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Horton Hears an Abortion Protest

3/8/2008 10:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All hell broke loose at the Hollywood premiere of "Horton Hears a Who!" today when a group of pro-lifers infiltrated the screening, then chanted anti-abortion slogans after the flick.

The theme of the movie is based on the motto: "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small." So the pro-lifers thought it was a good idea to use this theme to their advantage -- even though their complicated message was falling mostly on the ears of children.

The stars in attendance included Victoria Beckham and her three kids, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, Steve Carell and all 12 contestants from "American Idol."

After the chanting ended, the group put red tape over their mouths that said "Life" on them, and paraded around the event.

Shouts of protest were returned by some in attendance, including, "This is a kid's premiere," "How dare you," and "Do you really care that much about this?"


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To the pro life protestors - TMZ reports that you disgraced your cause and just helps promote America's 40M death Holocaust. Leave the trash behavior to the Libtard PETA nation as they have marched past Agnostic shacked up Hitler's 12M death count, athiest Stalin's 20M death count, onto athiest Mao's 70M death count.

To the "leave my uterus alone" hell bound libtard nation. I don't care what you do to your uterus. But if you kill a human life within you, you are selfish, unethical, immoral, uncivil, and most of all criminal. But if you manage to prevail and keep killing your little tards, we will keep winning Florida by 200 votes, giving the next Bush 8 years. It all balances out.

2315 days ago


I agree, I said, it took me all evening to try and explain to my son what those pictures were about....and this wasn't just a flyer in their hands....these were huge color signs....very clear to see, and the people were lined up the road in front of our mall....I was completely mortified by it.

2315 days ago


I got it mik!! Job well handled!! yum!!

2315 days ago


6. I had 3 abortions, & they were all the right decision fo rme. The one child I gave birth to I gave up for adoption so I think I did the right thing. Abortion really serves a purpose when you're not ready to have children. My Church says birth control is wrong, so I don't do it.

Posted at 8:48PM on Mar 8th 2008 by Kelli

3 times!! are you kidding me??? why dont you learn to keep your pants on!! is that birth control your church would approve of? they should have ripped out your uterus while they where murdering those babies!

2315 days ago

just wondering    

...Man, just when u get tired from shovelling and r looking for a good laugh and think ..." shucks, it is Sat nite on tmz and it will be boring "...well, whoever started kicking it up a notch on this site must be laughing like crazy!!!....THANKS!!! shhhhhhh...time to let the others yack abt stuff that doesn't belong on a celeb gossip site...but...I wouldn't want to call them out for straying!!! shhhhhhhhhhhh

2315 days ago


"I had 3 abortions The one child I gave birth to I gave up for adoption My Church says birth control is wrong by Kelli"

but being a sleezy slut is OK ??? keep your skanky legs shut & stop getting knocked up you ho !!! i can imagine the funk you drip !!!!!! both your mama & your priest should be slapped !!!

2315 days ago

just wondering    

Kim...." 2 wrongs don't make a right"...since that " infamous" post was a fake and u don't know it...but..u need some mouthwash!

2315 days ago


Iv'e seen the light...after listening...I'm now pro-choice......from now on i CHOOSE not to have my taxes raised,from now on i CHOOSE not to pay for a child thats born into a home that cannot make ends meet to begin with,from now on i CHOOSE not to pay into the welfare system that seems to be abused by families like its a lifestyle...from now on i CHOOSE not to pay for affermative action programs or school of choice programs...from now on i CHOOSE not to pay for medicaid..........from now on I'M PRO you said everyone has the right to choose

2315 days ago


G O O D !!!!!! It's so true. I bet you don't know what an abortion is really like... They suck out the baby limb per limb. Pretty sick, and I bet you don't know you can do this 1 day short of six months. Imagine living with that the rest of your life. Your mother could have done that with you. President Clinton wanted to make abortion legall if the baby did'nt take it's first breath called (partial birth) that bill did'nt pass thank God. What an evil person. Check out the book Silent Screams , it will enlighten you.

2315 days ago


Kelli, I seriously hope that was a slam on the church, & not a serious comment, If it is a serious comment, you must be one dumb bitch. The "church" is against birth control because your supposed to have sex to produce children, & birth control stops that. Soooo, somethin' tells me, if your not supposed to take birth control (because the reason of having sex is to MAKE babies) THEN THEY PROBABLY DON'T WANT YOU KILLING THEM!!!!!!! Its ok, though, I'm not a religious person, but, I belive that there a a special fate for people like you. Probably ovarian or uterine cancer, wouldn't that be ironic?? Ha. Oh, one last thing, if there is a hell, I'm sure you'll burn in it. Until then, enjoy your life, & remember you were a fomer fetus, thank your mother for letting you live past that point.

2315 days ago

just wondering    

WTF.....I'm online cause I'm busy shovelling...that is a made up post 100% !...u can relax now..

2315 days ago


i'm pro-life but even i think that's ridiculous.
there's a time and a place for everything.

2315 days ago


Those pro-life people are sexist pigs who can't interpret the law. Get offa my planet, dumbos.

2315 days ago


Why is TMZ censoring posts in support of Hillary and against Obama? Face the music, jerkwads. Hillary will be our next President. Now bow before her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2315 days ago


About a year ago, I was driving and passed by HUNDREDS of pro-lifers/anti-choicers lined up along a large road, peacefully demonstrating their cause.

But you know what really struck me -- I was thinking that instead of STANDING THERE HOLDING SIGNS what if all of those people who hated abortion were out there making sure that EVERY CHILD who is born has the right to A GOOD LIFE!

I hate abortion, but I am pro-choice. Luckily, I've never had to make that decision.

There are so many children born into poverty, into highly abusive situations, or to drug-addicted parents, etc. They NEVER get a chance at life. I think if energies were put into making sure ALL KIDS had a shot at life -- a much better case could be made against abortion.

But I HATE HATE HATE when it is used as a birth control method, but I do think that too many right-too-lifers ONLY care if the child is born and couldn't give a DAMN what happens to it after it is out of the womb!!

2315 days ago
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