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Jamie Spears: So What's the Deal With K-Fed?

3/5/2008 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is this going to piss off Kevin Federline? TMZ is at the law office of Stacy Phillips waiting for Michael Sands' deposition.

Stacy wants Sands to spill the beans on what went down while he was the PR flack for Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Daddy's lawyer.

Jamie is the co-conservator for Brit, which may explain his presence. The real question -- Sands has split from Kaplan after an ugly break-up and the PR guy is pissed. He's about to arrive.

Stay tuned ...


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Huh? The story doesnt match up with the headline....whats going on?

2392 days ago


Why would K-Fed get pissed? Does he have something to hide??

Just darned interesting that Sands worked for K-Fed's lawyer Kaplan and then went to work for Lufti. Can we say very strange coincidence?? Sure we can. Sands is in the middle, with Kaplan (and K-Fed) on one side, and the evil Lufti on the other.

2392 days ago


Daddy Spears is so rocking right now! He's doing what I'd want my Daddy to do , Stare that creep right in the eye. (Maybe he'll beat the crap out of him behind some alley!-- But alas Daddy Spears would be there FOREVER 'cause there's a lotta crap in that craphead Sands!!!)

Remember folks, Sands and Lutfi orchestrated that whole Eardley B.S.!!

Sands ought to hire Mintz to do alittle Spinaroo for himself! I'm sure Mintz wouldn't mind working for Kaplan AND Sands as they are 2 cheeks of the same ass!

2392 days ago


Good Grief, that poor Dad, I feel sorry for Mr. Spears. He looks like a deer in headlights in every photo. Let him be, he will take care of his daughter.

2392 days ago


Team Spears , lawyer + family, really seem to be taking a bite out of the "Britney Gravey Crazy Train" MONSTER(s)!!!!

Brit is looking half way normal again thanks to her family! Hopefully there will be a full accounting of Brit's monies and assests from the last several years and proscecute those who have siphoned $ off Brit! Crazy or not she earned it and all the vampires should get a (legal!) stake through their diseased hearts!


2392 days ago


The conservators should make K-fed pay for his own damn lawyer! Why does Britney have to pay Craplan, oops i mean Kaplan?! Is it because he's an unemployed douche?!

Kaplan makes me sick to my stomach! Why on earth would any lawyer worth the salt in his blood need to hire a PR guy?

Jeez, Kaplan, K-fud, Sands, Grossman, Lutfi, Eardley and creepy Alli could be the spoke-persons for Masingal Douche products! A perfect fit really since Douche products are not needed for women, as any Gyny will tell you! So in essence; a useless product with useless spoke-persons! They could at least make an honest $!

2392 days ago


You guys need to leave Britney Alone.
Shes just a normal 20's year old. God. thats all its been about for the alst 2 years Britney Britney Britney! Holy crap have you even seen Jamie Lynn Spears! ShES how old and shes pregnant! SHES 16 AND PREGNANT WITH THE PRODUCER OF THE SHOWS KID! MAN leave britney alone. shes innocent as far as im concerned your the ones making it look like shes the stupid whore. Shes not shes way better than that.

2392 days ago


Huh! Why does he sau he's confused when he's been saying for weeks that he intends to spill the beans today?!
And why are TMZ saying stay tuned? Do you have a fly on the wall tmz? Because except for their departure I can't see what else you're going to be able to tell us about this!

2392 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

Hi, britaculous. Hilarious that Sands thought he would spill the beans on his conspiracy theory. At a deposition, the lawyer asks the questions and the person being deposed has the answer the question that is asked. It is not a free form confessional or opportunity to just start talking. If the answer doesn't match the question, then one of the lawyers will object (to preserve a record of the objection) and "move to strike" on the basis that the answer was "nonresponsive." Later, they will get the court to rule on the motion to strike, and the unresponsive answer will be disregarded. If the witness continually gives nonresponsive answers or refuses to answer the questions that are asked, the lawyer can get the judge on the phone right then and there and the court will order the witrness to answer. Sometimes the judge will even stay on the phone and listen to the question and the answer.

So I seriously doubt that Sands got to spill the beans. If he tried to go off on some rant in response to Phillips' questions, she would stop the deposition and get a court order.

Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!!!!!

2392 days ago
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