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Bridget Moynahan: Baby Got Back

3/6/2008 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hot mama Bridget Moynahan and her Tom Brady love child, John Edward Thomas, were snapped in Pacific Palisades on Wednesday.

They seem like the happiest fatherless little family.


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#31 Stevo - Hey numb takes two to make a baby! He didn't get caught, he helped to produce a child!

How many children have you fathered? Or, do you even know................?

2421 days ago


LOL, you people are so funny. I'm sure they are all fine, you're the ones who seem to have all the problems with this situation. Bridget's happy, baby's happy, Tom's happy... Are your lives that pathetic that you have to get so mad at someone elses? They're all rich and happy - maybe all these negative commentors should check themselves. Oh yeah, it make people feel better to judge others when your lives suck! haha

2421 days ago


Do you people that are criticizing her for how she has her child positioned even have children of your own? You sound like idiots, there are hundreds of products like this on the market for carrying your baby in the front, back, as a sling, etc. It is 100% safe and actually the baby likes to be in the carrier because it keeps them close to their parents heartbeat and they like the warmth.

And ValGal, I believe their child is to the age that he can hold his head up, he looks to be at least six months old I've never heard of a baby that age just "snapping it's neck".

I makes me laugh how everyone thinks it's their duty to critique other's parenting styles. Like you are all perfect parents yourselves, give her a break.

2421 days ago


A 6 month old baby..can hold his head a mother..that carrier is wonderful...the best in the market..and I can vouch for is used both ..front and back...she lives in a area that has wonderful weather..and she walks quite often...and takes John with her...I bet he loves it.....Dad's own dad just said..he hadn't talked to his son..about Moss resigning..but text ed son is out of the he can't be bonding with John...His gal pal has hooked him and hooked him good..John's dad may never be a full-time father because of who he is Bridget has made a life for her and her son...and when or if she finds someone...she may have..or she may not want to right now..but whatever...someone else will probably be the father figure in John's life..which is often the case...when the parents aren't together....

2421 days ago


I think she is a sneak. She's a grown woman, she knew about birth control.
I'm so tired of hearing the "I'm a single mother" crap. Women think of that before you lay down,
Tom was set up, she's a B list actress, now with her golden egg! Some mother!!!!!

2421 days ago


TMZ...none of you are single parents? Does that make your kid motherless or fatherless? You guys suck more & more everyday..

2421 days ago


Hey Lee you idiot...put a sock in that hole in the front of your face...the ignorance here blows my mind. Birth Control is not just the womans responsibility moron...she is perfectly capable of taking care of her child BY HERSELF..the father will be in the picture and the kid will most likely have a great childhood...I could see if she had a problem being a single mom then I would agree that she should have thought of that before but since that IS NOT the does that make her a sneak? Damn there are SO many weirdo's in this world!!! She is a beautiful, strong, mature, WONDERFUL mother...get a life and go back to your little hole

2421 days ago


Wow, "Lee" you know Bridget?? Lol, you sound like a gossipy no-life...

2421 days ago


Some of you people are idiots. The kid is 6-7 months old and can certainly hold his own head up. My daughter could sit by herself at that age. And you people that call her a gold digger because she had brady's baby, I think she can well afford to take care of the kid on her own. I am quite sure the baby will turn out just fine with or without Brady.

2421 days ago


The baby should be in front folks, not in back. This is not a backpack trip, this is a baby!

2421 days ago


People should marry only if they want to and with his money, Tom Brady can afford to support the babay without being the father. But then, maybe he is not the father.

2421 days ago


Although the baby can hold its head up for extended periods of time, this child should be carried in the front so that it can rest its head against the mother when tired. The jarring from walking, can actually harm a baby this age, and since the babies head is just kind of left to support itself, it can be jarred, and injured. The baby does not have full muscle control over its head at this age, therfore it just kind of goes wherever. She need to move him to the front until he is a little older.

2421 days ago

grannymom depends on the baby...some of mine were crawling by that age..and 2 were walking at 9 months...many are sitting alone at that age..they balance there heads quite well...She is probably walking in her neighbor hood..or at least close to her car..and doubt she walks with him for hours and hours..and if you saw the sites..where more pictures were shown...she did have him in front in some of maybe she started out with him in the back..and put in to the front later..

2421 days ago


hey jazz, maybe they weren't walking for very long - geez - love this baby patrol on here! i'm sure bridget knows what she's doing... lol, i just love all these self-serving comments.

2421 days ago


I feel sorry for her. Tom Brady is a major jackass. Grow up, dude!

2421 days ago
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