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Spies Inside "Idol" Rehearsal Spill It

3/5/2008 8:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So today's "American Idol" rehearsal has just ended and here's what we got from our spies.
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David Cook and Michael Johns were talking while the girls were on the stage, discussing who was hot. At one point David said, "I would do her," pointing to someone -- sorry, we don't know who.

The worst performance was courtesy of Brooke White, though she looked the best. She sang a slowed-down, country version of "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar and it sucked. The best performance was Asia'h Epperson, who sang "I Want to Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

All the contestants were there and they have some kind of code, constantly referring to "shenanigans," which normally is a buzzword for hijinks, but they were clearly referring to something specific.

Danny Noriega and Ramiele Malubay are definitely best friends. He was on the side making a half-a-heart sign with his hands and she would complete the heart. The two talked about going to the mall for food after rehearsal.

David Cook was making fun of David Archuleta, like a big bro ragging on lil' bro. Cook was beaucoup arrogant during the rehearsal.

Seacrest sang "You Give Love a Bad Name" and was just as bad as yesterday, but lil' blondie freely admitted he was bad.

We're told they had 20 million votes for the guys last night -- a high for the season.


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800 pound gorilla fart    

I'm ready for the first openly gay English idol judge to come out . dlckhead. One more power ballad and I'm going to destroy all my Bob Seger records . Dlckhead.

2367 days ago

big balls    

american idol is good clean tv i am a recovering addict. going on 8 yrs clean and sober. and this show gives me something to look forward to watching at nite its to bad it has to be on the same time as surivior on thurs . i like all the singers everyone of them are special

2367 days ago


David Cook did an awsome job at doing HELLO.

2367 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

David Cook and Skunk head Amanda need to go home, why don't they go home together and have some baby skunks..They are so arrogant!!! Do they even have any friends in the other contestants? DOUBT IT!

2367 days ago


Brooke was awesome last night, beautiful performance. Skunk head is okay but if she doesn't start acting like she wants to be THERE, people are going to lost interest in HER. She needs to learn how to smile and stop acting so damn nonchalant about it all!!!

2367 days ago


#31- I agree with you on David Archuletta- he does always sound like he's out of breath and he's constantly licking his lips, which is really starting to annoy me to the point where I count how many times he does it in his performance! And his whole "aw shucks" personality is getting old too.

2367 days ago

big balls    

i totalaly disagree i think amanda should go on to the final 2

2367 days ago


Obviously, Brooke White deserves to go on - her rendition last night was (to quote Paula) PHE NOMINAL - you are insane if you think otherwise - maybe in rehearsal it wasn't so good - but she blew it away on the stage last night. Ms. Kady Malloy needs to go - she just doesn't cut it on the stage - cute girl, just not enough

Amanda in the bottom 2 - ARE YOU INSANE - even she doesn't think she deserves to be there - did you see her reactions last night - she totally thinks she's going home tonight - AND SHE SHOULD - her voice is a one-trick pony and she'd never be able to pull off anything other than screaming.

2367 days ago

big balls    

Danny is the best idol by far. Just what little singing he's done proves it. he is by far the sexiest well built contestant on the show . he is very talanted, you watch it wont stop after he wins this compitition. he will go on to the movie acting . this kid is the one to go get em dan

2367 days ago


To #8 - AMEN!!! I don't know what it is about him (Cook), but ewwww........

2367 days ago


Brooke is the best singer they have.

2367 days ago


To M at #23: Is this the first time you've ever watched this show??? The rules clearly state that you cannot CURRENTLY have any record deals or contracts with any music industry professional at the time you audtion for AI - DUH...this is not the first time that a "non" amateur has been in the contest. AI is simply a starting point for a lot of these singers - it gives them a great door opener to make it on their own - which is better than winning.

AMANDA SUCKS - how do you think she'd do with "Disco" or "Country" week - it would be so horrible to watch - she just doesn't have the crossover appeal that AI looks for - she's on the wrong competition - she should have done that Rock Star show instead. If she was my nurse, I'd run out of the hopsital screaming (like she sings). Amanda and Kady need to go home tonight - if not, I may lose all interest and fully understand that America (at least those of us who vote) got it wrong, wrong, wrong

2367 days ago

big balls    

# 46 you are right danny is a very charming young man i wish he could hook him with up with my youngest daughter

2367 days ago

#1 Tarheel    

I think the best improvement to the show would be to get rid of Paula. She goes on and on and on and doesn't really say anything. Also - what is she on?

2367 days ago


Is only me but doesn't Danny Noriega look like Jessica Alba??!!

2367 days ago
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