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Linda to Hulk: Stop Using Nick to Hurt Me!

3/4/2008 6:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan's trying to put Hulk Hogan in a legal chokehold to prevent him from tarnishing their underage son Nick with what she says are the messy matters of divorce. Yeah -- Nick's got enough problems, we think.
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In the documents obtained by TMZ, Linda claims the Hulkster has used Nick to deliver messages about the divorce and told him secrets that he didn't want her to know about. (Hmmm.) She also says the marital melee has caused Nick to become "withdrawn and conflicted."

Linda adds that she has no interest in selling their home, but alleges that Hulk has told Nick that if they don't sell, there could be a negative outcome in Nick's pending criminal case.

Nick's mom wants the court to order Hulk to stop talking to their son about the divorce. Period.


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Who fact, I can't believe I am taking the time to even type this message. Have a nice day everyone!

2431 days ago


I'd divorce that BITCH too ! I can't stand that woman ! She thinks her crap don't stink ! BUT, GUESS WHAT IT DOES !!!!! lindanrockford

2431 days ago

Granny Moo    

I hope they save some secrets for the inevitable round of talk shows. I can just see her lumbering onto the set of Good Morning America; he will probably have someone write the book. The episode where they were 'teaching' Brooke how to balance a checkbook would have been funny, if it were not for his openly insulting and berating Linda. Another pitiful attempt to make himself look smart.

Notice I said "attempt"

Blue Kentucky Girl

2431 days ago

You have got 2B kiddin    

Wow I don't know which family to keep up with.........Spears or Hogans.........What a joke!

2431 days ago


Linda is just a big mess herself !! She worries more about looking better than Brooke. And old Nicky boy shouldn't have been able to think that he could do what ever he wanted too. She wants to put the blame on the Hulk for her sons behavior. The boy thinks he is just the greatest. Grow up Nick you are an ugly,stupid Little Boy !!

2431 days ago


Sit down an answer any questions he has & keep "broadcasts" about divorce matters to only what will directly effect him. The more you stay yourself & on track instead of being derailed by this, the better parent (example) you are in how to deal with difficult situations. Teach them how to deal with problems in a healthy way & you will give them a great gift they can use for a lifetime.

2431 days ago


I've always thought that Hulk Hogan was WAY too interested in his daughter, Brooke. The man seemed more like a jealous lover than a father. Maybe that is what is bothering poor little Nick...not the divorce or puttting a friend in a coma. Linda seemed so interested in getting into shape in the last episodes...probably was messing around with someone at that point. They are ALL MESSED UP. Linda needs to quit blaming ALL the problems on someone else. P.S. Brooke Can't sing either!

2431 days ago

You have got 2B kiddin    

NO really.........this is public because they are public, referring to Miss Smiley. I am sure someone in the family will be getting paid for an interview on this issue. Most likely when it is resolved. So the family really has no right to a private divorce when everything is public record. I can tell you that if you put yourself out there than you must dodge the balls thrown in your direction. Public attention is what made them wealthy. They could always quit working for the public and then nobody would care. As of right now, the average person is why they have millions. So the average person is entitled to their business.

2431 days ago


nWo 4-LIFE

2431 days ago


Linda thinks this is the way to manipulate the court into granting her the house!
She is using her son.
Wait until he finds this out.
She thought she had problems before..........

2431 days ago


Please!!! Linda had a great thing with a GREAT HUNK , HULK. He has been a role model for a lot kids for a long time. How can a mother use her child, to try and gain points in this messy divorce. She was the stay at home parent while HULK was away earing the big bucks. She was the one that I saw challeging other drivers to Drag Race with her. Then this model mother's Under-aged son has a Car Wreck and Wrecks the life of his Friend. Nice going Linda, Perhaps you should keep your mouth shut and get on with helping your Son heal. I am so afraid of what she has told her beautiful daughter to do to get ahead in the music, entertainment industry. LINDA, you need to take pareting lessons. To HULK and his KIDS, for a laugh in this stressful time go on you tube and check out this guy DaVido and The Starbucks Rejection Tour!!! its real funny.
and HULK, love your new Show. it is great to see you back on TV .

2431 days ago


It's so unfortunate about Nick's accident. Does anyone really believe he did this on purpose? I hope his friend and he gets through this but we have no right to judge him.
As for Linda, I'm sure she's pissed off that Nick might know any of her dirty little secrets. Women believe its OK to say anything, true or untrue, about her soon to be ex to draw attention away from herself. I'm sure Nick asks his dad questions and he answers truthfully. Nick is old enough to handle it. His mom won't ever be old enough to get it!

2431 days ago


All the Bollea family needs now is for Brooke to announce her PREGNANCY, to really make this a DISFUNCTIONAL family !

2431 days ago

thomas porter    

im going through a divorce now and believe me it is a shame what a man goes through. she will probably lie and the judge will believe her over hulk. all the things she is saying about her son is a ploy to make hulk look bad. she was probably put up to it by her attorney. with hulk being a known celebrity she needs all the ammunition she needs to take the spotlite off him. believe me the tears will fly at the the hearing for divorce. it is a shame what a man goes through in a divorce. let the lazy b_ _ ch go to work.

2431 days ago


Get rid of that whore Hulk as quickly as possible she obviously isn't in love with you , you need a woman that truly loves you...not that using bitch that thinks she's all that, did I mention she's fat too?

2431 days ago
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