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"A.I." Contestant's "At-Risk" Past

3/5/2008 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Noriega"American Idol" wannabe Danny Noriega has issues.

We found out Danny attended Sierra (Continuation) High School in Azusa, Calif., a school dedicated to "at-risk" kids.

The crowd at the school? According to Sierra High's website, students are "significantly behind in credits -- and at risk of not graduating -- who want a second chance to succeed and achieve a high school diploma."

Danny graduated last year, but school sources tell us he had a rough time, working through his "gothic" phase -- that's when Danny boy went on his Christmas video rampage. One source says Danny had "multiple issues" which landed him at the school.


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Why! Why do all you jacked up people have to bring every damn person down? I am so sick of it! Do any of you have jobs? What do you lives consist of besides tearing apart other for try to make something of themselves? Did any of you morons see the news about the kid in Oxnard that was killed for being "gay" ? Do you think maybe the kid that killed him had some of the same jacked up ideas that you people have?
Yes Danny Noriega has a strange way of presenting himself. But the kid CAN sing, there is no doubt about that. And maybe this is what he needs in his life. Or would you rather him be voted off and kill himself for being over-exposed on TMZ?
Gee America, are we really what every other country in this world thinks we are? Leave Danny alone.

2369 days ago


Judy.. why do you have to call everyone morons? Thats bringing people down maybe YOU need to go out and get a job

2369 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM for finishing high school!

2369 days ago


#46--Judy--you are a hoot!! First of all, a lot of people think he doesn't sing very well---and last night's performance was awful. But you have this "I am above all of you" attitude. Why in hell would you read TMZ if it is so beneath you how we all act? And I don't think he has a "strange" way of presenting himself---I think he's rude, arrogant, disrespectful and just plain nasty. We are entitled to our opinions--if that bothers you, don't read TMZ. Simple, dear.

2369 days ago

el polacko    

it's still tough for an effeminate gay kid in school. need i mention the horrific 8th grade murder in california over a valentine?
so it's not suprising that danny needed a little extra help to make it through. he graduated.. good for him. he's a bright and funny guy who's great with ryan and simon on idol. i hope he sticks around on the show for a while.

2369 days ago



His singing isn't as good as people I singing at the local bar. It was his post on you tube which is why I think he deserves all this bashing. If he kills himself over the TMZ stuff then I guess he couldn't hack becoming a REAL star!

2369 days ago


It is SO FUNNY when people comment that others on here must not have jobs but THEY ARE ON HERE TOO!!!!

2369 days ago


It's completely out of line and quite possibly illegal that any one at Sierra H.S. released information about a student, over 18 or not. I work at a similar school and because of HIPPA we are required to protect the confidentiality of all students. I think that Sierra H.S. should be reported. And shame on you TMZ for reporting this...

2369 days ago


Judy---you don't seem to be at work today, either. You are home reading TMZ, like the rest of us. Oh no--you may be like the rest of us!

2369 days ago


I agree with Star. Judy--you are a hyprocrite.

2369 days ago

tattooed white trash...    

Wow, a shout out to where I live in Azusa...and methamphetamine was not even mentioned in the post..shocker!

2369 days ago


He's a weird freak...Hate the faces he makes...hope he goes away soon.

2369 days ago

truth about conservatorship    

You people who keep using the word retard should be ashamed of yourself. Here's some enlightenment, that word is offensive as calling a black person the N word. The correct term is developmentally delayed. According to the high school's website, there is no indication that this school is geared towards students who have been classified as needing special education services nor does Danny Noriega portray any characteristics of this disorder. Little kid who claims their cousin goes to this high school - you have a lot of growing up to do. This school is for students who are at risk of not graduating for a number of reasons none of which are our business.

Danny Noriega is still very young and how many teenagers do we all know still have an attitude. The attitude I see from him is on stage as part of his performance and towards Simon but let's face it Simon has an attitude himself. He is simply giving Simon back a little of what he dishes out and kudos to him for sticking up for himself and ribbing Simon back. I've never seen him be disrepectful towards Randy or Pauls but hey they've never been disrepectful to him. So let's applaud this young man for getting his diploma and achieving a huge milestone. Let's applaud him for the bravery it takes to get up on that stage in front of 20-30 million viewers every week, something many of us could never do. Let's applaud him for showing obvious remorse last week when his fellow contestants were sent home.

I have known children born with developmental disabilities. I have known children who have suffered brain damage at the hands of their caregivers, due to near drowning and other reasons that have left them in wheelchairs, unable to eat except through a stomach tube. I have known children born with such severe birth defects that they never saw their first birthday. At some point in your lives, you will watch a family member, friend or acquaintance go through the trials of caring for and raising such a child. When that day comes, I hope you remember today and that you had the audacity to use the word retard and I hope you feel the most excruciating pain for being such horrible people as you have been today.

2369 days ago


I did not watch AI last night so, I just watched the video of this girl's performance on Dlisted..........................Oh my! Have the folks at AI checked to make sure this is really not a woman! I'm just saying.............................Whew!

2369 days ago


Judy--only a few people have even mentioned the fact that he's gay. And you are relating us to people who would kill someone because they are gay? Are you nuts? I can't stand him because he's got a spoiled rotten little nasty attitude. He's rude. And the video is disgusting--our feelings have to do with the person--gay or straight---I don't like him. And I don't think he can sing that well.

2369 days ago
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