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Green Has Jumped the Shark

3/5/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has just breathed new life into the petroleum industry. She's going green, which means the movement is officially dead.

The woman who is famous for getting pulled over in really expensive cars after drinking margaritas has just purchased a GMC Yukon Hybrid. The actual car Miss Hilton purchased, which is still on the lot, is featured above in our photo gallery. EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!

It gets 20 miles to the gallon and seats 19 anorexic D-listers.


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Dawn Day    

Seats 19 anorexic D-listers.


2432 days ago

Reality is....    

Can someone explain to me how a
"HYBRID" and something that is supposed
to be good for the environment only gets
19 miles to the gallon?

I never understand this, it really confuses me.
I drive a 2006 Armada, and it gets more miles
to the gallon than 19.

Can they just stick "hybrid" on any title.....
I thought all hybrids got really good gas mileage, whicn in turn was good for the environment.

What a scam.

2431 days ago


Hopefully she never uses the A/C since this "hybrid" converts to full gasoline consumption when the air is in use.

2431 days ago


...and we care because.....??

2431 days ago


EVEN MORE PROOF- SHE IS BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING, NEXT SHE WILL BE SHOPPING AT TARGET AND SAYING ITS BECAUSE THEY HAVE GREAT PARKING. WHAT A MAROON!

2431 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You gotta buy lots of green cars.
You gotta save the planet.
Also black cars.
Also red cars.
Lots of cars.

800 Pound Gorilla

2431 days ago


20 mpg is not 'green' on any planet.

2431 days ago

Ronald J. Adkins III    

Paris is such a skank. She has no morals and has been laughed at by the entire USA ever since she has started throwing herself in front of cameras. Her venture into the music industry ended with nobody buying her cd. Her acting SUCKS, just take a look at the last movie that she supposedly starred in and produced. Nobody came to see it and it even stinks so bad that it is not going to be released on DVD. Her perfume isnt selling, her clothing line went bottoms up because nobody would buy it. She sold her name to a product called Champaigne in a Can. Guess what? Nobody is buying it either. Paris is poison. Whatever the skank touches dies a quick death. Some people have called the skank an heiress. Guess what? She has nothing to inherit because her grandfather who recently sold all of the Hilton Hotels and other holdings stated publically that his children and grandchildren were so much of an embarrasment, that he was leaving them nothing and giving all of the money away to worthy causes. She is nothing but a media whore and celebrity wannabe. Everyone knows she does not possess one ounce of talent and would crawl over hot coals naked in order to get her pitiful looking face taken by a photographer and published. She is a Clown! Everyone laughs at her because she is such a total loser.

2431 days ago


Why would such a little girl need such a humongous gas-guzzler? How is this green?

2431 days ago

anonoymous's not just the gas milage but about the emissions. At least she's making an effort and "that's hot." But yes a prius or one of the other many hybrids would have been better buy. If we all made an effort Just think of all the oil we WOULDN'T be buying from countries that supply the weapons to kill our soldiers! How novel would that be? Save money and lives...

2431 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Paris haters were raised by weasels.
Princess Paris is sweet and cuddly and talented and beautiful.

800 Pound Gorilla

2431 days ago


I'm confused...urban dictionary cites "jump the shark" as going from
high to low...did Fonzi not make the jump? Therefore facing his fear
and failing? Why did the t.v. show go downhill as a result of Fonzi
jumping the shark...this whole thing is confusing to me. Don't hate,
just explain. I'm a little impaired, if you know what I mean.
Regardless, Paris is a douche. And that is expressed from my
unimpaired side. : )

2431 days ago


Is a 801 Pound Gorilla allowed to drive a car? Which car should i buy? I can pay in bananas.

801 Pound Gorilla

2431 days ago


alcmena - The term jumping the shark alludes to a specific scene in a 1977 episode of the TV series Happy Days when the popular character Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli jumps over a shark while water skiing. The scene was so preposterous that many believed it to be an ill-conceived attempt at reviving the declining ratings of the flagging show. Since then, the phrase has become a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point at which the characters or plot of a TV series veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline. Such a show is typically deemed to have passed its peak. Once a show has "jumped the shark" fans sense a noticeable decline in quality or feel the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original charm.

Jump-the-shark moments may be scenes like the one described above that finally convince viewers that the show has fundamentally and permanently strayed from its original premise. In those cases they are viewed as a desperate and futile attempt to keep a series fresh in the face of declining ratings. In other cases the departure or replacement of a main cast member or character or a significant change in setting changes a critical dynamic of the show. These changes are often attempts to attract their fans' waning attention with over-the-top statements or increasingly overt appeals to sex or violence.

The term has also evolved to describe other areas of pop culture including movie series, music or acting celebrities, or authors for whom a drastic change was seen as the beginning of the end or marking the moment the subject is "past its peak."

2430 days ago


You guys are jerks. I hope you gy from global warming who ever posted this. The movement ain't over now mor epeople might join in.

2429 days ago

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