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Dr. Robert Rey Likes the Weekend Nightlife!

3/5/2008 10:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dr. 90210" star Robert Rey put on his best man jewelry and partied like a surgeon last Saturday night in South Beach....without alcohol, of course. Dr. Rey's a teetotaler.

The good doctor hosted a bash thrown by the Electronic Retailers Association. Dr. Rob was up till 4 AM but that was East Coast time. In Bev Hills, it was a reasonable 1:00 in the morning. Plenty of time for a fresh start on Monday.


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gay, gay, gay.........

2318 days ago

richard pierce    

Wat a pathetic dork

2318 days ago


Is this guy the new Baron Von A? Please bring back the Baron. He's the best!

2318 days ago


Dr Ray is not Hispanic, he is Brazilian.

2318 days ago


Does he have glitter-gel on his chest?

2318 days ago


That talking, was a man who just got caught! He 1) Didn't have his wedding ring on 2) Had his suit jacket unbuttoned down 2 or 3 3) Seemed really surprised that he was being filmed 4) Was so "guilty" that he had to state his alibe directly 5) Couldn't even subtract correctly (4 AM minus 3 is not MIDNIGHT) He was diminimizing the time reference 5) Changed the subject really quick with the pap, kissing paps ass about his own being out there working late.

Bet his Snow Princess has already seen the clip, been reading what the rest of us have to say about her Prince... (HI HALEY!! Go eat something, he is NOT worth it)

I bet there has been ONE HUGE BATTLE between them after she watched this.

Haley came to Hollywood to find her a career. She married one. She sold out to HIM.........ewwwwwwwwww

2318 days ago


I don't think all the gay comments are automaticaly homophobic. If Dr. Rey were to come out of the closet as gay or bisexual, the namecalling would stop. It's simply the hypocrisy of effeminate appearance, mannerisms, speech and such, that he seems to relish. Blonde highlights and pink pinstripe suits just don't happen, someone has to make a choice to choose to appear that way.

In Brazil, society is more more fluid about sexuality. Many men (and women) are bisexual and it's not an affront to their sexuality, it's more like, "I'm so macho I can screw anything that walks......". That being said, I suspect Dr. Rey in a speedo might be less than an impressive sight. All the more reason for all the flamboyance elsewhere.

2318 days ago


OKay idiots - LISTEN UP

First of all being Brazilian means you are HISPANIC. If you are from anywhere in Latin America you are considered HISPANIC.

Also, the Gay comments are not homophobic. I think Dr. Rey is a flaming MO and I happen to adore my mo's. We are just calling it like we see it. DUH!!!!! Saying someone is GAY is not homophobic. Saying they should burn in hell for it - is definitely homophobic. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

2318 days ago


Dr. Rey is a father, husband, surgeon and should remember his responsibilities to his wife and children. Partying and dressing in this fashion is disrespectful to his family. Whether he got paid or not is irrelevant. The message he portrays going to this party dressed with his chest showing is selfish, conceited, and shows what he thinks about himself and not his family. Think about it Rey!

2318 days ago


I always laugh when I hear men say "I'd do him" or "I'd do her"---I can only think....yeah, but as if they'd do you!

2318 days ago


is this guy gay or just super narcisstic??????? Or Both?????

2318 days ago


LOL i thought this was bobby trendy before i read the article...this man is SO ARROGANT! what a douche

2318 days ago


I think he's creepy.
He's just as fake as the boobies he creates.

2318 days ago


Oh yeah, saying his has HIV, calling him a buttpirate and a gaywad douche are not homophobic comments at all.

2318 days ago


Why Doesn't TMZ check on his wife and kids while he's out partying? She's at home raising a family and he's out playing around. Not cool or fatherly. It's not all about making Money Doc. It's about being a good father and husband. One day, your kids may see these pictures of you and then they'll finally understand why mommy left you. Keep it up and it's gonna happen. He's waaaaaayyy too full of himself. A legend in his own mind but a fool in public.

2318 days ago
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