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Mrs. Dan Aykroyd

3/8/2008 10:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 50-year-old former actress resurfaced at a NYC premiere on Tuesday, looking ferocious.
Donna Dixon
In April, Donna will celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary to Dan Aykroyd.

According to IMDB, Donna hasn't worked since 1997.


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Ooooo Noooo!    

I doubt she's had any work. Look at her heavy drooped upper eye lids, very normal for a woman of 50. Botox? Doutful: look at the crow's feet at the corners of the eyes. My money says she's natural--and looking wonderful for a woman of 50. Here is a woman who hasn't been hitting the liquor hard for 30 years, has stayed out of the sun, and avoided life in the fast lane. Good for you, honey. She looks better than hubby does!

2421 days ago


Very pretty.

2421 days ago


#9 Jacques:
You moron. She's aging naturally. If she had plastic surgery she would have that "deer in the headlights" look. She looks like a beautiful NATURAL woman of 50. And witht the stupid bleaching remark, I would guess YOU are about 13.

2421 days ago

Carolyn A-B    


And it isn't IMDB but the I.R.S. who can accurately say when last she worked on the books.

There's nothing wrong with being a stay at home parent or spouse.

2421 days ago


All the little morons on here saying they will do her, screw her, etc. obviously aren't getting any in real life and are pathetic losers who only have a computer for companionship.

2421 days ago


High five! I couln't agree more!

2421 days ago


loi , I agree with you 100%, people must always have sick comments to make. Donna Dixon is beautiful for 50, Most 30 years could wish to look like her. Paris, Britney and Lindsey, could only dream to look like her when they hit 50.

2421 days ago


She looks great! Anyone who thinks differently must be under that age of 30 and hasn't yet met the aging gods. If you are under the age of of 29, don't comment. You'll see for youself what gravity does soon enough.

2420 days ago

hanjob solo    

She looks like she has been hit in the face with too many sets of balls...

2420 days ago


In her Hay Day She was so Beautiful and Natural..Give the 50 year old woman A BREAK...Such critical, mean, rude and in sensitive humans..Are You Beautiful IN Any Way..NO Most people are naturally UGLY and not to good looking...I WAS BEAUTIFUL IN MY HEY DAY..i m 60 years old now and pretty cute for 60....

2420 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

"9. Another entry into AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY. She now has squinty, droopy eyes that are much smaller than before. She does not look good at all. Do you think Dan had her bleach her anus?

Posted at 9:38AM on Mar 8th 2008 by Jacques Auef"

You people would be better off keeping your mouths shut and thought as fools than open them up and remove all doubt. To Jacques Auef: what an idiot. Those smaller, droopy eyes are the result of NO PLASTIC SURGERY. That's why people get eye jobs - to remove those "hoods" from their eyes that make their eyes look smaller as we age. No one gets plastic surgery to ADD HOODS, you idiot. Did you even THINK before you began running your mouth? Eyes start to droop with age and her eyes reflect the natural aging process of a well-taken-care-of 50-year-old woman. Ms. Dixon was blessed with amazing genes, however, I would guess she has had botox. But those eyes have NOT been done and they are beautiful, as she is all around. You people just spout out crap from your mouths without any concern for truth or even common sense. She is a lovely woman who has remained true to the same man for 25 years and has turned from her career to focus on her family. She was a vision then; she is a vision now. Props to you, Donna. An eye job would certainly open your eyes up and take a few years off of them, but if you ask me, I think you are lovely just as you are.

2420 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

OH, and to all of you idiots who say all the time that you would "hit that" or "do her" or whatever 12-year-old crass garbage you spout: here is a reality check:

These people, obviously like the people who are actually IN your lives, wouldn't touch you with a 50-foot-pole. You make those ridiculous comments as if whether or not you "hit that" or "do that" is a choice that is up to you. HAAAAAAAA.

As a matter of fact, that should probably start being the measuring stick for LOSER. If you see someone and think, "I'd hit that" or "I'd do her/him" then THAT is the definition of a TOTAL LOSER and you have just met the criteria. And, if you actually type those words for others to see, you advance to the worst type of loser, a HOPELESS LOSER from which there is no redemption.

2420 days ago


Donna, you look great! You are a natural beauty who - clearly - has had little to NO plastic surgery! Fantastic! I would be lucky to age as well as you and Jaclyn Smith! Blessings to you and Dan - Congratulations on 25 years! Here's to 25 more years! :)

2420 days ago

Simon Cowell    

I would let her be a guest judge on my show.....ANYTIME.

2420 days ago

Simon Cowell    

Hey Joan Short...I would stick someone else's you know what in you.

2420 days ago
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