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Spies Inside "Idol" Rehearsal Spill It

3/5/2008 8:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So today's "American Idol" rehearsal has just ended and here's what we got from our spies.
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David Cook and Michael Johns were talking while the girls were on the stage, discussing who was hot. At one point David said, "I would do her," pointing to someone -- sorry, we don't know who.

The worst performance was courtesy of Brooke White, though she looked the best. She sang a slowed-down, country version of "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar and it sucked. The best performance was Asia'h Epperson, who sang "I Want to Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

All the contestants were there and they have some kind of code, constantly referring to "shenanigans," which normally is a buzzword for hijinks, but they were clearly referring to something specific.

Danny Noriega and Ramiele Malubay are definitely best friends. He was on the side making a half-a-heart sign with his hands and she would complete the heart. The two talked about going to the mall for food after rehearsal.

David Cook was making fun of David Archuleta, like a big bro ragging on lil' bro. Cook was beaucoup arrogant during the rehearsal.

Seacrest sang "You Give Love a Bad Name" and was just as bad as yesterday, but lil' blondie freely admitted he was bad.

We're told they had 20 million votes for the guys last night -- a high for the season.


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i have to disagree with the tmz spies somewhat intensely - i thought brooke was wonderful and asia'h was a total waste of time.

2386 days ago


I'm not going to be coming into this site anymore if you jerks are going to keep trying to ruin the show for those of us who are fans. For your information, Brooke's version of that song turned out to be one of the best performances of the night, right next to Carly and Amanda's (I think we can all forgive Amanda for last week's fiasco now). I hope your freaking spies are caught and thrown out!

2386 days ago


Okay before I stop coming here I have to defend Amanda. There is room in the music industry for her today, she is a total rocker and so much better than these breathy ridiculous hiphop singers and rocker wannabes. Rhianna is packaged before she is beautiful, Avril is only still known because she is very pretty, neither has a lot of talent and we all know rap is not and never has been music. Amanada may only belong in one genre but she is enjoyable for the same reason Janis Joplin's music is enjoyable, only Amanda is not a fat greasy junkie who will drop dread from heroine use. Just forget about last week;s performance, she's allowed one bad week (I'm still trying to get that song out of my head and I can't think about that hair without a shiver up my spine) but she could totally put out albums and I would buy them. I'm not so sure about her attitude but that remains to be seen. Quit picking on her, she's a great rocker. I love Carly and Brooke too.

2386 days ago

big balls    

#53 go fu_k yourself

2386 days ago

loves it    

where are my comments cant handle the truth!

2386 days ago


I thought Brooke was the best performance of the night for the girls. It was a gutsy call and worked beautifully. Kind of like David Cook the night before, they both took a song, put their unique twist to it and made it their own. That's how you do it! I think TMZ missed it concerning Brooke.

2386 days ago


Who writes this crap? I wish I could have heard what you heard when listening to Brooke White -- "Slowed down country version"???? Country??? What, because someone sings acoustically you think it's country? Here's an idea Harvey, about you have someone who actually KNOWS something about MUSIC write about this stuff and leave the typical "I saw so-and-so drinking a latte today" up to everyone else over there at TMZZZZZZZ.......

2385 days ago

I don't believe in sky genies    

The comments were almost exactly the reverse of what the actual performances were. From the writing it and the favoritism the spy would appear to be Sanjaya's crying girl from season 6.

Brooke Whites performance was incredible adult contemporary take not country. Asia'h went home because her stupid head shaking finger wagging moment showed that she was a Karaoke act. When compared with her rival Sayesha who also failed to perform but did so in such a professional and confident manner. She should be able to knock out the overhyped Carley.

David Cook next to Kacheesey is by far the weakest male performer. The girls are as a group weaker but also more closely bunched together. When Amanda is gone it will be a toss up which one goes.

2385 days ago


#6 Um.... last I knew, one's sexual orientation had nothing to do with vocal talent or ability. To say that (and I quote) "Gays can't sing. Period." is utterly ridiculous and immature.
And just plain stupid.

2385 days ago


your spies must suck considering Asia'h got kicked off and told that she sucked, lol

2385 days ago


23. I think Amanda was fantastic tonight! She is the only one that puts some life into IDOL. The rest are Britney "wanna-be's". As far as Carly goes, she shouldn't even be on this show. She has already had a record deal, this is suppose to be for amatuers! What gives??

Well then kick Archie off then, he's been in singing competitions half his life!

2384 days ago


let a grown up win this year!!!

Michael and Carly for final 2!!!!!!!!!

2384 days ago


David Cook rocks!
Whoever said he isn't hot and creepy needs their head examined. He's so awesome!

2382 days ago


David Cook should win American Idol this season. He is the best one out of all of them.

2382 days ago


What is the deal with Brooke White? Her vocals are so-so.......good enough for an open mic night I suppose. The whole "fake crying" thing and biting her lip thing is getting old!! She is depending on her Mormon "good girl" image to get her through. I think as the show progresses, America will eventually figure out that this is a singing contest and she certainly is NOT the best.
As the contestants are asked to sing different genres, the most talented ones will shine.......I pick both Davids (the ugly one and the Mormon one) as well as the Cook chick (getting beat up by SImon only will make her stronger). Let's face it, the 11 left are ALL pretty it is just a waiting game to see who screws up on stage.

2379 days ago
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