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What's the Matter -- Jenny Craig Got Ya Tongue?

3/7/2008 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Valerie Bertinelli is really good at shutting up.

One persistent pap was relentless in trying to get her to talk -- asking her an endless stream of questions about Eddie Van Halen, her book, her new mystery man and even her upcoming talk show. Nothing worked.


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if you read the book you would have known that her son has a teacher with him at all times. And that she is there most of the time. The people who write negative things about famous people are no better than the annoying camera crews that follow these people!

2356 days ago


Thanks for the interesting news

2338 days ago


Can't a girl eat a meal in peace. Please - so she had a freakin piece of bread and maybe some meat! That's why everyone is anorexic or bullemic --They look disgusting!

2337 days ago


TMZ I really wish you would go AWAY! Ya'll suck so bad! If you want to be a successful in the news take a some hints from People mag. They at least cover the celeb news in a classy, tasteful way. Not the pathetic hound bastards that ya'll are!!

2337 days ago


That's exactly why diets fail, because people think that becasue they indulge once, they might as well forget it. You can have a good meal or a treat once in a while and continue a good weight loss regimen. Shame on you for making a big deal out of it. As if women don't get enough crap about eating, weight issues, and dieting. What an aweful story! Let the woman eat and be happy! She looks great, good for her!

2337 days ago


I swear this was just wrong WE LOVE YOU VALERIE!!!

2337 days ago


Valerie, l love you and I love Eddie!! I've been a Van Halen fan for over 20 years as well as a fan of you. I loved reading your book, it was great. Thank you for writing such a great, honest, touching, funny, entertaining book. So great that you and Eddie are friends and have such an awesome son together, and that you have both found hsppiness in your personal lives!!! Eddie is the GREATEST GUITARIST IN THE WORLD, BAR NONE!!! I think its great that Wolfie is touring with his Dad. Its' all good. Your new man is a hottie too. you go girl!!

2337 days ago


Sounds like TMZ doesn't have enough to do. If JC allows you to eat once in awhile, shouldn't that be Valerie's business? She looks great, worked hard and is a great lady. Leave her alone.

2337 days ago


I am sorry that I took the time to watch this. I understand that being famous and writing a book may invite interested people and paparrazi but this guy was a jerk. Talk about invading her space. It think she was very gracious. I am not sure if I could have maintained for that long. She was a perfect example of everything she should want to be.

2337 days ago


Do you notice when she's walking she flips him the bird? LOL love it

2337 days ago


I happened on this site as I checked into AOL. What a horrid thing to watch anyone go through. How is this entertainment I wonder? Who are the people on here who believe the stuff that is printed?? Please..go to school, read a something. I cannot imagine growing old in a head that perpetuates smack about people unknown. Sing a to someone....if you can. But...Please .. be kind.

2337 days ago


It is easy for the public to put down Val, but if you really look at it and step out of the picture what would you do if you were in her place. I am saying that these people become actors and they know that if they make it , they are going to have fame, money, any thing they want but one thing will never come back to them until their fame dies out, their personal life. I think if we had a chance to step into their shoes what decisions would we make. We say we wouldn't do this or that but I have to say it there is not one of you that money would not change. If you say that money and fame wouldn't change you, that is the biggest Bull S_ _ _ on earth. It is just sad we didn't have the luck to be rich or even richer in our life.

2337 days ago


I'm sure everyone would appreciate a camera being thrown in their face the moment they walk off a plane and WTF is up with these asinine questions??

2335 days ago


i like her

2364 days ago


I never understood why she would let her 16 year old son tour with VanHalen. But then her confession of being a coke addict and cheater makes it clearer. She is not the level headed person I thought she was.

2364 days ago
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