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Even the People in Hillary's Ads Don't Like Her

3/8/2008 7:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton's "red phone" commercial helped propel her to big win in Ohio this week -- but one of the stars of the commercial is actually a huge Barack Obama supporter.

The first child featured in the ad -- which asks people who they want to answer the phone in the White House at 3:00 AM -- is actually Casey Knowles, an Obama volunteer in the state of Washington. The footage was shot eight years ago when she worked as a TV extra. Getty Images owns the footage and can do with it as it pleases.

Knowles, who turns 18 in April, told KING 5 in Seattle that she is for Barack all the way: "It's really sort of ironic that my image would be used to advocate for Hillary when I myself do not."


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NO to Obama!!!

2364 days ago


I think it's kind of funny, but it's only relevant in the fact that the Clinton camp did not do their homework. If I were a candidate for the most powerful office in the world, I'd want to know who's publicly speaking (or not) for me.

2364 days ago


Barrack Hussein Obama HELLO People this is a guy who's middle name is HUSSEIN what's american about that?
he's been photograph with a turbin on

2364 days ago


Shut up and act.

2364 days ago


so ... where's the so-called 'Red Phone" ?? Looks "White" to me ..... ????

2364 days ago


I will be so upset with Hillary Clinton if she chooses Sen. Obama as a running mate! After all we've heard , read and seen about him!! I will feel betrayed ... there is a reason why so many Americans have picked her over Obama, because of the DIFFERENCES that Clinton has pointed out such as NAFTA, Iraq, foreign policy, healthcare and the econamy.. they would be in contrast with each other's views on the same ticket!! What a let down that would be..

2364 days ago


read this scenario in ny daily news today...white house red phone rings at 3 am, hillary answers, "who is this"??!!! woman on other end responds, "dam him! bill didn't tell me he was married!"

2364 days ago


GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2364 days ago


No, Bill would be vice not a bad idea???

2364 days ago


YA 23 me too.....

2364 days ago


Please don't jump on the political bandwagon. You are a celebrity website....and no more negativity towards Hillary...she has enough out there.

2364 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Doesn't surprise me. That was a Muslim child, wasn't it?

2364 days ago

She looks great    

Uhh, TMZ/Harvey Levin, the people of CA, NY, NJ, MA, OH, TX, RI, FL, AND MORE would disagree with you.

Hillary will be our next President. Obama can accept VP, or miss his chance to weasel into the White House.

The truth about Obama is starting to come out now that the media's free ride is easing.

Obama cracks under pressure.

Women and many other groups will abandon the Democratic party if Obama is nominated.

If the Dem party wants to win the White House, Clinton will be nominated. It took the Clintons to win the White House back from multiple Repub administrations, and it will take a Clinton to do it again.

Otherwise, say hello to McCain for 8 years.

2364 days ago


America needs to wake up. We need to vote on experience and quality NOT rock star qualities. Hillary cares! if Hill does not win I will vote republican for the first time ever.

2364 days ago


Since he's that bad why would you want him to be even a Vice President?? Makes no sense, really made me mad when former President Bill Clinton said a Clinton/Obama ticket would be unbeatable, they better not even consider Obama or she will lose my vote!!

2364 days ago
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