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Horton Hears an Abortion Protest

3/8/2008 10:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All hell broke loose at the Hollywood premiere of "Horton Hears a Who!" today when a group of pro-lifers infiltrated the screening, then chanted anti-abortion slogans after the flick.

The theme of the movie is based on the motto: "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small." So the pro-lifers thought it was a good idea to use this theme to their advantage -- even though their complicated message was falling mostly on the ears of children.

The stars in attendance included Victoria Beckham and her three kids, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, Steve Carell and all 12 contestants from "American Idol."

After the chanting ended, the group put red tape over their mouths that said "Life" on them, and paraded around the event.

Shouts of protest were returned by some in attendance, including, "This is a kid's premiere," "How dare you," and "Do you really care that much about this?"


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Ok Kelli I bet that same church says thou shalt not kill. HMMMM

2418 days ago


I was going to our local mall a few weeks ago, and there was this church group standing all along the road...holding up HUGE signs with pictures of aborted fetuses. I had my six year old in the car with me and had to spend the entire evening explaining to him what that picture was.....why it was....the whole nine yards....I wanted to go and tell those idiots to keep it off the roadsides where little kids could see them. These signs were like.....5' x 5' color signs!

2418 days ago


These pro-lifers go about everything wrong. They make things worse, not better. They are too militant to be effective. And this today was just pure nonsense, which makes them look foolish. Their behavior hurts the cause they want to help.

2418 days ago


Kelli...maybe you should keep your legs shut! How stupid are you if you haven't learned by the 3rd time! I believe in abortion being a woman's right, but to use it as birth control is absolutely discusting! Your children are much better off because if you were to raise them, I could only imagine the morales they'd possess.

As for demonstraters, demonstrate away, but keep little minds out of it. It's my right as a parent to teach my 3 kids about abortions when I feel they are ready to comprehend the info I'm offering. To be forced to talk about it when we are at a movie, or just when the time is not right, well THAT'S just not right. Respect our families, will ya.

2418 days ago


Just goes to show you how 'stupid' pro-lifers are!!

2418 days ago


These tards need to stay away from childrens movies and go elsewhere. Kids are not going to understand their so called message so it is pointless to even be there. Stop trying to impose your personal beliefs on to other people!!!

2418 days ago


Kelli--I realize it is a personal choice and you did what was right for you. But, three abortions and one baby up for adoption? Have you ever just considered birth control?

2418 days ago


# 6 Kelli Your a idiot and a disgusting person! I believe it is a
women's right, but to not use any birth control and continue to have
abortions is DISGUSTING! Go have a tubal or use a condom moron.

2418 days ago


This Mommy didn't do that. Why is everyone having a problem with one persons choice? To each its own. I had no idea one persons opinion matters so much. God Bless that lady. She will deal with her own choices.

2418 days ago


So I adopted and had my own. Big deal!! Quit trying to start crap. You are on TMZ!!!! Try another website for news that matters.

2418 days ago


I have serious questions/concerns about a church that says birth control is wrong, but it's ok to keep putting yourself through the trauma and risk of abortions, and the sorrow of giving up a baby. Something just doesn't make sense there.

2418 days ago


see how gullible & stupid you are?? that comment was so made up because it's hilarious to read people's "horrified reactions" do you realize i do this on every post. how bout this "i am going to contact the FBI & the captain of the chicago police" fran is made up too. good lord

2418 days ago


There is a time and a place for everthing. And the pro-lifers picked the wrong time and the wrong place. They get blinded to common sense and think 'anytime's the right time'. But this only makes them look like the fanatics that they probably are. I would be ticked off if this happened while I had my kids at the movies. I try to shield them from growing up to fast as much as possible and them asking me 'what's an abortion?' when they are only 7 and 8 would bring too much 'grown up stuff' into their lives. Sorry, prolifers, you did a not so good thing this time!

While I may never personally get an abortion, I am not going to place my values onto anyone else. Nor will I judge those who choose to do this. It's a difficult enough decision to make, regardless of the circomstances.

2418 days ago


Ya gotta hand it to Fran. She knows which buttons. Take full credit yourself Fran, you have earned it.

2418 days ago


Kelli? learn to swallow!!!

2418 days ago
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