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Linda to Hulk: Stop Using Nick to Hurt Me!

3/4/2008 6:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan's trying to put Hulk Hogan in a legal chokehold to prevent him from tarnishing their underage son Nick with what she says are the messy matters of divorce. Yeah -- Nick's got enough problems, we think.
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In the documents obtained by TMZ, Linda claims the Hulkster has used Nick to deliver messages about the divorce and told him secrets that he didn't want her to know about. (Hmmm.) She also says the marital melee has caused Nick to become "withdrawn and conflicted."

Linda adds that she has no interest in selling their home, but alleges that Hulk has told Nick that if they don't sell, there could be a negative outcome in Nick's pending criminal case.

Nick's mom wants the court to order Hulk to stop talking to their son about the divorce. Period.


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Sarah from Aus    

Do you think maybe Nick is withdrawn because HE ALMOST KILLED HIS FRIEND AND HAS DESTROYED THE REST OF THIS KIDS LIFE!!! Never liked Linda. She seems like a money and fame hungry whore. Linda hs to get over herself. Nick is old enough and ugly enough to look after himelf.

2360 days ago


Isn't it to bad she wasn't this protective of him before his car accident put his friend in a coma. Where was she when he got two tickets for driving recklessly and over the speed limit? She might have prevented this tragedy if she acted like a Mother, instead of his pal sooner.

2360 days ago

Potatohead groove    

Linda is a oney obsessed whore. I heard she has a thing for Macho Man though...........

2360 days ago


Linda should have all of her parenting rights stripped. She cares more about the divorce than her son's pending criminal case. Maybe that's why this kid turned out so f'ed up? She needs to get a dose of reality and realize it's NOT all about her.

2360 days ago


I have so many feelings on this issue. First off, it is a shame that they flushed alot of years down the friggin toilet.
Secondly, I think Hulk is a perv who put on a big act to all that were watching in regards to being "all about the fam". The way he poses with his daughter in pictures, one would think he wanted to bang her!
I think Linda probably knows alot more than anyone does, and it is too bad that people are giving her a bum rap. Obviously, he wanted to live up to his "hulk" status, meaning he thought he could do whatever the hell he wanted, with whoever he wanted. I am sure Nick does feel like crap..he basically killed his friend, (which by the way, I am sure Nick did NOT FORCE his bud to go with him and do what he did), his parents have split, and he is becoming a man. I am sure she loves her children and wants what is best for them. Hulk appears to be a man who is entirely too open with his kids in the first place.
I am sure he loves his kids, but he makes some poor choices.

2360 days ago

Let it Be    

Perhaps if the Highway Patrol officer(s) who chose not to cite Nick Boella for NOTwearing his own seatbelt, and.... on more than one occassion; aren't feeling too comfortable these days.

Other than being 'inconvenienced'; it's often difficult for those who have lived their lives primarily influenced /surrounded by wealth; to actually grasp how poor' life decisions , can ultimately effect the lives of others. - Especially when family/society have seldom ever, held them accountable for a whole lot.

At what cost; or how many folded bills and personal favors does it take to ......honestly ......''make it all better''?

2359 days ago


I can't believe you people buy this. This sort of stuff is made up!

2359 days ago


Loved the pic the other day of Linda, Brooke and Nick enjoying a beautiful day on the beaches of Miami, with the beautiful blue water and white sand. Nick had a huge smile on his worries for him...seems he forgot about his comatose friend who will never recover...

2359 days ago

Miss Smiley    

Come on you guys- These family is going through a tough time right now and they need their privacy just as any other family celeberity or not does. If it was something different such as Hulk Hogan streaking on the free way then yeah I can see headline stories on that, but this is to senstive material to be published right now at least wait until everything is settled and give them an opputunity to set they record straight on whatever you have to publish.I know the gossip is fun to read about but sometimes the gossip can hurt or make things worse for a person just by releasing things before needing to be released. Sometimes compassion and understanding goes a long way instead of the money!!!!

2359 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA john doe is Duane Chapman, and his son id Travis Chapman. Aloha.

2359 days ago


Linda is a sperm burping gutter slut.

2359 days ago


is it really true he hooked up with brooke's assistant? if so, thats kinda messed up. props to linda for standing up to cheatin man.

2359 days ago


in the words of Ivana Trump......."Dont get mad, get EVERYTHING!" go get em' Linda!

2359 days ago

show me the $$    

I’m sure Linda’s giving her son an earful too about his Dad and the 33 year old bimbo. That’s what happens in ugly divorces. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The difference between Linda and the rest of the world is she’s got the money to try to do something legal about it. I’m not sure it’ll work, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

2359 days ago

thomas porter    

This sounds like a typical woman. She wants everything in the divorce settlement. Will make up any excuse to get it. The ironery in it all is the judge will side with her in everything she says. The kid is withdrawn because of facing a jair term and what the other passenger is going through. Think about it . It makes sense.

2359 days ago
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