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What's the Matter -- Jenny Craig Got Ya Tongue?

3/7/2008 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Valerie Bertinelli is really good at shutting up.

One persistent pap was relentless in trying to get her to talk -- asking her an endless stream of questions about Eddie Van Halen, her book, her new mystery man and even her upcoming talk show. Nothing worked.


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I agree, Tam...and did anyone else notice when Larry asked her what her boyfriend did...she didn't even know? That was messed up.

2399 days ago


not so beautiful...she looks exactly like Eddie....

2399 days ago


val keep it up. there are lots of haters out in this world. and duh! eddie is wolife's father- his father should protect wolfie just as much as val would. HE IS WITH HIS FATHER AND UNCLE-- DUH!~ IF ANYONE WOULD KNOW THE ROCK LIFE STYLE IT SURE AS HELL WOULD BE EDDIE AND HIS UNCLE. and you sure as hell would think they would protect him just as much as anyone else....... THEY ARE HIS FAMILY! AND WHO WOULDN'T LET THEIR CHILD WITH THAT KIND OF MUSICAL TALENT tour WITH VAN HALEN. AFTER ALL THEY WERE AT ONE TIME ONE OF THE BIGGEST ROCK BANDS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD.......YES, THE WORLD..........DUH!~! HE OBVISUOLY HAS TALENT LIKE HIS UNLCE AND FATHER. so for all your HATERS------------- HORRAYYAYAYAYAY TO VAL!~ YOU ARE DOING GOOD......... YOU LOOK GREAT- !~~

2399 days ago


i like her even more now!!!

2399 days ago


DUH- i know, they are acting like he went on tour with a stranger. it's his father!!!

2399 days ago

river rat    

15. I read this and I am really sad to see such hateful things said about someone that you do not know personally. I along with everyone else grew up with Valerie. I have to say that the "tell all book" that you describe as being so horrible actually is quite a piece of work. I am proud of her for cleaning out her closet with her secrets. I am not sure that I would have the strength to do it (and in front of the whole world). My hat is off to you Val!! You look great and your book has inspired me to look at myself in a more indepth way. I am struggling with being more over weight now than I ever have and your have inspired me to make that change in my life style that I had been hiding from. If you can do it, so can I. Thank you for your courage and honesty. And never let these bozo's bother you.
Keep smiling cause it is a beautiful one!

Posted at 6:02PM on Mar 7th 2008 by Jane in Tucson

Beautifully written, Jane. I have also read Valerie's book and actually believe she was more critical of her own shortcomings than she was of her ex. I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to open her private life to the masses by talking about her infidelity and drug use. I applaud the lady for having the courage to do whatever it took to turn her life around. So hang in there, Jane, and maybe some day you will write your own book.

To #11 (the truth) - you wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit you in the ass. Wolfgang is being tutored while he is on this tour. If you had done a little searching, you would have known that.

2399 days ago


duh!--Eddie has now left the tour because he's back on the sauce. And I didn't see him or his brother protecting Valerie! Oh, and no parents party with their kids, right? That never happens! Hello! Just because everybody doesn't agree with your skewed opinion doesnt make them haters. You seem kind of illiterate. Misconstruing concern for a child as hate. Grow up. That kid has no business around those people.

2399 days ago


Papparazzi has been declared the worst profession, right below Crack Ho Assistant.

ha ha


2399 days ago


Smithy--Well said. Some people are very naive. And when they have no tolerance for others opinions, that's the first thing that pops into their little call you a hater. Ridiculous mentality.

2399 days ago


Get in the real world. You can't keep a 16 year old away from his Dad. He grew up knowing the lifestyle. It's just to bad Wolfie wasn't enough to keep his Dad sober. Has that relapse been confirmed or is he having health problems of another sort.

2399 days ago


Not only is Wolfie being tutored while on tour, and his father has the same custody rights as his mother, he made (by her own admission) a very, very logical argument to Valerie: she was younger than he is when she started on "One Day At A Time". Sounds like a kid with a good head on his shoulders. I agree, too, with whomever said how critical she was of Mackenzie. That admission hurt me personally, because I've always identified with "Julie" as being me and "Barbara" as being my sister. My sister would do the same thing: everything I fought for, she got automatically. She was always the "good" sister; I was accused of being the trouble maker. If my mother had only known the truth. Like Mac, I never gave up my own sister and she surely had every opportunity. Now even Bonnie Franklin is claiming she had no idea what was going on behing the scenes, and was as surprised as everyone else when Mac was fired. Huh?

2399 days ago


The kid is the one who needs Jenny Craig....I saw them 3 months ago, and he was just soaking wet from sweating. He is quite large.

2399 days ago


She has been running her mouth NON STOP to magazines and The GREAT "O" so why shut up now? Don't shed any tears for this one, she has even mocked his cancer "Doctor" and that was when she was with him.. able to SAY "Get a second, third, fourth opinion" but now she's quiet.. odd, You guys should have dropped a $20.00 then she may have answered one.

2399 days ago


Yes she and Eddie DID look alike, VAIN !!! Classic, of being able to screw yourself :-)

2399 days ago


Would you like it bettter if she pretended to be all "holier than thou" & didn't admit her youthful errors - like most celebs - Deny-Deny-Deny. At least she's being honest.

2399 days ago
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