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"Idol" Rehearsals: No TMZ Allowed!

3/7/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" was supposed to have a rehearsal before last night's show -- but we're told they canceled it at the last minute because of fears it would get leaked online. You mean like this?
American Idol
TMZ spies overheard crew members on the lot who were quite upset they showed up to work a rehearsal performance that never happened. The crew griped to one another that the rehearsal was canceled because of the fear of secrets getting out.

Audience members were told that the rehearsal was nixed because Blake Lewis could only do his performance live -- but it ended up being pre-taped before the live feed anyway. In fact, we're told they almost had to do a second Blake performance because the crowd reaction wasn't so hot. His prognostication skills weren't so hot either: He told the judges before the show he thought Chikezie was going to be voted off.


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Thanks for the interesting news

2334 days ago


I rather enjoyed Blake's performance.

2360 days ago


Damn I could have had a V-8

2360 days ago


i think blake sounded better when he was doing covers of songs.....but thank god that little freak danny is gone...and would that stupid asian chick stop crying.....didn't she realize that people got voted off the show!!!!.....blat and bawl when it happens to you moron.......uuuug ......a couple of tears is one thing....crying like a family member died is just ridiculous!

2360 days ago


So sad that TMZ has lost their inside scoop of Britney's where-abouts that they now resort to being American Idol's scoop de jour!!!

Their so called "spy" is bound to be fired!! Dumb twit thinks leaking to TMZ might help her/his career!! IDIOT!!!

Makes me think of that song.... I got friends in lower places!!!
Good luck Idol spy!!! lol

2360 days ago


American Idol is GARBAGE who cares!

2360 days ago


American idol is garbage!

2360 days ago


Hey TMZ!!!! Some of us need this info to to broadcast! Can you cut the gossip and give us the whole point of watching this crap!! WHO WAS VOTED OFF....WHO STAYS would be pertinenet. I like to get info from one source...and you are the most fun.

2360 days ago


it is about time, I mean come on look at what happen because one of the judges didn't like Chris D .... Well he got the last laugh one that one. So who know the judes have the final say. I say TMZ you NAIL THEM ........................................................ send simon back toENGLAND

2360 days ago


Blake.....don't like your new song...if the judges could have commented on it....YOU would have gone home last night !
Get some GOOD songs or your career is in the can.

2360 days ago


My boyfriend got booted off the show last night. Very disappointing.

2360 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

like I always said, If I wanna hear some bad singing there's always the neighboorhood sportsbar on kareoke night ! hell , there's even some people in my hometown that sing better that that !! the judges should pick out cities and go 2 kareoke bars and find a few good people other than some of those singing idiots they have up there !! I only like how 2 or 3 of them sing great and that's pretty dam*n obvious !

2360 days ago


Blake dropped weight and he looked trim and sexy again. What's the status of his relationship with Chris Richardson? Are they still an "item?"

About Paula Abdul last night. She was totally loaded and she couldn't even sit down most of the time. Is she taking speed for her ADD and to stay thin? She sure behaves like a speed freak.

2360 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

tmz barred from AI - time to wake up tmz - you're done

2360 days ago

I don't believe in sky genies    

I am so glad for the DVR to be able to skip past Blakes tiered beatbox performance. What a load.

Kacheesey should have gone. Danny is annoying but at least he has some charisma and sang a lot better than Sanjaya did last year.

Can we please just call votefortheworst over now? Dave Hernadez although creepy is really a good singer.

2360 days ago
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