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Greasy Gets Firecrotched!

3/8/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After Brandon Davis finally found his ride outside of Villa last night -- and it took longer than it should have -- a very boobalicious club-goer unleashed a rant on him to rival the classic "Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch!" diatribe.
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Is not having a table at Villa really an insult?


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how much is a table at villa anyway?

2389 days ago


what would these people do without cell phones?? im sick of seeing them on them all the time.

and the girl in the black should just get naked because it looks like your not wearing anything anyways. you look like a whore. no class at all. she also has a big mouth !

where are all the good actors/?? there isent any anymore. this young generation can not act at all !

2389 days ago


YUCK!!!! Another LA pornstar! She looks like she should be wearing a pair of Shauna Sands hooker heels from Hollywood blvd!!!!

2389 days ago


PEOPLE Stop talking about her!!!!!! he's a f***in idiot..... he talks crap about everyone is hollywood and he's no one!!!! she's just a voice that came out to say it

2389 days ago


It takes A LOT to look worse than Brandon Davis but this trampy mctramperson whore does manage to pull it off.

I really didn't think it was possible. She tries to talk about what a loser he is all the while sounding like a whiny elitist and dressed like a cheap whore. You can look hot and fashionable. She just looks so desperate.

And yeah, I know who he his (not a personal friend) and I know two chicks he's cheated on her with. chirp chirp.

2389 days ago


I've never seen anyone as shiny and disgusting as Brandon. I wonder how he stays so greasy.

2389 days ago


Is that a headband in his hair? LOL transvestite!!!!!!!

2389 days ago

Haters get a life    

You guys are crazy. She is so fine. That dirty mouth turns me on. And her rack is amazing. Stop hating, that's so lame.. Her boyfriend is a douche bag, no doubt..

2389 days ago


After loading that video, my imac has several sores and smells like sun-dried Orange Roughy. I need a shower after just looking at that two nickel skank. Ick ick ick.

2389 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

It's time someone heckled this fat hog. He, his brother and Paris are all loosers, they are people with an emptiness to them!

2389 days ago

tmz fan    

somebody please tell me why this trustfunded parasite douchebag and his potatoe-headed brother deserve to be photographed? please tell me. please!

2389 days ago


he cant afford a table, but she cant afford a BRA

2389 days ago


This girl saw the cameras and said whatever she had to for attention from them since the hooker outfit wasn't getting her the attention she obviously wanted. Too bad she made an ass of herself for the world to see.

2389 days ago


cocaines a hell of a drug

2389 days ago

Juicy Couture    

We get it, she had nice bazooms - I love how the camera guy kept focusing on them. Was she a Kardashian ?

2389 days ago
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