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TMZ to A.I. - We Can Name That Tune!

3/4/2008 9:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So our spies know what the guys are singing tonight on "American Idol." The rehearsal just ended, and you won't believe who laid down the best performance. Click to gallery to see who sang what.
American idol 80's -- click to launch
As for what happened behind the scenes, it's obvious producers are following the "A.I." scandals because they had David Hernandez and Danny Noriega stand next to each other and teased them together going into commercial.

We're told Chikezie was having some pitch and arrangement troubles and Exec Producer Nigel Lythgoe was coaching him afterwards. Jason Castro was a nervous motha. Luke Menard sucked worst.

The girls, especially Pepe-Le-Pew-like Amanda Overmeyer were ragging on Danny Noriega for the Christmas video that surfaced on MySpace featuring Danny boy talking about raping mothers. Class.

During a break in the rehearsal, Ryan Seacrest sang "Hold On Loosely" by 38 Special. He was awful -- but he knew it.

The packaged pieces are the "A.I." contestants embarrassing moments.

By the way, in rehearsal, Danny Noriega was top dog -- by far.


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Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2394 days ago



2422 days ago

He's Boring now    

so we have two hispanics that are embarrassing themselves..last week it was that drunken white woman from Indiana---my gosh, what and who is next?

A show full of convicts, perverts and dirty talkers. Hope the ratings continue to head south...A.I. run is about over

2422 days ago


I can't stand Danny Noriega---he's so annoying and arrogant.

2422 days ago

Bryce Corcoran    

First off TMZ drives me crazy most times. I only watch when I am flipping through for a minute and might listen for a few minutes. I have learned through each tiny moment I watch it. First off the people that are employed there.... need to go. No one is attractive and they sit there and mock, judge, and exploit each celebrity for moments that are not even important or really say anything about that person in a negative way. Leave it to TMZ to make it seems ridiculous or funny. I see each one of their faces like they are disgusted, but the reason being is because they are wanna be's. They work at TMZ for crying out loud. Ugly, and hate the world cause they can "never" be famous. It makes me wanna throw up now thinking about them. Every celebrity knows what it's like to be in the spotlight and a large portion of the time it's not fun when you have to deal with crap like TMZ. Grow the hell up. Stand for something, make a difference. Show us something that matters not what we might not know that throws a judgemental twist. OR if you have to.. be tactful and not trashy and unprofessional to a degree that is below recognition.

2422 days ago


3 Flamin' Mo's please

2422 days ago

April Fouels    

Sorry for my ignorance, i thought "A.I." was a movie called Artificial Intelligence.........!!!!!!!!!!

2422 days ago

cindy tash    

I am outraged to see the marine throw the puppy.
As a lover of animals, I feel that animals are like children, they can't speak for themselves.
Ghandi stated "the morale of a society is determined by the way that it treats its animals".
The marines should punish this man to the fullest punishment that is possible.
It is a shame that this marine couldn't suffer the same punishment that he gave to an innocent puppy.
I hope that the pride we feel towards our marines will be shown by the justice that will swiftly be dealt to this man.

Cindy Tash

2422 days ago


You guys are watching TV tonight? And admitting it?

ha ha

2422 days ago


i never got into american idol just my opinion


2422 days ago


#4--Bryce---I sincerely doubt you only see TMZ when you are flipping through the channels. Not likely, buddy. You watch/read as much as the rest of us!

2422 days ago


I loved Danny, I mean LOVED him until this creepy video. He has a nice voice, amazing looks and is unique. I like that. However he may have really turned people off with the video. His only hope is that the grannys in Iowa who are voting don't know a thing about it since it's seems to be spreading via internet.

2422 days ago


Well - another A.I. Nite ~ BUT, the voting results are comng in. GREAT >>>>>>>>>>>

Sure hope some of them , guys tonite & gals tomorrow, get to sing good - - nough of the OFF key and
"fancy ? ' clothes/ the "Shake it all @ " JUST GET DOWN TO REAL GOOD SINGINGGGGGGGG

2422 days ago


Really? that's interesting TMZ..because he just performed and he sucked.

Thats for nothin

2422 days ago

no one you know    

I can't stand Paula Abdul, she needs to get off that show forever!

I also don't like Danny at all!

Simon Cowell rocks my world!

2422 days ago
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