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Cher's Daughter -- Sonny's Side Up?

3/5/2008 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chastity -- lone child of Sonny and Cher -- looked more like her dad as she celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday.

They shopped for furniture and Chastity tried out an oversized chaise for size.


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Chastity is a person...not a celubuspawn. She lived through her parents divorce, her "celebrity" status, her father's political career and untimely death and DID NOT end up in in jail for doing drugs, etc. I think Cher reacted as ANY mother would...mine did..."your life is going to be so difficult." Acceptance isn't difficult when one truly loves their child. It was shock...that's all. I KNOW Cher has been exposed throughout her life to gay and lesbian women...this was HER child.

Her weight???? How many of you look like Cher at 60, or even 40? Chastity's weight has NOTHING to do with who she is as a person, and I respect her for doing exactly what everyone didn't expect. She grew into her own person. And how dare people compare her to Elijah Blue. Do you compare your children? One is better than the other?

BTW, I saw Cher and Elijah in concert in the 90'...nice performance. I STILL have great respect for Chastity.

2385 days ago


Cher must be so disappointed. Not deep down inside, but in the shallow sense... Betcha.

2385 days ago


WOW she's the man..

2385 days ago


She was a darling little girl..She must have tired of all the PERFECTION thrown in her face 24/7..she liked the ladies and the way they looked as she grew up watching stars dress in her Moms TV dressing areas...she didnt dig on the guys I guess..I like her attitude as far as Beauty and a perfect figure. She DONT give a RIP....However, shes too big to be Healthy..Lots of Mommas money does not help I guess..Surgery is next maybe..Ofcourse Cher loves her daughter regardless of her appearance

2385 days ago


fat people know their fat, and don't need all these rude comments to remind them.

2385 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Nice tats, fats!!

2385 days ago


Happy Birthday Chastity! You seem like you are a beautiful person! Hope you enjoy your special day. It is so sad that people feel the need to place judgement and make hurtful and mean comments. Maybe this makes them feel more accepted, or that they are a part of a gang mentality. Too bad people do not recognize that Chastity may be struggling with issues we may never understand. Everyone has problems in their life, and if we could all step back and focus on ourselves instead of degrading and putting someone else down, this world would be a much nicer place to live in! I am sure Chastity realizes that she is overweight... but she has to decide what is important to her. The only reason she should chose to loose her extra weight is for health reasons, not just to fit into what others might judge as acceptable. I know this, I recently lost 101 pounds, and am still going! Chastity has tremendous courage... to face the judging, hurtful, and rude fellow men and women who choose to make hateful comments. Hopefully this will not ruin her day, she deserves to be allowed to be herself...just like all of us!!

2385 days ago


Leave her alone. She is very nice. Pick on someone else.

2385 days ago


She was doing so good on Celebrity Fit Club a few years back. For health reasons, I hope she is able to shed some weight, not an enormous amount, but just be healthy. I wish her success and happiness in life.

2385 days ago

My two cents    

She was such a beautiful little girl back on her parents show...what happened to her? I don't care if she is gay, but does she HAVE to look like THAT? For gods sake, she is female and she wants to look "butch". Why do some lesbians do that anyways? Anyone have a clue? I don't understand butch lesbian. What is the purpose anyways? Friggen GROSS.

2385 days ago


I know Cher loves both her children but my GOSH what the hell happened to Chastity? Girl get some help and lay off the fat food. LMAO!!!

2385 days ago


What is wrong with you people who think Cher is embarassed to be seen with HER OWN CHILD? You people either aren't parents and shouldn't be, or you are already very horrible parents. Good parents love their children unconditionally.

2385 days ago


Lord have mercy!!

2385 days ago


WOW! Talk about the apple falling wayyyyyyyyyyyyy far from the tree.

2385 days ago

Jay J.    

I feel bad for Chas, obviousy she inherited a weight problem from probably Sonny's side of the family. I have had many heavy friends, and they sure get made fun of alot. Chas should have her thyroid checked, sometimes that can lead to obesity. She was once a very nice looking woman. But despite her weight, I think she has a heart of gold, like her dear Mom! I hope Chas can lose some of the weight before it kill her. From a very big fan of Cher's!!!

2385 days ago
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