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Cher's Daughter -- Sonny's Side Up?

3/5/2008 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chastity -- lone child of Sonny and Cher -- looked more like her dad as she celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday.

They shopped for furniture and Chastity tried out an oversized chaise for size.


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Allred Tree    

Could someone explain the whole gay thing? I don't get it! If a woman prefers a woman, then why would either one of them pretend they were a man and even go so far as to try to dress like one and talk like one. Same thing for gay guys? If they like men, then why do so many of them act so effeminate?

2390 days ago


Living proof that Celebrity Fit Club is a crock of crap.

2390 days ago


That Celebrity Fit Club really worked for her.

2390 days ago

cry baby    

she huge and gross. why did you ppl do this to me?

2390 days ago


everyone on here is so mean to this poor women. leave her alone. she must really stuggle with this and maybe she is happy the way she is...please be nice.....

2390 days ago


Chastity...Cher COULDN'T have known when she was born how APPROPRIATE that name would be.... LMAO!!

2390 days ago


DM Lady....does the DM stand for Dungeon Master????? I rest my case.....

Heroscape is SO much better

2390 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Damn people,,,,,,,,,,,How would you like it if your parents felt about you like you guys do about Chasity. Man that would hurt like hell. Obviously most of you commenters aren't parents. Maybe your day will come, maybe not. Only then can you comprehend how parents love their children unconditionally.

Chill out already.

2390 days ago


Oh - my - God! Oh my God! Oh my God.

2390 days ago


What a disgusting man-thing that Chastity got going on there. I guess what a person needs to be or has to be is his/her own problem, but could we please have a little decorum, a little class, some honor to one's body and presentation? Does becoming/being a lesbian mean you can go out in public and just be a gross pig? My God! What a pig from hell. And she's buying furniture. Of course, Momma had to come so she could pay for it. What does this...thing know about even needing furniture?!! She should just go back to her trailer and secure the door with a rope. What trash.

2390 days ago

Fraggle Rock    

So what if Chastity is a lesbian or even a butch lesbian? 10% of the population is gay. Get over it. I would much rather spend an hour talking to her than talking to most of you rude people who probably couldn't carry on a conversation other than something about the latest nail polish trends or where's my fashionably ripped jeans. Think about it in the quiet darkness of a 3 AM sometime.

2390 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I have no doubt that Cher loves her daughter with all of her heart. Sexual preferences seem to be determined from birth, to those who attempt to (out of ignorance) finger Cher or Sonny's parenting, which I'm sure was very, very loving and enlightened considering their awareness levels. Over half of the U.S. has major weight problems. Singling out Chas simply because she's the daughter of an iconic entertainer is a cheap shot. She will gain mastery of her food/activity thing if and when SHE decides she's ready. I like them both; a lot, and do you know why? You won't find snide, judgemental comments coming out of their mouths. They are both kind, classy, and live and let live, and would rather say nothing than hurt another with an ill-placed comment which usually only serves to make the commentor dysfunctionally feel better about themselves.

2390 days ago


I think that this is something (her kids flaws) that Sher does not for one minute think about when she goes out shopping with any of her kids, or at all. I think that her daughter and every person on this earth have so much more "in" them than "out" to admire.
P.S. I am not overweight nor unattractive, i just am down to earth and would love every one to accept others withput any judgements, in the end, we all share this planet the same way!

2389 days ago


#99 - Cher? NEVER says SNIDE things about people?
WHAT planet are YOU from????
They both have big mouths.
And they BOTH talk like sailors.
Yeah, I can see where "female" lives in THAT family.

2389 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

@7:58PM - Cher will let an zinger verbal comment rip to take a stab at being funny if it's relevant, but she would never intentionally hurt anyone. There's a difference between that and cruel, homophobic and weight comments. Unless you really do know them first hand. I've followed her career and read and seen her interviewed for decades, and mean she's not. Seeking, yes. I can't see her becoming an Omarosa privately, as Cher speaks from the hip, so it must mostly be who she is.

2389 days ago
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