfect, but I can SPELL!!!!!!!!

2366 days ago

Jeremy P    

Legal choke hold.....ha ha ha, i get it
Jeremy lesser men have lasted 15 rounds~~~

2363 days ago
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